MasterChef Sun – texture challenge

This challenge is all about texture. In round one, contestants must cook a dish with the best crunch. Round two is all about a gooey texture. 
Crunch? Chicken skin, pop rocks, puff pastry,, duck oesophagus …

Gooey? Caramel and more caramel. Or another poached egg.

If Reynold is safe in round one can he cook again, just for funsies?



  1. Crunch could be fried chicken, pork belly crackle (probably Poh, so she can stare at the oven while the rind refuses to crackle), ANZAC biscuits, crackers, lots of weird things.

    Gooey. Well, anything with melted marshmallows, or melted cheese, cheesy dumplings, overcooked cabbage for what’s-his-name.

    Pasta lady will be flummoxed.

    • I am thinking crostoli for pasta.
      Will Hayden just grab an El Paso taco kit?
      Chris’s fish looked good. Now I wanted to eat fried food – is anyone making buffalo cauliflower?
      How is Simon using pre-made bread?
      Mmmmm – brandy snaps! Choc cherry from Emilia? One of my fave flavour combos

    • I like the crunchy bits on top of my mac and cheese, when I bother to put it in the oven. But Laura might think that is not worthy of her skill set. She’ll probably fry a bit of some kind of pasta, top it with fried leafs of something else, and Jock will rate it as best crunchy dish ever.

  2. There’s Whatshisname. I thought he was gone.
    So we are still left to wonder how they are going to deal with his departure.

    • Ice cream Ben. He has been cooking some nice looking savoury dish but will be gone soon

      • I keep waiting for him to disappear – it’s like a Where’s Wally. I wish someone would make duck spring rolls or similar with an awesome dipping sauce

    • Judge~ “Gice, Ben has been arrested, meaning his Ma$terchef dream is over. Seems he wanted to be a crook more than a cook.”

  3. Tracy made the edit! Good on her. Potato skins looked delish.
    Why did Dani pour the sauce over her eggplant? If she had kept it for dipping her batter would have stayed crunchier

  4. I’m 42 minutes in and ‘hate Andy’. He’s kyboshed Brenno’s cunchy dumplings cos his was soft in a spot. Grrrrr. Seriously, for some reason I love this kid and feel so protective toward him. SMH.
    Hope he wasn’t booted.

  5. Simon: Here’s a packet of peanuts I opened and sprinkled salt on.
    Judges: Straight to the gantry

  6. I ffwd to gooey judging out of disgust that Brendan was in bottom 5. However all has been put right. Yaaay 😊
    I note Adam Liaw should be a MC judge 😉
    PS – how good is Reynold!! That dish looked heavenly. Badavovs fish looked and sounded yum too.

  7. One more legitimate gripe – How TF does that guy go straight to ‘the gantry’ for making a chip sanga??? We used to make them at high school – buttered knot roll and Samboy Gold, oh the memories…
    How is that acceptable, he did jack.

    • Honestly slimy fried potato and toasted bread and THAT is gantry worthy?? Just don’t get it.

    • I stuffed my roll with Chicken Twisties when I was at school. I didn’t realise that I was teenage a gourmet chef!

      Sad to see that Slimy is a protected species yet again this season with his charred cabbage and fake butties. He didn’t even make the bread and nobody hauled his arse over the hibachi like they did with Hayden and his tortilla chips the other night.

  8. I loved the sound and look of Brendan’s dishes (in both rounds) and was so shocked that he was in round 2. Also loved Icecream Ben’s dish and Reynold’s was fabulous. I can’t believe how much he did in that time. He seemed pretty zen about it all too.

    The judges were extra shouty tonight and I hate all of that fake high hive stuff they carry on with – it comes across as forced. That said, the right person went home.

    As for Slimy – he shoved a potato through a mandoline, deep fried the slices and bunged them on buttered toast and was immediately safe? You are kidding? Surely the ridiculous amount of butter he slathered on the toast would have softened it in a second, so I can’t see that it would have been crunchy.

  9. Ok gice it’s been a while and smart phone has given up my true identity it’s me techhater luv u all and loving the new judges. 😄

  10. Oh last post didn’t go up. 😲 thank f#ck Dani’s gone with her sacred immunity pin 😄

    • Yay! You’re back and with the good opinions… ie Dani and the damned pin have gone.

  11. Dani struggled from Week 2. She was always going to home. It was just a question of when.
    Too much pressure?
    Maybe it would have looked suss if she went immediately after winning the pin but she should have been gone weeks ago.
    Let’s just get rid of Hayden and then we can settle down and watch some good cooking.

    • She would have gone further without the pin – it messed up her head. She did ok in the All Stars season years ago – won by Callum.

  12. Hayden actually did well with with hi gooey raviolo dish but he seemed to fluke it. I am starting to feel a bit sorry for him. He’s out of his depth but stuck there. He is Adam from Survivor, watching the more athletic contestants leap like gazelles around the slippery rocks during the coconut challenge

  13. The right person went home with her runny eggs. Sheesh , even I can cook gooey eggs and whack a bit of chilli jam on them. Dani should have played her immunity pin. Didn’t she go home the first time with a pin on her apron, I know Hayden did.

    The judges were particularly annoying this episode. Shouting, high fiving, being ridiculous.
    I didn’t see sweaty Simons dish as I was watching LEGO Masters at the same time but if it was chips on bread and straight to the gantry, then favouritism is alive and well.

    • Yes, I reckon with two hands tied behind my back, could have knocked Dani’s eggs for six. I believe she had time to test one. One pin would be too many and a thousand wouldn’t be enough for Dani. She tried crying, tried playing the kids card. See ya.
      How ordinary were Slimy’s chip butties to have him ascend to the gantry? He was praised for the crunchy bread, but Slimy didn’t bake’ it right?

  14. I was surprised more people didn’t make one of those fondant hot puddings. The previous judges used to to gaga over the oozing centre. Deep frying stuff is always touch & go. Those things can go soggy pretty quickly if you’re not careful. I don’t agree with sending people straight up to the gantry when they haven’t tasted all the dishes. How do they know there won’t be another one much better? I wasn’t happy with the bottom 5. I didn’t want any of them to go.

  15. Potato chips on toasted bread with smoked butter gets Simon up to the gantry immediately. HUH? Absolutely ridiculous. Tracy’s potato skins looked yummy but there seemed to be more deserving dishes that should have been sent up immediately.
    Why aren’t they waiting to taste all dishes before sending contestants up to the gantry?
    It was time for Dani to go. In fact she should have been gone earlier.

  16. Oh , I’m looking forward to the encore. Dani’s soiled my viewing experience and didn’t deserve a pin. Hayden’s stinking up the place too. Not worth four dollars let alone $40,000.

    Yes, the use of “gooey” is unacceptable….except in kindy /early primary.

    Good to hear from techhater.Cheers.

  17. The ad lied! They said a favourite was going home, surely Dani is nobody’s favourite? She’s been well out of her depth for ages, glad she’s gone. Now to get rid of Hayden and Rose….

    • If you’ve got nothing nice to say about Dani DSP, come sit by me!
      Where do you stand on a person who. say hypothetically, sees a judge crunching on potato chips and then slices a spud and fries it, serves it on toast and then is considered a Really Good and Innovative Cook. Interested in your thoughts!

      • Heh heh, a person like that also gives me the irrits. He tosses about with some vegetables, or BBQ’s lettuce and the judges lose their minds. And don’t get me started on The Judges Pet who either cooks pasta, cooks to Jock’s palate or both, although at least she’s not carrying on about Nonna this year, so I guess that’s an improvement. Brendan is also a bit of a one trick pony turning everything into dumplings, but I give him more of a pass as he’s not being shoved in our face as much as Laura, and I like dumplings better than pasta 😆

    • Maybe they meant “one of the judge’s favourites” I can’t imagine that anyone else considered her a serious contender. She was clearly out of her depth, as is Hayden and (as much as I like her) Rose.

      • I noticed most contestants with their own shows on Cu 10 are not doing very well.Examples
        Ben Melbourne
        Hayden (anytime he will be booted)

  18. I am continually impressed by Reynold’s skill. He never seems to get in a flap, just puts his head down and does his work. His dish last light was jaw-droppingly beautiful and had me salivating.

    And good riddance to Dani.

    The competition subjects were dumb. I supposed crunchy would have been easy to pick, but Brendon got screwed. Gooey is subjective when applying the word to a food item. Gooey or runny? Gooey or soft? Gooey or sticky? They’re just pulling silly trials out of their butts.

    Andy appears to be out of his depth, but may find his footing with more experience. Jock at times uses a chef’s knowledge, but at other times acts like a rank amateur voting for his friends. Chip buttie giving doofus immediate gantry status was bullshit. Melissa is the adult among the judges so far. They all need to knock off doing high fives and giving hugs; just stop touching people.

    • Reynold is absolutely fantastic. 🙂 Very inspiring to me as I am in a pastry chef training right now. He also does really yummy savoury food. Tbh, if you are an excellent pastry chef, it is not too difficult to do certain savoury food and especially make it look pretty. Pastry is so extremely exact and a lot more can go wrong if you ignore measurement and the whole science behind it.

      I know Reynold will not win the competition in the end, but I still hope he will make it to the finals. Why? Because whatever he will produce makes great TV and people will love to watch it. Plus he simply has the talent.
      I also really like Callum, season 2 was the first one I saw and I really liked him back then. Plus Adam is my favourite winner, they should have gotten him as a judge instead of Andy.
      Laura is okay, let’s hope she branches out of her pasta schtick, I believe she can definitely do a lot more than that and would make a great finalist.

      Otherwise, Simon, ugh, he was so off-putting during his season. Icecream Douche, same (at least we know he won’t make it to the end). I didn’t hate Dani, but not unhappy she’s gone. Could have taken Hayden with her.

      PS: I still have no clue who Tracy is….

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