MasterChef Thurs – fairy tales

Contestants must create a dish inspired by one of seven classic fairy tales. With an open pantry and garden, the contestant with the best dish and the strongest concept will win immunity.

Please, someone, go dark and moody as most fairy tales are gruesome. Will there be a poison apple?



  1. I spent part of childhood in Germany.
    I have been scarred by Grimm’s fairy tales. Plus there was a fabulous movie about the brothers with graphic details that gave me nightmares.
    There’s no chance of me watching any of this without shuddering.

    • What a cracking, banging, epic read! 😆

      We’ve often wished that someone would send Andy a thesaurus. He’s very pedestrian and often his comments amount to basically “Yeah, what they said”. I have really warmed to Melissa – she’s relaxed, supportive and warm to the contestants, has a great sense of fun and makes intelligent, articulate critiques of the food.

  2. Its a typical Reynold dish. He knows how to make chocolate log/bark from his season. Good concept though

  3. Jock goes over to Reynold to do his usual bit of adding stress to someone, and Reynold says “I’ll be fine.” Win or lose, Reynold, props for that.

    Andy, I don’t think anyone learned fairy tales in school, maybe in kindy but probably not even then. Poor guy is really punching above his weight.

    Reece’s Pug Life t-shirt is a winner.

    • Andy’s impoverished vocab make it seem he never went to bangin’ schoolo. Dead set.

      Ch 10 need to get someone to bangin’ write Andy’s lines .Yeah. Straight up. ‘Cos he’s not nailin’ it……he’s bangin’ failin’ it.Big time.

      • Andy said the producers asked him to be himself. His himself is not good. Sometimes he is like a teenager, so excited to see what Reynold can do. Running here or there and dress too casually. Not professional at all

  4. It was lovely just to see Reynold happy during the cook, let alone after the win. The tree was so pretty.
    I am going to google how to do Poh’s tofu lily, likely just in chicken broth.
    And also how to make Khanh’s cake. If Reynold was not in the race Khanh would have won

    • Yep, eaten it lots of times. In fact we even have a special Kladdkaka Day on November 7th (you have to love a country that dedicates days to baked goods). It is a non-fail cake – impossible to get wrong. If you go to pretty much any coffee-shop in Sweden you’ll find big wedges of kladdkaka on sale, usually with whipped cream on top. Anyway – for a bit of explanation about the name – Kladdig means “gooey” in Swedish and kaka of course means “cake”, so what you have is a “gooey cake”, and very delicious and sticky it is too. Soft, gooey and chocolatey. Best of all, kladdkaka is lightning fast to make and cheap as chips as well!

      My recipe, which I got from my Swedish sister-in-law:
      200g sugar
      140g plain flour
      50g (3 TBSP) cocoa powder
      1 tsp vanilla sugar
      100g butter
      2 eggs

      Icing sugar

      Serving (optional)
      Icecream, whipped cream, fresh raspberries

      Preheat your oven to 175°C. Blend the sugar, flour, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar in a bowl. Melt the butter in a pan or in the microwave and pour it into the dry ingredients. Sometimes I’m incredibly lazy and I just melt the butter and then mix everything straight into the saucepan. Saves on the washing up as well. Mix well and finally crack in the eggs and beat together to form a thick batter.

      Grease a round 20cm cake tin. If the tin has a tendency to stick, line the bottom with greaseproof paper. Spoon the batter into the tin and smooth out to the edges.

      Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. Don’t overcook it or the gooey consistency of the cake may be lost. A good test is to insert a toothpick first into the cake’s edge: it should come out clean. Then, insert it into the center of the cake. It should come out smeared with gooey, melting chocolate. Remove and allow to cool for about 10 minutes before carefully removing from the tin.

      To serve, sprinkle with icing sugar. The cake should be gooey and eaten warm. Either eat it warm with ice cream, or whipped cream or leave in the fridge for a day and get a truffle cake instead. I like to zap it in the microwave if it has cooled, just to revive the gooeyness.

      I also make one flavoured with melted white chocolate and saffron that we serve with mulled wine during Advent.

  5. I’m confused. I’m sure the promo said the dish of the century was on tonight, and it showed a bowl that looked like the one Reynold served his dessert in.

    Am I stupid? Blind? Gullible at least, I guess. If they drag this out until the final, they can stick their show where the sun don’t shine.

    Anyway, well done, Reynold. Presentation was beautiful. Watching him put little teeny blossoms on the tree branches was fascinating.

  6. Good grief – I think Slimey raided my gran’s house and stole her dining room curtains to make a shirt. *eye bleach needed*

    The Poh drama is getting really old and I didn’t get why she made two dishes and her explanation sounded very much put together at the last minute. And did Brendan just make Chiko Rolls? Jess is a dynamo and her concept was great, but she seemed stressed which is a pity. I really enjoyed watching Khahn create his take on a Swedish classic, even if he failed to pronounce it correctly – he’s right, his Swedish friend is going to kill him 🙂 . The whole episode was a lot of fun. Two days in a row.

    But most of all I loved watching Reynold work – so imaginative, so composed and so focused. He’s such a talented young man and yet he still remains very grounded. He looked so stoked to win. Good on him.

  7. I like Jess but spheres again.
    It’s amazing watching Reynold work. He is driven, confident and focused. Looking at all 5 dishes it was easy to see that his was a cut above everyone else’s. Beautiful dish that fit the brief perfectly. A very deserving win.
    Why does Melissa keep calling him Reynolds?
    Good for Khahn deciding to go the dessert route and trying something different and being creative.
    Poh…different dish (sort of), same old drama. Except for the tofu lily nothing really interesting.
    Brendan..didn’t think out of the box at all. His dish lacked imagination.

  8. Ok, I swear. I use f*ck, and all derivatives, as an emphasising word and so that, mostly, my level of frustration can not be denied. I don’t have a problem with people swearing, as long as it is not abusive towards others. As with any language, as long as not abusive to others. Unless you are both going at each other I guess. Your choice.
    What I am not liking is the swearing/blasphemous language that is being highlighted on MC this season. MC has always been a ‘family’ show. I’m not much into ‘family’ shows and I really don’t care about swearing in TV shows. However I am finding it really crass that the language is being highlighted. Last night it was a shot of Sarah ‘shit’-ing from the gantry. If memory serves that is the only word she said in the shot they showed. And then Jock’s ‘for chrissake’ describing, I think, Reynolds creation.
    I’m just finding it all unnecessary and unable to fathom the reason for it.
    I kinda got to like Andy after the first couple of weeks, and now after a couple more realise how inept he really is. He is out of the same show bag as Hayden – a wooden doll programmed with minimal vocabulary and not much else.

  9. just left Chicago
    And he’s bound for New Orleans
    Well now, Jesus just left Chicago
    And he’s bound for New Orleans
    Yeah, yeah
    Workin’ from one end to the other and all points in between

    Took a jump through Mississippi
    Well, muddy water turned to wine
    Took a jump through Mississippi
    Muddy water turned to wine
    Yeah, yeah
    Then out to California through the forests and the pines
    Ah, take me with you, Jesus

    You might not see him in person
    But he’ll see you just the same
    You might not see him in person
    But he’ll see you just the same
    Yeah, yeah
    You don’t have to worry ’cause takin’ care of business is his name

    ~ ZZTop.

    Anyone think Ma$terchef, Jock et al are taking care of business~ trying to make champagne from shit?

  10. Going by earlier weeks, Emelia had no airtime whatsoever..
    It looked as if the Finale would be Hayden vs Amina where the dishes would be Hayden’s rump steak with mash potato vs Amina’s 5kg crock pot stew.

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