MasterChef Sun: kingfish

Josh Niland of The Fish Butchery breaks down a kingfish for each of the contestants to choose a cut to cook with. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be going home.

The promos have been banging on (no, not the Andy kind of banging) about the best fish in the history of the universe being cooked this week so I guess we see Chosen One Reynold turn water into wine.

And I think it’s from tomorrow that we start seeing anti-coronavirus measures implemented on the MasterChef set.



  1. Well I just LOVED that guest chef. Hadn’t really caught up on the full glory of “The” Josh Niland before, but wow oh wow. When he carved up that fish it was artistry! He seemed to look on the anatomy of fish in a different way to the usual. Post covid stress, I am going to his restaurant – simply incredible.

    I enjoyed this challenge. I thought he didn’t play along with the narrative (fakeout over Laura not using it all) but was generally a good guest. Hope to see more of him.

    Tracy seemed clearly the worst and again it seemed like a fair elimination. This season I have felt far more comfortable with the eliminations.
    We got some more Emelia tonight with a pretty interesting overcoming challenge edit – it gave me strong finalist type vibes. I know they adore Laura and I truly think she is a good cook. Jess is getting coverage – maybe it’s the vibe, but it seems like it’s there for a young woman to win it?

    • If Laura has served that whole fish cutlet they would have criticised her for having a massive portion size. It’s fascinating she is getting more of a villain edit this season as first time round she was the teenage prodigy. Whereas Jess got the crybaby edit in her season and is now beloved.
      Agree it was fascinating watching the fish butchery. Fish cutlets! Who’d have think it. I wonder how much that fish was worth?
      They all did rather well on that fish ID challenge. I would have bombed

      • Emelia is getting more screen time. Smile a bit more and looking lovely too. I am warming to her. She can’t win because she is not that good with savoury but could be Top 5 or 6. Same with Sarah T, excellent with savoury but not so with sweets.

      • I am not entirely sure what to make of Laura’s edit. It vacillates between golden child and not the nicest person – showing her being a tool to Sarah was pretty bad. Can’t see her winning if we were shown that! But she gets lots of high praise too.

        As discussed, I would super happily eat at her restaurant. Showcasing her superior pasta skills is fine by me if she is there to drum up attention for her restaurant. But it makes for a not great contestant.

        In terms of the serving controversy – Tracy I think only served one of her two pieces of fish? No one seemed to mention it, so I’m inclined to give Laura a pass, especially as the butcher didn’t seem to care.

        I bet the fish was pleased Slimon didn’t have the fillet knife. Can only imagine the carnage he would have caused.

        I have seen kingfish sashimi for like $90/kg so that how deal would not have come cheap!

        • The only thing I’m certain of is that Laura isn’t going to win with this edit. If she was a potential winner they wouldn’t have left in any scene where she looks smug or uncaring/unaware of others, of which there has been a few.
          I’m presuming the finale has been filmed by now because there is a raging hot favourite on Sportsbet at the moment who you would not expect based on the season so far….

        • DSP. I saw that too. The odds totally changed last week. I think the finale has just been filmed. Keep an eye to see whether the winner get more screen time.

  2. I too loved seeing the fish butchery. Fantastic skills.
    I enjoyed this ep as the first part of the elimination process was interactive – I did pretty good with identifying the fishes – yay me 😉
    Thank the goodness that Tracey overcooked that fish to the point of being inedible or it was bye bye to Meels in my book.
    I feel that Laura did fail because chef is about head to tail utilisation of the animal and butchered the fish for that purpose. Laura then chose to ‘toss’ a portion of edible animal.

  3. I gotta feel for the kingfish, a short, shit life farmed in a crowded cage before the final indignity of being mutilated by a clueless, deluded amata.

    Laura’s just there for the Nonna appeal. She’ll crash and burn…….like Rome did.

  4. “And I think it’s from tomorrow that we start seeing anti-coronavirus measures implemented on the MasterChef set” That’s comforting to know, Juz..

    Only way I can see that working is to kill the contestants.

    • Why do they need to social distancing? Don’t the contestants lives together during filming?

  5. Round one reminded me of when I first came to live here and went to the fishmongers. I was used to the displays at the Angelakis stall in the Adelaide Central Market, with the bream, snapper, whiting, garfish etc. Here I was confronted by an array of the ugliest looking fish I’d ever seen in my life and no idea what they were or how to prepare them. So I know how Reece and Emelia feel 🙂

    I thought Tracy’s elimination was the right choice as her whole cook was chaotic and verging on panic. I really loved watching the guest chef butcher the fish so skillfully and show that there’s more to a fish than just a couple of fillets. Of all of the dishes cooked tonight, I’d love to try Khan’s as it sounded delicious.

    I laughed when Laura gave the same name to the fish as Reece had just done, Typical that she wasn’t listening. I had hoped that once the five were selected for round two that they might have told us what the other fish were, especially those wrongly named.

    Not a bad episode, but a lot of that was down to the calm, professional attitude of Josh Niland. The other three looked like clowns by comparison.

  6. What happened to the greatest dish in the history of mankind? I thought that was meant to be on last night.

    • Sorry Von, “Ma$terchef’s greatest ever dish is coming” after all. Just saw the promo. It won’t be in tonight’s team relay. I don’t wish to shock Poh’s handful of fans but Poh cuts her little finger, OMG!! I’m having palpitations. Jock lays down the brutal social distancing regime. I’d be just distancing myself from the food.

      • I laughed at the promo for “12 Masterchef Legends” who will go into battle. Legends in their own lunchtime, maybe. The hyperbole for what is a fairly lacklustre season are hilarious and so over the top.

      • So it’s going to be on some episode some time in the future. Meanwhile, it will be promoted to death. I don’t know if I can contain my excitement much longer.

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