TV production updates

Due to Coronavirus, many reality shows have been forced to reachedule their production.

Big Brother Australia started filming a few weeks ago (it’s not live like the old days) so producers had to tell the housemates about the latest virus news.

And US Survivor has pushed filming of its next season back a few months. It still plans to air the series at its normal time – it will just mean a quicker editing turnaround.

Thanks to Big H for suggesting this thread.

Everyone, please add updates for other shows here.



  1. I don’t mind the lack of audience.
    It makes no difference to my experience of Studio 10 or The Project. I had to be told a couple of times before I really tuned in to it.
    There are few shows that get my full attention.
    Possibly it made a difference to the performances by the dancers on DWTS, but it made no difference to me asa watcher.
    Just goes to show.

    • Masterchef will have to get local guest chefs when foreign guest chefs need to quarantine for 14 days before filming. Also can’t see them having offsite challenges where public is involved

      • The celebrated double dipping , gratuitous handling and breathing over food , mindless hi fiving and hugging will make Ma$terchef AU the new global epicentre of Covid19.

        All Nonnas may be dead. The show won’t be as relatable.

        “Judge” ~ “Im sorry, but all of you are going home tonight”

    • I’m off Scotty.
      I had already decided not to watch The Block this season.
      It’s a tired format playing to drahma rather than reveals.
      Plus, of course, Scotty taking that contract and then refusing to fulfil his obligations is disgraceful beyond belief, particularly while we are in a not-technically-a-recession.
      It just makes me grumble loudly to hear him cry poor, whilst people out there are actually really doing it tough. Talk about not reading the room.
      And, just passingly, the contact the contestants would have with the masses is huge. Typical arrogance.

      • We are really surprised that he was offered that contract. Years on the Block has revealed that he is rather inarticulate without a script and certainly not a genial as the CH9 PR department would like to portray. Must have a great agent.

        Back to the Block, because it is such an expensive production, we don’t think they cease filming until the Government orders a shut down.

  2. The optimistic ads for Coronachef aren’t so good. Especially Danni Venn blowing/ breathing into a saucepan. Those glorified amatas never cared for hygiene.

    An Ammunity Pin is really gonna mean something this time.

  3. Latest update regarding to filming

    TV Blackbox can reveal reality TV shows are being shot out of order to ensure producers can still air a final outcome if production is shut down due to Covid-19.

    The Grand Finale episodes for some shows are being shot ahead of time with each contestant reacting to ‘winning’ the series. Production then resumes as normal as the rest of the series is shot.

    Sources tell TV Blackbox this is to ensure a series can be aired even if it is forced to shut down mid production. The thinking is producers can name a winner based on scores up to that point. The editor then has all the reactions they need to finish off the series, even if the number of episodes is greatly reduced.

    While it might seem a strange idea to shoot the final episode before the rest of the series, the threat of shutdown is lingering over every production. Taking a production break for an unknown length of time will cost money and trying to re-crew once the pandemic is over will be problematic.

    TV networks are also running out of new content. The longer we are asked to isolate ourselves means fewer shows are being made.

    The show that have halted but still insist on filming is Ch10 The Bachelor. Masterchef is supposed to be still filming. HOW I don’t know.

    • “Masterchef is supposed to be still filming.”

      That is quite extraordinary, if true. You’d assume a cooking show would be held to even higher standards of hygiene than, say, something like the Block or Home and Away. Alas.

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