MasterChef Tues – Jock pressure test

In the first pressure test of the season, contestants must cook three dishes from judge Jock Zonfrillo’s three-hatted, award-winning restaurant, Orana. The least impressive dish will send someone home.

Quite a few contestants have worked for or done work experience with Jock so they – and any native ingredient afficianados – will have an advantage.

Orana was already closing before the pandemic hit, so unfortunately we can’t look look foward to a visit.



  1. Jock the cock assured us last week, . “there’s no favouritism”. The promos scream Laura’s in a bit of trouble. Heh , heh. Safe as a house.

  2. Reece, Courtney & Ben are in elimination. We wonder if either Reece or Courtney are eliminated and then reinstated when Ben is kicked out.

    • Courtney’s got a show on Ch 10…..gotta be safe. No favouritism. I’m watching $hithouse Rules atm. Flicking back to this.

      • Courtney is gone…probably the sacrificial lamb to demonstrate that there is no favouritism. She even mock strangles Andy to emphasis that point.

  3. There are two rounds. First round they must make three dishes from Jock’s restaurant, Orana (which recently closed). There is a prawn dish, a savoury custard and riberry crumpets. A weird combo but all show different techniques. I wonder if Laura has ever made these before given she has worked with Jock. The duds from this round go into another round and the bottom one from that goes home.

      • Jock says due to the pandemic but there were rumours about it ages before that. Perhaps it will reopen post-pandemic.
        I do find MC a better fit for him than his previous hosting gig. What was it: Restaurant Revolution? It helps that he has Andy and Melissa to play off and that he gets to do cheffy stuff

        • He seems to be more supportive towards the contestants than he was when he was on as a guest judge/chef.
          Never watched Restaurant Revolution.
          Melissa has some interesting facial expressions. 🙂

  4. I was in and out tonight. What the hell are kohlrabi cones? Sorry, “them kohlrabi cones”. I know kohlrabi, were the first seeds I ever planted in my garden and had enough kohlrabi to feed a small nation. But cones from them I don’t get.

  5. I knew Ben wasn’t going home tonight, despite the attempt at drama via the edit as we all know he left under a cloud at a later date.

    Have they ramped up the hyperboles this year? Everything is epic, banging, cracking, amazing, incredible, epic etc. Not to mention all of the high fives and screaming “Yess!!!” It gets so tiresome.

    The crumpets looked good. I always make my own crumpets as you can’t buy them here, though I’ve only ever done the ones that you slather with butter and enjoy with a cuppa 🙂

    I also noticed that it was really smokey in the kitchen today. Chris seems much more chilled this season than when we saw him in season 1 and he cooked well.

    • I love crumpets, slathered with butter and Vegimite. I will add home-made to my list of must dos. Who knew?
      The doggo is booked in for a bath today. While I am out, I am buying ingredients for home-made mustard and relish. I am turning my house into a MacDonalds.

      • I am a shame to say I didn’t know what crumpet was many years ago.🙈 I still don’t eat them. Maybe I don’t have breakfast.

      • No crumpets, no English muffins, no hot cross buns, no mince pies, no pies, pasties, sausage rolls, no fish and chips, no Vegemite, no pizza shapes … the list goes on 🙂

        I sometimes wonder why I stay.

        I eat oatmeal for breakfast. The Swede eats hardbread (think Ryvitas) topped with sliced hard boiled egg and caviar. He drinks coffee with that. Yeah, I know….

        • Oh, that is strange. You can get English muffins easily in France here, I sometimes buy them as I like toasting them and have them with some cottage cheese or Philadelphia and confiture. .
          I think Swedish breakfast is a bit similar to German breakfast though. Knäckebröd (we call it Knäckebrot) or open sandwiches with cheese or meat. Also Müsli should be common there. 🙂

  6. I didn’t watch the end of Masterchef, it’s always so dragged out in the final judgement round. Did catch Reece sprout out every cliche to why he was there and why he needed to stay. Yawn.
    Flicked over to LEGO and saw the final builds based on fairytales. Awesome constructions. I think the guys who did Cinderella were hard done by to be in the final 2.
    Then back to Masterchef to see Ben fumble with the foam cylinder and set up his meal. It was all a bit too much. I hate pretentious food and starting to dislike Jock. Andy and Melissa I can just tolerate.
    Also if those amatas can make/burn crumpets , I think I am going to try . I find the bought ones so rubbery.

    Ended up watching ‘The Castle’.
    Best lines:
    “Tell em they’re dreamin”
    “This is going straight to the Pool room”
    “Can you feel the serenity “

    • Omg I was thinking the same with LEGO masters… it’s not like the other didn’t used figurines? I think Brickman was annoyed they didn’t listen to his suggestions..
      Yup i missed another exciting 🙄 episode of MC eh!? 😂
      The favouritism ( Jock/Laura , Andy/Ben and Melissa / thinks all the contestants are gorgeous just like her ) are too much for me to enjoy MC this seasons which is a shame because I have three likeable cooks.

    • I kept flicking over to it, too. Always fun to watch. I still use “it’s the vibe” and “dug a hole”. And “Whaddya call these, love? Rissoles”

  7. The lamb butter sounded gross to me. Encountering lamb fat is the price you have to pay for yummy lamb, but making a feature – erk.
    I liked Courtney.

  8. I think Jock didn’t know he would be closing his restaurant when they design this first pressure test. It was supposed to promote his restaurant, free advertising. Sometimes the unkown is cruel.

    Jock must be thankful that he accepted the offer to be MC judge.

    Derek Lau, the other dumpling guy from last season said he shouldn’t have decline to be on this MC. He was about to open his restaurant in the next few months. Now he has nothing but time on his hands. Poor man.

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