Survivor Winners at War

This is the last season of Survivor we are likely to see for a while, so lucky it’s a good one.

I want to see Boston Rob’s reaction to losing the Edge comeback challenge to Tyson. They are great mates but Rob is not used to losing.



  1. Awww I feel sorry for Adam. How epic would that have been if the fleur de lis was the real deal. Bet he just gave them an idea for another season, though

    • I thought itwas worth a try. I find him annoying, but this was fine as an attempt. 100% there will be a idol at tribal sometime in the future now!

  2. Adam sure scrambled.
    I usually prefer the US Survivor to the Aussie one, but so far, nor this year. I just found our Aussie cast more interesting than say; Parvarti, Boston Rob and Sandra etc. I don’t care about EI which is probably only there so producers can manipulate the game. I was glad Tyson made it back in. There is something weird about me, I seem to be liking the good ol’ country boys; Tyson, Ben and Nick (coz I liked Nick last time). I hope Tyson or Ben win

    I wish Rob, Parvarti, Ron’s boring wife and that other girl would go home.

    Oh and I don’t know why, bit I am liking weird blond girl with glasses.

    • That’s Sophie. She’s super smart.
      Tyson is always entertaining – he has a regular podcast where he talks about weird news stories. He’s very witty

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