MasterChef Mon

Contestants learn that there will be a twist with every challenge this week, so they must think on their feet to survive another week in the MasterChef kitchen. Two twists really stir the pot.



  1. Rock, paper, scissors to decide who sat out the challenge gave me a good laugh. I don’t think Poh will be an effective captain.

  2. I quite like Mel’s disco dress but I hope she does not go near the gas stove in it – looks highly flammable.

  3. Tonight it’s a three-course dinner service cooking whatever they want for 50 diners. They are split in two teams but one has two many members, and Hayden loses rock, paper, scissors to Tracy so he is out. The judge warn there will be a twist. Pity they have it away in the ad. There are a few people who have worked at or even run their own restaurants so that should help. Sarah Tiiong captains one team – love her – always so enthusiastic. She is good at delegating.
    Poh and Callum both want to be captain and they go with Poh. Hmmmm. I would pick the person with more fine dining experience. Callum or Laura

    • Poh is not a good captain. No leadership.
      Of course Cabbage Simon got his chance to cook a vegetarian mains.

  4. And as we know, the twist is they switch kitchens. They can keep on with the other team’s dishes or start afresh.
    I’m not keen on this. It rewards people who were disorganised and disadvantages the organised. Plus could potentially waste a lot of good food. I would have been happy with a straightforward service challenge

  5. And there is another twist: one-fifth of the diners are vegetarian.
    At least the tortellini can have a vego filling. Time for Simon to whip out a cabbage wedge

    • Slimy Simon actually stole some oxygen on The Project tonight explaining how to pickle hoarded vegetables etc. It was a low light in my day. He “created” some next level, elevated sauerkraut to boot.

  6. I found this episode generally dull, but then I don’t really like the team challenges much. I think the brown team deserved to win based on how well they worked and adapted. I did feel a bit sorry for the grey team, and not just because Poh was the captain 🙂 Both of the teams worked on that sauce, so it’s tough that they got the rap for it being bad.

    And I can’t believe that they ditched the choux buns! They deserve to be in the pressure test just for that.

    It might have been better if they each thought up a menu, then had to swap the menu at the start and the other team had to cook what was on that menu, rather than come in half way through and choose to ditch what was already started if they wanted to.

  7. Wow – that was totally Poh’s team to win as Sarah had her people super well organised. I really like pork Sarah a LOT.
    Amazing to seize defeat from the jaws of victory. I think not using the choux buns was odd call – I mean, they were made – wouldn’t keeping them be better than trying to do something else and quickly making a filling or something? Surely Reynold could whip out a creme pat in two seconds?

    On the dessert subject – is Jess as dumb as they make her out to be?
    I felt bad for anyone inheriting Laura’s pasta as it is her profession so no wonder she can do it. Poor Brandan.

    Bugger for Callum being fingered in the yucky sauce. But he is usually good with flavours so I suspect there was already something not great about it or he would surely have not mucked around with the garlic and stuff? Or is that just me as a fan trying to excuse him?

    • Pasta is not too much difference to noodles. Brendan should be able to work with it. But……. if the pasta dough was not right to start with ( unless Laura has a special technique to make her pasta), Brendan will have a problem. It was quite thick. Why didnt he roll them out thinner? Maybe he cant .

  8. I hate team challenges. It’s got nothing to do with cooking.
    And I hate the manufactured drama for televisions sake. There’s a lot of money at the end of this rainbow and if someone excellent (here’s looking at you, Reynold) goes home because a producer had a brainstorm in the shower, I will be most annoyed.

  9. Reynold can do savoury now. He is an all rounder. Much improved now. He should be one of the finalist.

    • The ads show Mel tearing up as someone leaves. Who would they cry over? Reynold and Poh. Maybe Amina?

  10. Simon double dips with Sarah…yuck (Simon to blame, not Sarah). Poh was a horrible captain.
    I wonder if they took extra precautions when it came to hygiene and taste testing foods when they moved to their Covid-19 protocols.
    That was a boring episode and I dozed off several times.

  11. I could see that ‘twist’ coming a mile off, and was really peed because Poh had no idea what her team was doing. When the swap came Poh’s team def should have used the buns. Why not? As mentioned above, Reynold would have been able to whip up a filling quick sticks, and created something delish to accompany.
    The pasta was thick where it was smushed together… so I’m blaming the girl that was helping ‘my’ Brendan 😉 I mean surely he knows how to smush dough together … but all good (Reynold will stay) because Sarah’s team were clearly superior in their ability to adapt. Was Poh that bad at leading? Or was she acting up?

    • I also think that it was a pity that the teams were forewarned that there would be a twist, so from the beginning they were waiting for it and trying to second guess it and preparing for whatever it might be. Far more realistic to suddenly announce that they had to swap teams, kitchens, captains or whatever.

      The vegetarian twist was okay, as it would typify a situation where a group had booked, but not mentioned that some of the party were vegetarians. Interesting that neither of the teams had taken that into account when planning their menu. And that one team went for a totally seafood menu, when there are a few people around with allergies to seafood.

      The buns not being used were wasteful and I bet Jock docked them points for that. In a commercial kitchen you can’t afford to do things like that. Both Reynold and Jess are excellent at desserts, so they ought to have been able to come up with something based around the choux buns.

      I think Poh is hopeless as a captain. I laughed when she said she had “democratic leadership” when she had basically engineered a coup d’état to oust Callum who suggested he’d like to be captain. Very democratic of you, Poh 🙂

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