1. Poh and Simon are the second round cooks … after the calm of Tessa and Reynold could I be any more stressed watching them. Why didn’t Poh have a backup plan of a ricotta and herb filling?

  2. Repost
    Think Ben was eliminated to convinced viewers there are no favouritism.
    My bet is Poh and Laura final two ( both runner up ) and it will be in the finale with the headline “ will history repeat itself for our final”🙄

  3. So the ad for tomorrow has Poh saying, “ I think this one will send me home tonight”.
    Can I say, “I only hope so”, if for no other reason than I am tired of her saying, “l think this one is going to send me home tonight”.

    • I’m convinced that Poh’s a producer’s plant to create fake drama. She’s not going anywhere. They didn’t pay her $40,000 for just a short stay. They’ll want their money’s worth of Poh controversy.

  4. I’m not enjoying this episode at all, too much yelling and clapping going on, as though it’s a fricking footy match.

    Quick cook looks to have flummoxed them. Do none of them come home from work dead tired, wanting to have dinner really soon?

    • I agree with you Von. I did not enjoy this episode. The screaming was giving me a headache. The judges were especially irritating. No reason they had to keep shouting.

  5. Melissa holds up thumb and first two fingers as a 3. I hold up three middle fingers, thumb and pinky tucked under. What do the rest of you do? Just a silly bit of trivia to do during a boring episode.

    • I am with you, Von. Anyone watch 100 Humans on Netflix? They do science/social/physical/mental tests on people from different generations on things such as this, which way do you face the toilet paper roll and what age group is best at assembling Ikea furniture

    • Actually this could be a cultural things with
      Mel – google tells me three can be indicated both ways for Chinese speakers

    • I’d just hold up a single middle finger to the producers of Ma$terchef.

      Your method, Von. Though, if I were counting off individually to three, I might go thumb, index, middle.

      If I were Collin Fassnidge ,Oi’d hold up tree fingers.

    • I do it the same way as Melissa. I’ve always done that since I was a kid (yeah, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth) 🙂

    • For what it’s worth, Auslan does three as you do (palm inwards). It prevents confusion.
      I am careful. As you know, it can be seen as close to “that other sign”.

  6. Yeah, though at the footy match you’re a better chance to get something edible, like a pie , hot dog rather than some desperate, panicking amata’s effort.

    I always have captions and mute the sound because the muzak and barracking are the same each year. It’s like canned laughter,(which was sorely needed for Jock’s appalling “dick jokes” last night, maybe Jock was being “sarcastic”, like Donald Trump)

    I tend to think there’s some favoritism going on and that Poh and Hayden seem to be getting a saloon passage and being paid $40,000 more allegedly than the other amatas. So just get yer store bought Nachos and get in there.

  7. Quote of the Episode was when Jock asked Slimy “What’s in your head?” and he answered “Burnt Cucumber”. Ain’t that the truth!

    What is it with charred and burnt veggies this season? I got to eat plenty of those as a kid and wouldn’t recommend it. I nearly gagged the other day when Slimy made “Burned Cabbage” – yep, mum burned the colcannon a few times. I’m still traumatised half a century later 🙂

    • Oh Marie – I am Right There with you on Slimy. Burned Cabbage is what my kids won’t eat. Burned is his word this year on what he does with poor innocent veg. Last year it was Roast.

  8. Okay I have been very positive on Masterchef and am still enjoying the positive vibe and the exuberance from the judges, but the SHOUTING last night just did my head in.
    That audience didn’t even get to eat anything – who gets so excited without food???

  9. Laura makes another Italian dish.
    Poh creates drama with her dumplings.
    Simon makes another vegetarian dish. What is it about vegetables and charring or burning them?
    Amina is on the hibachi again.
    Crowd cheers and screams and their stomachs growl angrily as they watch the judges stuffing their faces. Guess the cries of, “Where’s our food!” were muted/edited out. 😉
    How was this a team challenge when only one person was cooking in the first two rounds and in the third round the “teammates” were cooking against each other?

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