Big Brother promo

There’s a new promo out for the Big Brother Australia reboot and it’s all a bit Tron.

Gone it seems are the daggy challenges and instead the housemates have to be ninja warriors.



  1. I have noticed that there is a cross-over in the US of survivor fans and BB fans. Maybe I will have to give this a go!

  2. Okay I am super excited now- one of my favourite Think Tankers – Mat from Broken Hill – is on.
    I’m in. He is so smart.

    • Brussell, if producers stick to the original BB formula, you should find it gets you in. That’s what happened to me. I thought it was rubbish ( quite true) and only caught an episode of Sarah Fedele and the bunny dancing, and I was in. But as with a lot of rtv, there can be a lot of producer interference that spoil it. Fingers crossed, because left to their own devices, you can see the subtle and not so subtle nuances of relationships. It’s actually interesting when that happens.
      Hopefully they have choosen a good range of ordinary people.

  3. Juz, is it just me noticing? It’s great that you are getting ads and I will be sure to get clicking on them.

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