MasterChef Sun: home delivery

In this episode’s take-away elimination challenge, contestants must make a dish that will stand the home delivery test. Contestants have 90 minutes from the start of the cook to completed delivery.

Will they make the contestants do the delivery like last time? I want Mel, Andy and Jock to jump of a Goodies-style three-seater bike to deliver the orders.



  1. I’m not finding Tracey endearing. I vaguely remember Emilia now. I like her. Geezus, it’s time for Ben to go surely.
    Yes LP, 4 is not enough.

  2. Now I want to eat laksa!!!! Wish the four had not got out so quickly. I want to know what the other cloched dishes were.
    Finally we see Julia. So Chris either wins or loses

  3. Surprised no one is doing pasta, given there are so many curries.
    This has better not be one of those ones where someone forgets to put the rice on early enough

  4. Hang on – Ben wants to serve the dish two different ways? Surely the elements should be the same for both dishes

    • Yeah, I reacted to that as well. Surely they had to be the same dish, as they said they were comparing the two dishes. Not to mention the tiny, poncy serve he gave for two judges to share compared to the huge portion that Melissa got.

      Chris looked so cocky tonight – very nonchalant “I’ve got this in the bag” sort of thing, so it was amusing to see that he’s not quite as good as he thinks he is, despite the effort at bribing the judges with a beer.

      And Andy has learned a new adjective – “belting”, to join “cracking” and “banging”. I can’t say it’s much of an improvement. I wonder how long IceCream Ben stays – surely he’s on very borrowed time. Are we running a book for what we think he did? Put me down for a Roid Rage attack. 🙂

      • We have drugs … and now roid rage. He tried to batter someone. Belting. Smashing.

        Maybe Ben tried to “pork” one of the other amatas.

      • And there it is!!! Might be new judges but there are still the producers favourites. Tessa’s Curry needed 20 minutes more according to the judges but her perfectly cooked “butchered” snapper fillet beat a good (not bad/not great) dish.

  5. Wish they would have been required to each cook a different type of cuisine. Since they had to identify the dish AND the country that’s what I thought would happen. Might have made this challenge more interesting and more difficult instead of having them choose whatever they wanted to cook.

    Round 1 much too short. Could have had the contestants identify dish and country for all of the items under the cloches and then sent the 5 (or so) with the most correct up to the gantry.

    • Yes I thought it was common knowledge. And Chris competed in the all stars series also so it would jae been mentioned then. I do recall the shock at the time that the beat the chef reward used to be nit an immunity pin but a fast forward to a spot in the finals. And Julia beat Pete Evans (yes, our fave) with her dumplings so she missed weeks of cooking/TV time, whi b is actually a disadvantage. But then Pete did let her do work experience with him.

  6. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention last night, but I though the second curry, Tracy’s?, looked like a bowl of slop one would give to pigs.

    At the end of the show, it was revealed that one of the twists is everyone having to switch teams partway through cooking. Then every single fricking ad for the rest of the night asks breathlessly “What is the twist?” Better they stick to cooking than trying to introduce gimmicks that aren’t that interesting. If they must have gimmicks, how about a vocabulary lesson for Andy, Botox for Jock so he can’t do his supercilious sneer, and Melissa, she’s okay but might need a book of insults so she can respond to Jock with something more cutting than “You’re a kebab”.

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