1. Sarah T did heaps of pork in her season, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
    Amina reminds us why we love her by uttering the phrase “fancy schmancy”.

    • Poh is pissing me off. Every challenge, it’s ” This could be sending me home tonight.” Just go, we are over your contrived time dramas. If your meat isn’t caramelizing quickly enough, turn the goddamned heat up.

      • She knows too well what the producers want. Ok, say something confident, now be worried, now laugh maniacally …

  2. Last night’s team challenge wasn’t a team challenge. Tonight’s pressure test has the contestants deciding their own pressure tests. Okay, people, come up with something that you pretend you can’t cook, never mind that you’re trying to win a competition.

    Can the judges and producers not come up with any ideas?

    Slimy’s pressure test will probably be cooking some vegetables without burning them.

    • That pork belly is to die for. I will try to make it this weekend.

      Rediculous pressure test. Just like cooking what you like

    • That’s more like it! I like Hayden but the words “out of his depth” just keep forming in my mind.

  3. I see that it was Jock’s turn to wear a suit from Vinnies tonight. They must have blown the entire budget on appearance fee for Ramsay, so it’s belt tightening time for the rest of the season. They couldn’t even afford a mentor/babysitter for the last 30 minute stint.

    Poh’s fake drama about “this could send me home” while knowing there are 40,000 reasons she won’t be given the elbow is getting old.

    Ditto Hayden, who served up something underwhelming, but was safe as the producers haven’t got their money’s worth from him yet either. I thought Harry was robbed.

    Laughed when the judges said that they had no idea of what they’d be getting to eat, when they’d just spent 1½ hours watching, tasting and asking questions. Yeah, big surprise factor there.

    What would have made an entertaining Pressure Test episode: Let them all come in with their recipes, stand them in a random circle and make them hand the book to the person on the right of them. Then off to make that recipe. Now that would be something to see 🙂

    • Yes, saying they didn’t know what they were going to eat was the line of the night.
      Cue maniacal laughter on my part.
      The dramatic pause my Poh just before she lifted the cloche just made me groan. Like she didn’t know that that it would be followed by an ad there. Give me a break.

    • Marie, I was hoping that each one would be handing his/her recipe over to another cook. Now that would have been a real pressure test.
      Laughed when the judges said they had no idea what the dishes would look like. They were watching the contestants cook the entire time except for the last 30 mins and each contestant showed them their recipes and pictures of how their dishes would be plated.
      Tired of Poh’s faux drama with each challenge and then Hayden subpar dishes compared to the other contestants’ dishes. Harry’s dish looked amazing and it probably tasted better than how the judges described it.

  4. Aminas dish was great. She cooks without the extra drama unlike Poh.
    Poh’ s Schtick is getting old.
    I thought Harry’s dish looked great and can’t believe it tasted ordinary. Something smells fishy regarding that judgement.
    Hayden making a chocolate bar in 2 hours should have sent him home.
    The cloche reveals was unnecessary.

  5. I am with the consensus. Poh’s shtick is ridiculous, Hayden didn’t do enough and Harry was robbed.
    Laura continually making pasta is an excellent ad for her restaurant – I’d certainly eat there in a heartbeat. But it makes the show a bit boring.

    We have a 20 year anniversary today and my husband just told me that he’d booked Quay for the occasion, many months ago. DAMN. Local thai takeaway just won’t seem the same. And now I wonder how long it will take to get another reservation post-iso. DAMN.

    • I am sad for you, but what a lovely thought on his part. He should get many brownie points, even if there was no execution.
      If it helps any, I still remember my first Thai dish (lamb, chilli and mint. It was divine. I have loved Thai food ever since.

  6. Hayden’s “crazy” Violent Crumple. Poh’s Panic Pie. What a waste of cash paying these two protected birds extra. Remind me that Ch 10 went broke about eighteen months ago.

    Harry’s dish had “sincerity”, whatever that means.

  7. Yes it’s the Poh show for sure, putting me right off. Trying to get their 40k worth. I can only assume this much over-exposure means she will go soon.

  8. Forget her name but she is not creative beyond making pasta. Reminds me of Monty python sketch ‘we have spam and chips, spam spam spam and spam, replace spam with pasta. Jock has a glint in his eye for her.

    • It’s Laura. She used to work for him. I mean, I get it – she runs an Italian restaurant but I look forward to them doing one of those challenges where they are given a random cuisine, like Vietnamese.

  9. Danni struggles with pork, prawns, orange and tarragon. The first three suit a lot of Asian dishes – surely she can slip a bit of tarragon in there?

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