MasterChef Sun: more ice cream

Contestants must make a dish that has two different flavoured ice-creams that only work when they are eaten together. In round two, they must make a dish using one of five unusual flavour pairings.

Just what we needed: more ice cream. Tomorrow it will be a hibachi-only challenge. And then a challenge where the use of red silicone moulds is essential.



    • Jock is being snobby, saying he won’t taste “boring” flavours. What if you made the best vanilla ice cream in the world?

      • That slayed me. That encourages, in an elimination, ridiculous concepts that shouldn’t be conceived. Fair enough at another occasion like mystery box, but for elimination why can’t they play to their strengths and simply do two delicious ice creams that pair well together without making for ridic combos?

        I was frankly pretty uninterested in eating most of the combinations!

        What a time for He Who Must Not be Named (oh, okay Ben Ungerman) to be out of the competition.

    • I am only just starting but it worries me Khanh is doing vanilla. I’m with Jess – I would not eat licorice ice cream either.

      • Through to round two are Callum, Jess, Brendan, Simon and Poh.
        They have to make a dish using one of these unusual flavour combos: lamb and coffee, basil and peanut butter, dark choc and soy sauce, mint and mustard, carrot and raspberry. All tough but the last one probably is easiest for a dessert

      • Licorice ice cream is the most popular flavour here. And you can get it as a topping sauce for ice cream as well as a hard topping in salted licorice. Both are big sellers 🙂

  1. Haha, we’re all guessing who gets eliminated. The only promo I’ve seen shows Sarah putting her hands over her mouth and crying. Reynold is seen behind her, but he’s not looking at her. The only takeaway I got from that is that Reynold seems to be safe.

      • Highlight for me was Simon’s final, desperate assault on the pantry, not wearing gloves all whilst dropping stuff on the floor and retrieving them.

        For me, that should have sent him home. A coffee enema is what Simon needs.

        Jock doesn’t respect social distancing. Andy’s pants are too tight.

        I felt sorry for Emelia having to ask those below what they’re making. Pretty obvious she’s not worried or even bothered.

        • agree BDD – why should she have to do the mouthpiece role just because she won immunity?
          Simon’s crime against hygiene have been well documented – he is a serial offender. YUCK.

  2. I forgot Ma$terchef was even on and have been watching The Voice, which is so bad I came here. I’m guessing Sarah from promo but hope it’s Simon. I missed an ice cream challenge.Yawn.

  3. Young Callum?
    I like Callum but it wouldn’t reduce me to tears. Mind you, I am assuming they are in lockdown and everything could be a little more tense.

  4. I find it ironic how they can say Poh’s dish is amazing with flavours of pumpkin and amaretti when the challenge was basil and mustard

  5. I really want to eat Callum’s cauli dish (he picked mint and mustard). So vibrant and interesting. The wind is howling here and the rain is pelting down, so cauli would hit the spot.

  6. Oh no – Jess’s dessert was a flop. Praise for Callum, Poh and Brendan. Simon’s dish was meh but at least Jock did not describe it as unpleasant, like Jess’s. She’s gone. And no one can hug her!!

  7. Yet again Sarah speaks so beautifully in support of a fellow competitor. Watching Reece turn his back to cry privately was so sad

    • I second that – Sarah showed such grace and really spoke from the heart.

      I’m going to miss Jess and her enthusiasm and talent. I was SOOOOO hoping that Slimey got the shove, but alas, he scraped in by the seat of his pants. I’d love to try both Callum and Brendan’s dishes – they sounded great.

  8. Okay, it was Jess. The farewell scenes were over the top. To be fair, this filming was evidently done at the beginning of lock-down, when the reality of the pandemic was just becoming clear, and most were over-emotional. Still, Jess, for all her talent of someone “only 22” (gah) was only eliminated from a competition, nothing more.

    I’m sure she got some hugs off camera. Early days of physical distancing took some getting used to, and the contestants weren’t really practicing it in the pantry.

    Elbow bumps don’t give enough distance between people.

    • Only for television. The contestants have been cooking at each other apartments and I am sure she is sharing the apartment with another contestants. They will have hug her off camera.

      • Faux social distancing by all and continuing questionable hygiene by Simon.
        100% sure that she got multiple hugs from the remaining contestants off camera. Elbow bumps. hahaha
        I wonder if they are going to have eliminated contestants return again this season. If so, Jess will probably wind up back in the competition.

  9. I didn’t think that the raspberry and carrot combination was weird…carrot raspberry cake with a raspberry cream filling or a raspberry sauce. Jock is a fan of carrot cake so why not bake him one.
    Jess is very talented and I am sorry to see her go. I think she tried to be too technical and clever. When she chose those ingredients I thought she would make a cake. Was hoping Simon would be eliminated.

    • Carrot cake with raspberry something was my first thought. She over complicated the dish when her priority was 1) highlighting the flavours to prevent elimination.

    • Carrot cake with raspberry something was my first thought. She over complicated the dish when her priority was 1) highlighting the flavours to prevent elimination.

      • My first thought also! I am sure she has a killer carrot cake recipe in her arsenal.
        I was sad to see her go – she seemed a very nice kind girl and I was in awe of her telling the recipe to Sarah in a challenge and being a good person even in a competition.
        It pained me more that Slimy sidled through with his disgusting concoction. YUCK. Was pleased it wasn’t Callum – his cauliflower looked gorgeous – suck on that slimy. It is possible to have delicious veg without hibachi and without invoking the word “charred”.

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