• I think this season’s word is “charred”. It reminds me of the year when they would continually call a pie with a broken crust or a cake that didn’t come out of the tin properly “deconstructed”. That sort of stuff gets the short shrift in my house.

  1. RSPCA Approved chicken is not free-range chicken, Curtis. Some may have access to the outdoors, but that alone is not free-range. Coles’ labels do not specify RSPCA approved indoor or outdoor , nor how many birds allowed pm2.

  2. Bloody hell if I heard ‘Jess is doing turmeric noodles, eggs…’ once I heard it 30 times in 30 minutrs.
    I can’t believe how much they talked up the tofu dish. But, it’s just come to me, I guess they have to be careful how they critique the fare of those who cook ‘professionally’ for a business.
    I liked Andy judge in the first few eps, but he is kinda equivalent of Hayden on the family food fight. Nowhere near as bad, but obviously amateurish compared to the orher two.

  3. All Laura did was chopped up some shallots/onions and made some sauces! That’s all she did.
    There are so much you can do with tofu and she just served it fresh from the packet!
    I thought Callum dish was way more delicious than Jess.

    • Totally – Callum continually makes food that I would like to eat.

      But “clever” slicing of tofu with vinegars? Nope. Nope. Nope.
      I think Laura is getting value for money for her ad for her pasta restaurant – I would LOVE to eat there.

      To me, it’s NOT a problem if my Italian restaurant only cooks Italian and not some disgusting crossover dish of asian-inspired thai-mex flavouring.
      This issue is that in masterchef as viewers we want to see people stretch themselves and do somthing different. If your something different is opening a packet of tofu and mixing some vinegars. . . I’m probably not terribly interested! I def wouldn’t sign up to her tofu “meal” but I don’t think that damages her pasta brand.

      I find Curtis pretty wooden and can’t get too excited about him, but I don’t dislike him. One of my friends has met him a fair few times and even had dinner with him & his family at his LA restaurant (business) and said he is a super nice guy and really friendly and approachable to fans. e.g. their dinner got interrupted a lot by fans, but he was really good to everyone. He also gave a cookbook with a nice inspiration to a kid who was starting a baking apprenticeship as he wants to encourage people doing the hard yards, not trying for the glamour route!! Which I found interesting. . .

      • I love to hear stories about some of these people being genuinely nice.
        Lots of people have said how lovely Melissa is and how encouraging she is to everyone.
        And, of course, the praise for Hugh Jackman and his wife is never ending.
        But I must admit, I do kind of like stories about the not so nice. There are not many good stories about Tom Cruise and I love them all. So pleased that our-Nic landed on her feet after what you can only suspect was an awful situation.
        Maybe I just love stories that lifts the veil on PR – like I haven’t been fooled.

        • Okay – well the other person my well connected friend has nothing but praise for. . . Guy Sebastian. He came to an event they had and spoke to literally everyone including camera crew, staff, etc and stayed hours longer to make sure everyone got what they wanted. My friend just raved about how far above and beyond he went – he did impromptu karaoke with some of the workers (not the fancy guests) and was totally endearing.
          When my friend asked Curtis for an email or something to the kid who was doing the apprenticeship Curtis also went WAY over expectations and didnt just send an email – he sent a signed cookbook, giving advice and even offered to come see him, etc. So some people are genuinely nice!

    • Many recipes with tofu but with silken tofu you really can’t do much except eat it cold or put them in a broth. You can make vegan cheesecake or mousse but Laura don’t have the other ingredients

      • She could have done something more interesting than what she presented. She could have steamed it. She could have used it to make a sauce. She does great when it comes to Italian food but she generally fails when it comes to other cuisines.

          • Silken tofu is so soft. It’s normal that we just serve it whole with the dressing over it.

    • Monkey see, monkey do. Charred toilet paper could become a thang. Grills and thrills for dills.

      How long before these gather dust with the sous vide machines, tortilla presses,smokers and other culinary bells and whistles worshipped on Ma$terchef?

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