MasterChef Sun – first elimination

Every contestant is up for elimination, except the winner of the immunity challenge.

Who do you think will go? If someone who was previously invisible suddenly gets airtime, it’s a sure bet their ice cream won’t set or their fat won’t be rendered.
Surely all the promos about Poh mean she’s safe?



  1. It doesn’t take 2 hours to cool a cake down. I would think using a blast chiller would ruin the texture of a chiffon cake.

    Well done Brendan for his meat dumplings. They looked good.

  2. With the chiffon cake, you really need the cake to cool completely or you can remove from the pan or it will deflate

      • I am sure MC has done a 10-minute challenge before. One of those ones that starts with 30 mins, then a round of 20. Then 10. I hope we get one of these again as I like to see what is achievable in a short time

  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chris had to invoke dead Nana to save his arse.

    • Desperate times. Pity he couldn’t contact her when he bankrupted twice. I’ll watch his simpering speech , then back to ABC. Enough singing squid.

    • Lynton, He was runner up in Emma Dean’s season…..probably the worst ever season. A drover’s dog could have won it that year. Rose cooked the next worst dish.

  4. I laughed at the intro when they said “24 Masterchef legends return”. Legends? Obviously we use different dictionaries.

    Seven minutes in, I knew who was going home based on what they said to camera. I see they are continuing with the “Bleeding Obvious” edit again this year.

    Yep, Rose has given up so much to be here… *Check* Are they taking turns saying this?

    And Chris doing the sensitive new age guy with the granny story *rolls eyes*

    After risking doing a cake that takes 4 hours in 90 minutes tonight, I suspect that Poh is a producer’s plant to up the drama. She won’t win, but is there to do the sort of thing she did tonight. Why bring her back after using her as a mentor etc in previous seasons. I smell a rat. Putting an unwrapped cake in the freezer would both dry it out, plus it also would alter the crumb texture. Why do it unless it was a total set up.

    Reynold’s dish looked beautiful! Sweet or savoury he always presents such wonderful looking food that just invites you to want to try it.

    On the plus side as well, the judges know how to use cutlery and eat with their mouths closed. Yay! No more cave man table manners to make me twitch.

  5. I watched LEGO Masters tonight. MC was too obvious.
    I knew Poh wasn’t going home. Just fftt to the producers. Mind you, she does look like she’s barely hanging in there. Either that, or it’s too much makeup.
    Sadly, I knew it was going to be Lynton. He seemed a grown-up in a children’s playground. Not enough sweating and ringing of hands for this show. If you can’t play the game, then it’s elimination.
    I hear that Rose did a bad cook but I do like her cooking. I am not disappointed that she was given preference. I love Middle Eastern and we should see more of it.

    • It doesn’t sit well with me when the contestants get paid. If the prize money is for charity then yes the contestants deserved to be paid for their time.
      Here you have a prize money of $250K. That is enough to make sacrifices.

  6. Watching the repeat of the first episode of LEGO Masters. The 19 year olds were sitting there for a couple of hours with no idea and Brickman telling them what to build. Not sure if that is what a competition is about.
    The Pagoda building was amazing .

    Masterchef : I was sort of pleased Rose got through. She is entertaining to watch.
    It was too much of Poh last night and her manic grin.

    • Lego is all so nice.
      Nice people, nice concepts and nice builds.
      I know that it’s going to clash with MC eliminations but the choice is a no brainer for me.

      • Yup! LEGO masters is so much more pleasant to watch. I did watch MC On replay and way too much focus on Poh and no way that cake was perfect!!! 🙄
        Not that this matter, but I am not liking any of the judges…very pretentious especially Melissa

    • I want Rose to succeed purely because she and her family are working so hard to keep their cafe going and they have the best social distancing measures/hygiene precautions of any local cafe still open. Sure, I know someone more cheffy will win but she is a nice lady.

  7. The entire Poh thing seemed a bit scripted to me. It was a given that she would be safe. Was strange the way they sent some people up to the gantry immediately and yet they raved over other peoples’ dishes and didn’t send them up immediately. Simon is the first to be sent up with his technical and complex wedge of cabbage accompanied by some kind of puree. hahaha

    • You can imagine how well that sits with me. He can only do a complex wedge of veg. Or stuff up captaining – that is also a core skill.

  8. Andy is doing lots of yelling during this St Kilda challenge.
    Simon comes across as a bit of a tool.
    I would never make 1200 donuts!

    • Yes. Still too much yelling. Melissa is off no help in this challenge. She can’t give advice as she is not a cook or chef.

      Simon was hopeless as a Caption in his season. Same tonight

  9. Sorry the thread for tonight did not publish … they are outside at St Kilda, split into three teams. Must cook three dishes – two savoury, one sweet – and all have to be barbecued. Reynold suggests bananas for dessert and everyone immediately says yes. Reynold could say “I am going to make sorbet out of Chris’s hat” and his teammates would all nod in agreement.

  10. Why would you pick any dish that requires you to peel enough prawns to feed hundreds of people? Don’t they know by now the judges love a crunchy prawn shell? Really, Simon? Cabbage salad? Never thought I’d say it but Dani is right. Boring!

    • Juz, I think I am done with cabbage. I buy cabbage now its because it last a long time in the fridge, so l will have some veggies for the next 10 days. With leafy greens, they died on me before I have a chance to cook them.

        • You must be using a lot of cauliflower. I don’t eat a lot of rice. Thus have to make do with cauliflower rice to make it low carb. I cook a lot of curries thus need rice to go with it.
          Latest obsession is creamy zucchini soup. Low carb. Use it as a base for creamy chicken soup or for seafood chowder.

          • Yes – luckily cauli has dropped in price. But Mr Juz is fussy and doesn’t like it so I have to chop it finely so it is not in obvious florets.
            And I do purée cauli
            to hide in Mr 8’s tuna mornay. They are both mad – I love cauli with cheese sauce. Or cauli soup

          • Caul and cheese sauce is the best.
            And then there is a dipped in batter and deep fried florets, and some sort of spicy sauce that I can’t recall. It was delish.
            But there was another recipe that I have lost. Something to do with a whole roast cauli, and then after that, the memory fades.
            If a recipe is not on the internet these days, I don’t cook anymore.

          • I have chopped up cauliflower finely-just grain size and then cook like cooking fried rice. Use it for Nasi goreng, for Pineapple fried rice, use it to make sushi.

  11. Interesting to see if the team captains do anything more productive than clapping and yelling “Go team {colour}!”

    So far, most of the contestants are acting as clueless and panic-inclined as anyone who has never been in a kitchen before.

  12. How things change. Seeing all the guests crammed together made me cringe. I actually yelled at the tv for them to separate. God help us :).

  13. Why was Andy wearing his pyjama pants?

    Pretty boring and shouty episode. But then I never like team challenges much. I’m guessing that this was filmed before lockdown, social distancing, face masks and hand sanitisers came into being. Those were the days, eh? 🙂

  14. I did dip in but was mostly out.
    I’ve always thought these episodes were a pointless exercise, nothing to do with cooking, but then again I assume it’s something to do with moving into commercial kitchens. I hear a lot of shouting can go on there. But then, isn’t this supposed to be a show about the best “home” cooks?
    I don’t know about your home but no shouting goes on here. “Bloody hell, dog”, as I trip over him again, doesn’t count.
    I loved how Reynold kept his head down and calm demeanour, no matter who was busy shouting. Here’s looking at you, Judgy.

  15. Why doesn’t each judge get his/her own plate of food?
    Orange criticized for simplicity of dishes but one of purple team’s dishes is corn on the cob with cheese and mayo. That’s not considered simple? Even though orange won, Simon does not make a good captain/leader. He also seems to have an obsession with cabbage. 😉
    Once again, Dani is featured too frequently. 🙁
    Von, I felt the same way. Felt uncomfortable seeing all those people crammed together and the judges eating off of the same plate.

    • I’m guessing that they all eat off the same plate for uniformity.
      Different plates could result in different variations of …. cookness.

      • Watch Andy eat. He sticks the food right to the back of his throat. Last night he took a bite of something and shoved the fork so far into his mouth that the handle almost disappeared. Seeing that activated my gag reflex, but at least he does chew with his mouth closed.

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