MasterChef Sun: head-to-head challenge

Contestants are cooking off against the other contestant on their bench. The best dish from each bench will be safe, while the remaining contestants must cook in the elimination round.

People I would not want to share a bench with: Sarah Tiong, Simon, Reynold (who should be back to form now Katy Perry is not there to distract him), Jess ….



      • LOL! I would have ditched American – which is a bit like Aussie, in the sense it’s an amalgam of all the different cuisines of various immigrant groups. Why not Scandinavian food? Or Greek (George would have made sure that was a choice)? Or dipping into the Turkish/Lebanese/other Middle Eastern cookbook?

  1. It’s Callum V Simon cooking French
    Tess V Jess Vietnamese
    Emelia V Laura Japanese
    Khanh V Sarah Tiong (aka Pork Sarah) Italian
    Reynold V Other Sarah American
    Tracey V Hayden Chinese
    Reece V Brendan Spanish

  2. Reynold does not know what American food is. Do a dessert twist on PBnJ, Reynold. They get 60 mins. Losers go into round two.

  3. Reece beats Brendan because his creme Catalan is more Spanishy.
    Oh Hayden – he served raw dumplings. Win to Tracey.
    Tessa’s prawn pancake is beaten by Jess’s prawns.

  4. Emelia’s tomato tofu salad defeats Laura’s skewers.
    Callum’s boulliabaise is beaten by Simon snapper with lentils.
    Sarah T’s tortellini is beaten by Khanh’s seafood pasta.

  5. Reynold’s Apple pie with sugar balloon is so pretty.

    I hope Reynold’s businesses are able to survive these tough economic times so he can capitalise on the renewed publicity.
    Sara’s buffalo wings are delicious but she loses.

  6. The round two twist is there is no twist for the seven “losers”, says Jock.
    They have to pick a classic flavour pairing.
    Apple and cinnamon (Callum). Tomato and basil (Laura). Ginger and lemongrass
    (Sarah T, Tess, Brendan) Walnuts and dates. Beetroot and horseradish.

    • Actually the whole episode seemed a bit of something they cobbled together at the last minute because the numbers were wrong with Ben’s departure. The “no twist” was a bit pathetic – have they truly run out of ideas?

      There were so many dishes that Hayden could have done with that classic combination. Though I’m glad to see the back of him as he was not really adding anything to the show – bad investment there 🙂

      Other disappointment was that they handed the second challenge to Laura on a plate – with tomato and basil was she going to do anything other than another of her endless pasta dishes?

      Highlight for me was Reynold’s fabulous dessert. Though as it wasn’t something pre-packaged that you took out of the freezer, bunged in the microwave then squirted with canned cream, then could it really be said to be American? 😆

      This tweet cracked me up – so true re the Icecream Ben exit:

  7. Hayden does beetroot and horseradish on the friggin’ hibachi. What is Other Sarah making? Is she going to make the edit? She has beetroot and horseradish. She is soooo going to beat Hayden’s dish

  8. I want Reynold’s dessert. That looked delicious.
    When they lifted the cloche and showed American my first thought was apple pie but Reynold’s dessert looked so much better than a slice of apple pie.

  9. Fiiiinally, Haydo can get back to whatever it is he does for a day job. He was so out of his depth. I wonder who his audience is. He is not particularly good looking, the backwards cap reminds of 16 year old Ley Ley, and appears he doesn’t know much about food, in a professional sense.
    Anyhoo, the farce of including Brendan in the second round was purely to ensure that Reece wasn’t in the position to be eliminated, because it was clearly Haydo’s time. My take anyway, because they could not seriously think Brendan should be offed.
    Love Reynold’s ‘apple pie’, love a bit of sugar work and that looked soooo delish.

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