1. I will watch since there is nothing on TV. Don’t think there will be any dishes I will be looking forward to cook because these cooks/chefs will go overboard with their craziness

  2. Some of this year’s dishes:

    Isolation Ice Cream
    Caramelised Corona
    Virus Veal
    Sanitation Salad
    Fever Fritters.
    Fennel Funeral.
    Paella Perish.
    Quiche Quarantine

  3. Did they preview the first episode in Tassie? A friend of mine lives there and reckons it was on Friday night – not the 7 minute preview.

  4. I am eager and excited.
    I am tuned in 20 minutes early, I have a glass of green ginger wine, I have a blanket over my knee and I’ve put the dog to bed.
    Alright, I also have a good book on hand and my iPad is geared to playing a game. There will be repetition, and dwelling on stuff that just puffery, I won’t recognise half these people and the other half will be just annoying.
    But this is the set up so that we can enjoy later episodes.
    Advertising is at saturation point, and I am assuming that those highlighted have already been evicted. Why else would they be at home?
    My only hope is that they don’t drag it out too long.
    And the judges keep quiet and stay in the background. Please.

  5. A lot of playing up to the camera by the contestants.
    Poh is doing way too much to get her face on tv. She can go home now, as in immediately.
    I love how focused some of them are. I’ve always loved Reynold. He was robbed.

  6. Gordon expects a “Ma$terchef level dish” tonight. He’s easily impressed.

    The crying already. The fake muzak. Same as it ever was.

    • I’m watching the encore and am starting to think Jess is pretending to cry. I’m looking for actual tears and seeing nothing roll down her cheeks. Now, I realize this is a valuable strategy on Ma$terchef, but you gotta lift your crying game, Jess. You’re 21 now. Throw some life experience bullshit into it to sell it.
      All these CSI type shows are on it, you have to see real tears ……..or it’s simulation.
      I love it when $chlock Zonfrilllo says ” Just to be clear~ there is no favouritism” LOL. Just to be clear.

  7. Give Reynold the pin now. I’m half hour behind but he’s a dead cert, surely.

    The other contestants are shitting themselves. Dani, for example. Sweaty Callum.

    Now comes the backloading with ads.

    • Jock and Andy, like the audience, would be happy to forget everyone else and just watch a show of Reynold quietly making strawberry pebbles

  8. Just saying hi. Not reading comments as Mr 8 is feeling a bit off and I am still trying to get him to sleep

    • Hi to you, too. Make him watch this ….he’ll be asleep in no time.

      Looks like Dani’s crab is going to be slaughtered.

  9. It’s just starting here. Damn, the intro is going on forever, showing every promo I’m already sick of, all in a row. Get on with it.

    • You’lll get hardly an a d for half an hour , then they start kicking in. Long night.

      They’ve pretended nearly all the food is “restaurant quality”

      I don’t care. Just don’t cry or sweat into the food.

    • Oh , me too. Dani makes me sick.

      Without Gordon this show would be on a ventilator, Von, below.

      • I am surprised at how much she is making the edit, while others are ignored, given the poor viewer reaction to her previously

    • I had, sadly, NOT forgotten just how much Dani annoyed me. It is painfully clear in my recollection.

  10. Good idea to have Gordon on for a week. Might let the new judges settle in and find some personality. Who’s the dude in the hat? Why is Tessa’s stupid face on so often? Bitching fest, here I come.

  11. Okay. Here’s my take.
    I loved how calm and confident the three dessert people were. I can’t comment on Laura’s – it just looked like white ice – but the other two looked amazing and were clearly very technically difficult.
    Laura is going to shine again, particularly in anything Italian, and I suspect there will be favouritism. How can he not help it.
    The other two will, obviously, do amazing desserts again and again. And again. There may be issues on other plates but there will be no doubt that they are head and shoulders above the others in the dessert department.
    If we start out with awarding a dessert, the show is going to become very repetitive and boring. We have seen that before.
    The immunity pin can become a poison chalice. If this is Danni’s pre-prepared dish and she was gross and sweaty and stressed, it is downhill from here for her.
    And the judges would have taken all of that into account. Most of them are not stupid and this is scripted for the viewing public.
    Calm people do not make for glued-to-our-screens television.
    However, I still think we have seen our winner in that small group. Well, not Danni, obviously. But nevertheless…

  12. I remembered Amelia has always been quiet. They won’t let her win.
    Reynolds from Day 1 (in his first season) is already outstanding with his skills. Now he is even better with the operation of his dessert bar.

    I admired Andy for doing the hard yard to be a fully qualified chef. But in his intro that he now owns 4 restaurants is a stretch. He became a co owner (part of 6) of 3 Blue Ducks when they already have 3 restaurants.

    • I’ll bet Andy doesn’t own four restaurants now. I doubt he could run four hot dog stands.

      Ma$terchef and the “f ” word on display last night. “Favouritism”

    • I liked Emelia and Andy. But she is quietly competent so how long do we expect her to last with that?

  13. I couldn’t get past the introduction. It was so long!
    Will try again with the repeat. Hoping Reynold will win. Poh and Danni are still annoying.

  14. Ffs you can get a decent curry dish anywhere! The judges changed but one thing for sure favouritism continues in the Masterchef kitchen.
    The producers are very smart, didn’t want to risk the rating with the new judges hence bringing back “ all stars” at least the audience get some familiar faces.

  15. Nooooo!!!!! Not Slimy Simon for another season. Kill me now.
    Just started watching it, saw him and my eyes twitching…

  16. Dani wins the only immunity pin…..ROTFL.
    Dani’s curry vs Reynold’s very complex, interesting and technical dessert and they give it to Dani….more ROTFL.

    • Yes. Twitter was completely confident Reynold had it in the bag. As was I.
      Did NOT expect Dani’s curry to take the pin. Is that the way they are guaranteeing she stays??

      • I knew that they were going to call up Dani as one of the top 4 after raving about her curry and when it came to Dani vs Reynold I thought back to Dani in season 3 and her being awarded a pin (undeservedly) and just had the feeling they would give her the pin. Granted none of us tasted the food but not believable that she got the one and only pin.

        Yes, I do think it’s their way of keeping her around longer than she should be there just like in season 3.

        • I can’t help but wonder if the judges’ criteria of “what we would like to eat again and again” was known to the contestants, who were busy cooking their finale dish?

        • CH 10 want Dani because she’s a high energy type we’d see on The Price Is Right. Like Smythe , I recall Dani being fitted up with ammunity pins in the past and had the same dread that calm, collected Reynold would get shat on by the producers. Give Dani six ammunity pins, she couldn’y win unless it’s a sweating or ego puffing competition.

          “what we would like to eat again and again” ~yeah, that could be anything from Pringles to Tim Tams. Aren’t we learning heaps? Four nines are thirty six.

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