1. They are at a Thai restaurant in suburban Melbourne. One team has an extra cook and – I reckon this is a first – has to sit someone out. Redhead Sarah says she does not cook Thai much so puts up her hand. If her team wins she is safe; if they lose she loses with them. Now, if this were
    Survivor she’d sit at the side and there would be an immunity pin hidden under her chair. Team captains are Tessa and Khanh, chosen for their knowledge of the cuisine.

  2. Aqua team dishes look so pale and unappetizing. Orange team dishes make me want to have Thai tomorrow

  3. Tessa should be a good captain but she probably has the cooks who are less familiar with Asian cuisine

  4. Let me guess she got Laura? The cabbage and ice cream kings? 🤣
    Was watching LEGO master. So much more entertaining 👍

    • And laughingly, just because Laura is in the losing team, the “Pressure Test” tomorrow is for pasta! What a coincidence 😆

      • oh god, is it?
        That is a total surprise – I was just speculating that it would be, but I missed that fact! Teaches me to read all the comments first 🙁

      • You are kidding me? Wonder if the contestants are rolling their eyes in the Masterchef house?

    • Tessa got a completely dud team for Thai cuisine, to be honest.

      Ben, Reece, Rose, Amina, Slimon, Laura and Emelia. Luckily Poh was there, because clearly a random Asian is needed & Malaysia is right near Thailand, surely? oops. Seriously I am happy that this year we aren’t having such generic “Asian flavours” and are actually differentiating between countries.

  5. Tessa stands at the pass holding the plates, waiting for the servers to arrive. She must have never worked in a restaurant in her life. Put plates on the pass, yell out “service” or slap the bell, then get back to work in the kitchen. The servers know what to do.

    Pork belly. They never learn. They’re testing it by picking up the meat and putting it in their mouths with their fingers. That is disgusting. Diners don’t want your spitty fingers having touched their food.

    I wonder how the other team is doing. Tess’s team is getting most of the air time.

  6. To be fair, I think the division of the teams should be done by a blind draw, either by a tag/counter or aprons (with one marked as captain for each team).

  7. I see that Melbourne turned on it’s usual shit weather. 🙂

    I loved all of the orange team dishes – they looked wonderful. And kudos to Poh for those rice balls.

    The aqua team’s mains looked awful – not inviting or appetising at all. I’m not a particular fan of Khanh, but he came into his own in this challenge. He really kept on top of what was going on in his team. Unlike Tessa, who surprisingly lost the plot a bit. I think she knew they were in trouble before service.

    • See I should like Khanh as usually the OTT gay guy appeals to me as I like that sort of ribald humour. But I just find him too contrived. I really think he is a very good cook and I would happily eat his food, but for some reason I just can’t warm to him.
      Would love to have eaten Orange team dishes. He did a good job as captain and seemed completely on tpo of it.

      Red Sarah is not in immunity? I can’t rememer which team was hers.

      Tessa I seem to remember had problems being a captain previously – Anyone else recall more? Mind you, she had Laura who clearly had no idea about larb and didn’t seem all that keen on listening either. I wonder whether the next suburban challenge is a pizza and pasta joint?

      I wonder how pork Sarah felt watching them abuse that poor meat. Mind you, I see that the ONLY pork that masterchef has available is still pork belly. No other variation can make it to a plate. Now that the judges who made it a fetish are gone, cannot the contestants try a different cut?

      I kind of felt sorry for Poh after delicated shaping the balls to have to watch Rose shovel them around and break them apart.

      • Khanh was crying when Dani and her pin were punted……..apart from that inappropriate response to a joyous event, he seems alright.

      • Contrived is an excellent description, Brusselsprout. In his season, I really liked Khanh in the beginning. He had really interesting food and was always enthustastic and pulled his weight in team challenges as well as being supportive of the other contestants. But as the season progressed, the inner diva came out a bit and it seemed more like he was playing a role. Still loved his food, but he started to irk me a bit as a person.

        That said, I am aware that the producers edit these things heavily to project their own agenda, so he might be quite different away from the edited camera takes.

        Red Sarah was on the orange team which won, so no pressure test for her. I don’t like them doing team challenges with an uneven number of contestants. Last time one team had an extra person. It seems as though the team challenges are coming at the wrong time of the week. It makes it awkward.

        While I thought Poh’s balls were great, I wondered if they were strictly Thai. Not that I’d know, but I did Google them afterwards and could find no Thai references.

        The other thing I’d like to see is feedback from the punters eating there – what did they think? And maybe even the restaurant’s owner or head chef as a guest judge. At least this episode wasn’t full of cheering crowds – one blessing.

          • Exactly. I’ve eaten them as a sweet dish. Poh’s filling was roasted peanuts. I’ve never seen anything like them on a Thai menu before, so I wonder why Tessa said yes and the judges didn’t say something, but just accepted something vaguely Asian in a Thai challenge. They did however look nice – though looking at the cooking instructions in your link, I see that Rose had far too much water in the pot and was massacring them. They require finesse (I could imagine Reynold gently handling them).

  8. Did you see Jocks look of disgust when Melissa answered the phone at time of judgement. He doesn’t like going off script. To me, Melissa stands out as a judge. Adam Laiw would have made a much better chef /judge than Andy.

  9. Tamarind is not my go, but I wanted that fish; eggplant is not my go but love green curry; Thai roast chicken is divine. I cook a mean pork belly and it does not have to be cut, let alone sawn, to be eaten. Poh’s balls looked good.
    Kahn seems to alter the affectation of his vocal expression a lot.

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