1. I’m sorry, gice. I tried to watch the first episode on Monday night (actually, the replay on Tuesday afternoon) and I just couldn’t get through it. I don’t know whether it’s the format, the obnoxious contestants (sure, there’s a couple of handsome roosters, but…) or the fact that there’s so many judges (that irks me and I don’t know why) … but I got to the point where the girl (well, one of them) started crying, and I just couldn’t stand it a second longer.

    • The crying is expected yet annoying from this girl. But you may not know that she is VERY YOUNG. They don’t mention it usually so a casual viewer might not realise. This as you can well understand is an acceptable reason for tears as she is ONLY x years old.

  2. So here we are again.
    There is no immunity pin but there is “immunity” for one.
    What a load of codswallop.

  3. Did you see that
    The judges are eating with their months closed.
    We have waited umpteen seasons for this. Long overdue.

  4. Callum, Lynton and red-haired Sarah go through to tomorrow’s immunity pin challenge. Their three dishes, featuring native ingredients, looked very refined.
    It’s interesting Hayden is getting the comic relief edit. It’s nine years since he was on the show and he went on to TV work, rather than a professional kitchen, so he might be feeling the pressure. And Poh is getting the “can’t communicate” edit. How pretty did the Middle Eastern dishes look!

    • erk . He endorses Simon’s veg flavours.
      But other than that an interesting take that seemed to be fairly plausible.

    • How is that fair – they present Badenoch as an idiot who can’t cut pork while Ramsay-poo is this tortured genius. Some other commentator said that it used to be a classy show without the swearing – and she/he’s right, with this idiot all you get is teaching people (adults and children) that when stressed it’s okay to shout at everyone . I cannot. stand. him. If people want to see him go off his nut they can watch his crap shows on another channel – they’re always on repeat.

  5. Callum with pannacotta and Ben with an ice-cream. Quelle surprise!

    I have to say that I’ve been underwhelmed by the series so far. It’s a bit dull, but then I often find team challenges yawn inducing. I wonder what it will be like once Gordon leaves as he’s quite dominating. I also notice the “ockerism” and swearing has increased this series. Going for the lowest common denominator demographic no doubt.

    And I wonder if Marco Pierre “Where’s my fish, where’s my fish, where’s my fish” White will come back now Matt’s been given the flick.

    The only thing I’m curious about is what Ben Ungermann did to get booted off the show and how they will edit him out. The people who annoyed me first time around (Dani, Reece, Poh, Slimy, Hayden among others) still annoy me. It’s not fun to have to experience them all over again, especially in a concentrated form. You can tell they’ve chosen some of them just to provoke polarising opinions. And can we stop the crying (looking at you, Jess).

    So, we have only one immunity pin for the season, but an immunity challenge every week. Yeah, that makes sense 🙂

    • It would have to be fairly serious.
      There are two reasons that come immediately to mind.
      So, inappropriately behaviours to females. Given, you know … life … it would have to be more than once, or even twice, or even more than that, it would have to be witnessed, it would have to include physical touching, and again, more than once. Don’t let me go on. Really, everyone knows how often and overt that would have to be before any action was taken. And at this point, I roll my eyes.
      Or he decked someone. He seemed a little short tempered with Hayden and that was while the cameras were rolling, so I can imagine that he may have pushed some of the production assistants around.
      Stereotypes, I know, but I can’t think of anything beyond that.
      Inviting friends and family in for a party?

    • I read somewhere that he was dealing drugs.
      I heard somewhere that not many of the international chefs such as Nigella Lawson are coming out because of travel restrictions.

  6. Poh is still panicking and there is a reason she didn’t win the first time around.
    Contestants who are impressive are Reynold, Emilia, Brendan, Sarah and Tess.
    Liking Rose and the middle Eastern nurse.
    Didn’t watch last night as I don’t like the tag team format.
    Also don’t quite understand how the winning team from Monday are also up for elimination. That doesn’t make sense, but neither does Dani winning the immunity pin over Reynold or Poh’s Tarts beating Reynolds dessert.

    Also it’s nice to see all the regular posters here. How is everyone coping in lockdown?

    • No lockdown here in Sweden. It’s business as usual. Sure our deathtoll is around 120 per million (compared to Oz’s 2 per million) but that’s no reason for anyone to worry apparently. Planet Fruit Loop doesn’t even begin to cover the depths of collective delusion that exists here.

      I’ve not been drinking the red cordial that everyone else in the country seems to be drinking, so I’m self isolating and only going out to walk the dog (in the woods or along the beach … alone), shopping once a month (wearing facemask, latex gloves and using hand sanitiser) and refusing all invitations. I’m glad Masterchef is back so I have something else to roll my eyes over 🙂

      • I was told my my daughter that I am allowed to leave the house.
        That would be a No. But then again, I may just be just taking advantage of the situation.
        I, too, am enjoying MC. Being snarky is my favourite part of my viewing habits.

        • Yeah the kids told us the same thing about leaving the house but as home delivery of groceries is not done in Sweden, how do they think we’re going to eat? I also notice that neither of them offered to fly here from Australia to walk the dog three times a day 🙂

          They’ve stopped mail to Australia as well for some weird reason only known to PostNord. I have documents for my superannuation that need to be sent, but that’s a big fat no for now. Luckily I got the grand daughter’s Easter gift posted really early, before they had that brilliant idea.

          Like Carole, I’m a bit of a homebody anyway, so I am never bored and am finding things aren’t much different. Though it’s spring here, so warming up and the great outdoors will be calling my name as we head to twenty hours of daylight.

    • Hasn’t really effected me too much as I don’t go out a lot anyway. What’s really pissed me off if they closed our pool in my retirement village & we seem to be having the hottest April on record here on the Gold Coast. Or maybe it’s more noticeable since I can’t swim to cool off.

  7. I am pleased to see so many people back too Lola! Lockdown is pretty ordinary for me – our teenage daughter got stood down only weeks into her dream job at a gym, my husband is on forced leave (he’s a real estate agent, so you can imagine how little work there is) and I am on three days paid work a week as the company is in trouble. Son is home schooling year 11 so it’s all pretty yuck.

    Anyway, I think it might be why I am very much enjoying the break from real life to masterchef world!! Mind you, I have cooked HEAPS – croissants, hot cross buns, pies, cinnamon rolls, slow cooked meals, etc. I mean, I have the TIME! Will be even more overweight when this ends. 🙂

    The rules this year are pretty good I think. Basically there is one immunity pin and everyone except for ONE person each week is up for elimination. Survivor type option really, where the vote out is done by judges.
    I like it as it means that you can’t coast away in the middle and we (hopefully) get to see more cooking. One of the things about the old format was that if you consistently won we didn’t see you cook much, now everyone does.

    So last night the losers from the first challenge the night before were already on the gantry. Then the losers from last night will join them tomorrow and only the winners will continue cooking – and one of these can win an immunity for the Sunday elimination.

    I guess it means you are already in elimination, so maybe you can be a bit more risky as you have nothing to lose – and you might WIN immunity.

    You also have to wrap your head around the idea that the losers are on the gantry, so the smug advice from the gantry is even more ridiculous than usual.

    • Yeah, but they gave that one immunity pin to Dani! That lowered the tone of the series right from day one.

  8. I preferred the other relays they usually do where they are in the room watching someone completely fuck up the dish that they started. Always hilarious. That burnt butter sauce looked an absolute disaster but when it was served up it was perfect.

    • Whoever followed started again and fixed it.
      Good thinking on her part. Too many of the cooks try to work with what ever they’re given.

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