1. If they are not using the soup mix in the packet, they can just buy noodles without seasoning. So much cheaper

    • It looks as though they are using the flavour packet, LP. That will take some balancing, those powder packets are mostly salt. I could only stand the chicken one, and even then only used half of it.

      • I checked the recipes. Poh did but not Jess. She created her own red curry paste.

        I don’t think Simon use the soup base either because he used the ‘Grandma’ brand chilli paste which is very salty by itself.

  2. Okay I know I’m a nasty piece of work but wow – Laura doesn’t like to see anyone else shine.. I had to take this pic of my tv!

  3. The judges love saying bloody tasty, bloody good, bloody this bloody that. Just too bloody much for me

  4. Poh and Jess beat Simon and Reece in the instant noodle challenge. For round two the girls have to cook comfort food. It can be sweet or savoury, open pantry, 60 mins.
    Oooh – Jess is doing savoury. Roti canai with duck. Yum! She has obviously done a lot of work in the intervening years to hone her savoury skills.
    Poh is also doing savoury. Interesting, as she is queen of comfort food dessert.
    It’s cold here so I feel like a warm fruit pie or crumble with custard.

    • Ah, Jess explains her parents use to run a Malaysian/Indonesian/Chinese restaurant and she used to help out as a kid.
      Poh wants to serve her dish in a banana leaf. How long ago was that season when we had a lot of that? Hibachi is the new banana leaf

      • Oops I think it was Thai, not Chinese. That’s two nights in a row Poh has cooked two dishes. She needs to edit. But I appreciate she seems calmer now.
        I imagine Jess would have watched Poh on TV a decade ago. Must be a thrill for her to beat her

    • It’s cold here too, tonight. I have the oven on for my dinner, and would love to have an apple pie for afters, with vanilla ice cream. I don’t have a pie or ice cream, so will have to dream of a nice hot dessert later on :).

  5. I thought I saw Jess put the whole duck into the pressure cooker. But when she opened the pressure cooker to remove the ducks, there were only 2 duck legs. Am I seeing things?

  6. Awww … Jess’s Insta has many pix of her with MasterChef BFFs Brendan and Reece, going back to when they were on their season together. Rather adorable

  7. The more I see Jess, the more I love her. She’s such a talented, intuitive cook who can think on her feet, who doesn’t panic and who still has time to lend a hand to her fellow competitors. Well deserved win.

    Did anyone else get Tati flashbacks when Poh went out for a banana leaf?

      • Yes! But I forgot her name. Tati denuded the banana plant every cook! I kept expecting the banana to be a stalk by the end of the season, but I guess her elimination stopped the deforestation.

  8. Are they giving Laura a “bad” edit to make her look mean or favoured? Guessing it’d be good for ratings if that was the case
    Andy has been sounding less caveman the past few episodes?
    (or theyre editing out all the Aww Yeah Yeah nah it was noice mate)

  9. Poh is grinding my gears now. I liked her back in the day, at times found her a bit condescemding to that french chef she had a show with, but overall enjoyed tuning in. At this stage, after a decade of working in professional food space, the constant need to overachieve at each challenge and the farce that she needs an immunity pin is unbearable.

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