MasterChef Sun – Elimination challenge

In this episode’s elimination challenge, every contestant bar one, the winner of the immunity challenge, is up for elimination. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be going home.



  1. Reynold is so cool, I love him. I’d like to adopt him. Barracking for Brendan, though, but ads have probably spoiled the end.

    • Love Reynold and Brendan. Brendan is such a sweetie. *Sad face* about the ads. I’m ffwding, mostly watching these guys.

  2. I laughed at Reynold thinking that it’s great to start the day with cake and coffee – he’s a man after my husband’s heart 🙂

    Andy looked like he raided the Salvos for that suit. Appalling…

    The hibachi made an appearance this time again. Definitely the kitchen accessory of the year. And a pannacotta … (I thought we were over them). Then a grandma story. We have a hat trick of usual suspects 🙂 And we top it off with Ice Cream Ben’s breakfast icecream and the usual fake manufactured “Poh drama”. Reynold was brilliant again – poise, professionalism and an amazing dish. Though I could have done without the group hug.

    I had hoped that Dani with her “alivated” taco would be the one to leave Loki style. Alas, not to be.

  3. Reynolds dish was outstanding.
    If he doesn’t win the final, then the show is a complete travesty. He is clearly the most talented and professional chef.

  4. Really thought either Dani or Hayden were going to be sent home. Dani makes one taco (elevated…hahaha) and messes up the tortilla and Hayden makes a plate of nachos and doesn’t even attempt to make his own chips. However if they didn’t want someone to use ready made chips they shouldn’t have been available. Very surprised that Ben M. was sent home. Hayden and Dani should have been booted.
    Hurray for Reynold. The drama regarding Poh’s vanilla slice was so over the top and yet Reynold is calm and collected when making a much more complex and technical dessert.

  5. I love seeing how excited the judges are just to watch Reynold working. They know he doesn’t “need” to win MasterChef. Geez, Hayden – supermarket tortilla chips? Come on. Ben’s dish must have tasted really bad.

  6. Although I don’t think Ben made any particularly interesting or innovative dish this season, I felt sorry for him. The judges really dragged his dish, almost to the point of being mean I thought.

    Marie, I could have done without the group hugs, too. And the tacky comments about how Ben’s ice cream was presented, with the shots of the contestants falling about laughing at Jock’s (not) witty remarks. They were stupid and juvenile.

  7. Agree with the rest of the posts: Hayden is way out of his depth, Reynold has the goods and awarding Dani the pin was outrageous

  8. Nachos. Fing nachos! Is he for real??
    I only watched a couple of the meals served to judges, perhaps Ben was booted cos he is Andy’s mate… but Hayden OMG.

  9. Think Ben was eliminated to convinced viewers there are no favouritism.
    My bet is Poh and Laura final two ( both runner up ) and it will be in the finale with the headline “ will history repeat itself for our final”🙄

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