Daisy’s Bold and Beautiful May Chat

By Daisy

Eighties B&B is old, but new to some of us, and new to me. I kind of missed the 80s in general as I was on a farm back then, so all those taffeta ruffles and flouncy hairdos are unknown.
It’s good to see B&B 80s if for no other reason than to tell us, “Never bring back 80s fashion”. But it does go well with the Mills and Boon drama being served this week.
We know not to expect a Forrester wedding to go smoothly, and yet Brooke and Eric managed to join in unholy matrimony. Old Stephanie watched on as the young caterer married her husband. Ridge, the young horsey Ridge, hovered as his dad took what I presume to be Ridge’s ex.Then we had the double wedding, double in the sense that Ridge had two wives.
Producers let loose with the fantasy, with Taylor, aka Layla, in the clutches of a rich sultan. Her memory is returning as she has romantic flashbacks of her love-ins with Ridge.
Meanwhile, holy moley, young Brooke comes riding down the cliffs, in taffeta frills, folds and flounces to marry, the already married Ridge. Will the sultan call on his olden days phone to inform him his wife is alive? When will Layla get her lips done?



    • Like young plums, waiting to become mature prunes. I didn’t know Bill was in it back then.

        • Yeah, I noticed him mauling the models with his paws.

          You think they would get sick of weddings.

  1. Today was, I think, one of Ridge’s marriage ceremonies to Taylor.

    Brooke, at the end of the wedding, monologues about how she’s a strong, powerful, independant woman who will forge her own path in life.
    Brooke, after the wedding, will spend the rest of her life chasing, marrying and divorcing the same three or four people.

    • It was gruelling viewing. That was Eric hooked up with Marie Osmond today. No mullet on Ridge today, he just looked like a stunned mullet during the dragged out ceremony.

  2. Eric and Stephanie get hitched today. Ridge’s mullet is back. Some toyboy called Lorenzo gets dumped. Stefano di Mera from DOOL is here. too.

  3. Bill and Katie get married today. The vows and speeches are nauseating. Eric and Stephanie laugh at Bill’s el cheapo wedding in a public park in Katie’s dump of a neighbourhood while they eat caviar.

    Weddings forever, hang in there

    • I think we’ve had our fill of weddings. It could be worse. It could be Thanksgiving dinners and Christmases.

      I think we may need to hang up our B&B hat until America makes it through the pandemic. At least Dr Phil is keeping us posted from the safety of his palace.

  4. Today’s wedding episode is (original) Hope and Liam’s wedding in Italy.

    The episode ends with Steffy slipping on a wet tile and taking a huge fall down into the Adriatic Sea. What is it with these Forrester children that it’s impossible to kill them from large heights?

  5. Ridge and Brooke get married …..again.Destiny rears it’s ugly heads again. Ridge’s voice is uber hoarse for his insincere vows. Carter is the over worked celebrant. Steffy’s crying for the joyous occasion. Simpering quotations and speeches fly. Maya , Rick, RJ, Coco, the gang’s all here.

    Liam and Wyatt drink beer ….. from empty bottles. Cheapo.

    • I forgot about Coco.
      And who’s the girl Thomas killed?

      Oh and Maya had that wooden sister.

  6. Back a few years to a FC fashion show going badly off the rails. I got a few laughs out of it. Ridge, Brooke and Stephanie end up in a threesome. You gottta see it.

  7. It was a weird flash-back, today. Brooke is the CEO of Forrester Creations (how many Forrester men did she have to marry to get to that position?) and launching her new intimates line. “Brooke’s Bedroom”. Eugh. The thing is, if you watch it, it’s just a bunch of young girls (the kind that has Eric reaching for the defibrillator, a bottle of Viagra, or both) parading around in frilly night-gowns and stilettos. When the reporters ask, “How is this different from any other line of lingerie?”, Brooke’s answer — “It’s a completely redefinition of sensual satisfaction” or some such nonsense — is pure marketing shlock, it’s meaningless buzz words and empty marketing phrases that any real reporter would’ve torn to shreds.

    How is this family so wealthy, again?

  8. It was another flashback to a strange time in the past, tonight.

    Eric’s married to Donna, Ridge is married to Brooke, and the Forresters were putting on a fashion show with the three Logan sisters as the models. Meanwhile, Brooke’s daughter and Stephanie were connected to a rival company to the Forresters, while Bill had bribed the judges of the fashion show to de-value the Forrester line so that he could swoop in and buy them.

    I think?

    • I watched a bit. It was funny to see Bill’s déjà vu. He later did the same thing in Monte Carlo It was weird seeing Eric smooch Donna. I missed out on the Deric years.

      • “I missed out on the Deric years.”

        I don’t think we missed out on much.

        Gosh, can Eric date somebody who’s not young enough to be his grand-daughter?

  9. Maaaaaaan. I went shopping at the Farmers’ Mart, then Woolies. Couples shopping together, people walking close to you left, right and centre. They’re deciding on my behalf that SD is unnecessary.
    I am wearing gloves and face mask just to remind people there’s a pandemic; stay back.

  10. Oooo. Old horsie Ridge looks like he’s morphing into the new older hobo Rasper Ridge. The 8.00 shadow does not suit him.

    This is the first in the cycle of love triangles between Hope, Steffy and Liam. I suppose you could make a name amalgamation; HoLiSt. LiStHo. SteLiHo.

    • It’s always a good time watching Brooke lecturing somebody on respecting the sanctity of a relationship. Although I loved Taylor just rolling her eyes and going, “Yeah, sure, okay.”

  11. World leaders in haute couture the Forresters, throw another shambles of a fashion show. Stuffy old Mr Avant takes a dim view of his transitioning son Maya stealing the show in a fabulous show stopper..History on the catwalk.

  12. Surely today’s episode was a repeat?
    I am sure they could not be dragging these story lines over this long a time frame?
    No, seriously. Asking for a friend.

    • Bobi, these are repeats because of covid. Production stopped.These are “the best” of B&B Expect lots of marriages,annulments, affairs, feuds, murders, people in hospital with amnesia etc etc

      • I must say, that change of sex storyline was a fun one. I hope to find out how it was all resolved. Assuming there was a conclusion?
        Notice how I carefully avoided any particular innuendos there. How life has changed. There was a time when I would have happily launched into a number of inappropriate jokes. Not complaining. Just saying.

  13. B&B has just been renewed for another two years. I had to break the wonderful news (No one must know about this)

    • I look forward to the Forresters, Spencers and Logans attempting social distancing. That will indeed be original storylines.

      • I wonder what would’ve happened if the show hadn’t been renewed? They would’ve been forced to actually conclude all the ongoing storylines. Ridge and Brooke get back together, Wyatt and Flo (or Sally, who knows with him) reunite, I guess, Hope and Liam end up together forever or something? I suppose they would’ve had to put Bill and Katie back together as well.

  14. I caught the last few minutes of today’s episode, and apparently, the crux of the episode was Ridge being annoyed at Brooke’s son Rick dating Ridge’s daughter Phoebe.

    At first, I was like, hang on, but I had to break it down a bit.

    Rick is Brooke’s son with Eric, which technically makes him Ridge’s step-brother. And dating Ridge’s daughter means that Phoebe is dating her own uncle and step-sibling.

    The only thing stopping that from being super incestuous is that Ridge isn’t biologically-related to Eric, Ridge is actually biologically the son of some bloke Stephanie had an affair with, years and years ago.

    But it’s still incredibly creepy and weird.

  15. At the final scene today, Ridge punches out Rick, who he finds in bed with someone, probably a close relative.. Let’s not drive ourselves crazy trying to unwind the family tree.

  16. Ridge is dumped by Brooke for punching out her son, who rooted Ridge’s daughter. Ridge pleads they stay together for RJ. Taylor gives some guy a near heart attack in bed.

    • It’s weird that Ridge takes issue with Brooke’s son banging his daughter, but never cared much for (constantly) hooking up with the woman who married his own father (and brother) repeatedly.

      Meanwhile, Taylor’s humping some random … gosh, this family needs to date outside their own circle. It can’t be too hard. There’s like ten million people in LA!

  17. Liam and Steffy’s wedding in Sydney continues. Sally sneaks some photos. One size fits all shallow speeches all round.Speedboat trip on the harbour. How good is being in love ? These folk can’t live without it.

    Back in LA, Liam is getting trashed at Bikinis. Zende and Nicole try to help the sad sack , drunk Flubber.

  18. We are reliving the hydrofluoric acid incident in this ” best” of B&B viewing bonanza. I’ve taken the bullets of mediocrity watching Hope’s awful performances all over again. She’s not alone. Right now , everyone thinks the roach is dead.

    It’s no better second time around, but has it’s charms.

    • I am waiting for them to return to set in head to toe safety suits with air tanks and breathing apparatus. When Brooke and Quinn get into a brawl, all they have to do his pull the breathing tube

    • I actually haven’t been watching, but I was having something to eat yesterday and I saw that the “vat of acid” incident was being re-aired as some of Bold’s “best” moments.

      They’re really playing fast and loose with their definition of “best” there.

  19. I caught the episode this afternoon!

    It was the highlight of my day. No, really :(.

    Mostly it was just a catch-up. Carter and Katie are talking in Forrester Creations, and Katie is talking Carter through all the crazy things that had happened immediately prior to the break. I liked it as a framing device (because it also catches up the audience on everything they’ve missed).

    But I did laugh when Zoey comes in with some paperwork, and when she apologises for interrupting the business meeting, Carter replies that he and Katie were just talking about crazy Forrester stuff. “Oh, you were gossiping?” asks Zoey.


    They showed previews of upcoming events, as well (it looks like Steffy is in a motorcycle accident — when has she been riding a motorcycle? — and meets a handsome doctor. I tell you, these Forresters have the regenerative capabilities of geckos. Nothing kills them! Thomas is back with an evil beard, to go with his generally evil demeanour, and it looks like Shauna and Ridge got married on their drunken Vegas night, which seemed so obvious, I’m surprised the writers are actually doing it).

  20. Bold is back! New music .Pizzazz aplenty.

    Loudmouth Katie brings us up to date. Great episode. My day’s highlight. Yeah, that evil beard isn’t going to help the roach’s image.

    • The biggest shame about Thomas is that, if you follow the actor on Insta and Twitter, he’s actually a pretty cool dude.

      But the terrible writing is doing him no favours at all, really.

        • I would believe that. Not only that, but I get the impression that Dollar Bill is a genuinely skilled performer who has a blast, chewing scenery like nobody’s business whenever he gets to yell at a Forrester.

  21. Yep. Suuurrpriiise. They’re back.
    No mention of the US ducking and diving Corona virus or protests.
    Now why aren’t they all wearing masks? That would be pretty cool. Given the array of masks that are being advertised and offered up (including on ttv), they should all have been able to find suitable looks. Stephie could have a mask with big lips, Ridge could have a mask that makes him sound like Darth Vader….no wait…
    Wipes could have a mask with pointy pursed lips. Quinn could have a kitty mask. Miaow.
    Katy could have a mask with a big mouth.
    Yep, it was no accident that Katy was chosen to recap.
    I don’t recall the wedding fiasco. It was good to see Thomas reaching out to marry any girl in the room.
    It looks like B&B are going to act (🤪) like there is no CV…like pretty much everyone in WA.
    Now we just need to find out that Flo has amnesia.

  22. Det Sandwichez is onto Bill like a seagull onto a chip. Seagulls can’t solve crimes,unfortunately.

    Flo practically has to draw a diagram for dumbarse Wipes to understand how he’s been played. Wyatt’s acting has devolved during lockdown.

    I’m glad it’s back. Bill v Ridge was champagne viewing. There;s no virus Let’s just suspend belief.

    • I will do a new thread tomorrow. We are watching Friday’s ATM. I heard that there is a weird pash between Flo and “Wipes”, where she hides his face with her hands to cover the fact that she is kissing her brother????

      Bill has come back refreshed. I loved when he told Wipes, “That is the dumbest advice I have ever heard”.

      • Yeah, the kissing scene was weird. The camera kept the faces out of view. The footage was all blurry and indistinct.

        Ah, covid. Wyatt, bless him, he’s my favourite character, but he did take a *long* time to connect the dots, re: Sally lying about dying.

        But at least Detective Sandwichez and his amazing hair are back to solve the case!

    • I think Dr Finnegan is going to be Steffy’s new love interest. He can kiss her through one of those superstrength masks.

      • You’re right. Won’t be long til Dr. Finnigan is in again inserting more than a thermometer into Motorcycle Mama Steffy.

        Dr appointment at 4.30 today. Missed show. Hope Sally’s ok..All’s fair in love and war , Wipes. BTW , you’re dating a slimy baby stealer from Vegas.

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