MasterChef Thurs: Katy Perry

Katy Perry guest judges a very special Hot ‘N’ Cold challenge to honour the iconic MasterChef theme song. The contestant with the best dish will find themselves safe from the elimination.

Everyone sing now: You’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no …



  1. Katy Perry. Really!!
    Masterchef has really sunk to new lows.
    Surely the show doesn’t need pop stars to boost ratings, just good cooking will do.
    The contestants all going Gaga over her is embarrassing.

  2. So the challenge is to serve a hot dish with a cold element. It can be sweet or savoury. This should be right up Reynold’s alley

  3. It was funny when she kept creeping up on Sarah. It was weird how she kept mugging to camera. You’re not Jim from The Office, Katy

          • OMG Why is it every single article you look at online re: Masterchef has that disgusting picture of earwax. I get caught out every lunch time at work. Just want to pewk.😫😨😲😵

          • I think someone took a dump in that guy’s ear.

            I clicked on the ad and read it. It’s hilarious. It’s a mini auger you stick in your ear, pointy end first of course, and I guess wind out your gunk and possibly bits of your brain. Using the device can cure tinnitus, deafness…and prevent Alzheimer’s. Let’s get winding, folks!

          • That ear wax device is a scam. My doctor told me tinnitus is incurable. He’s got it it….and me too. I’m not putting an expensive corkscrew in my ear anytime soon.

          • It shows Juz that we click on some of these ads, Von.and are exposed to some of these potentially`( in the wrong hands) dangerous devices

            A shotgun would be pretty good at getting rid of ear wax.

            If I put peanut paste in me ear , me dog would get it and the detritus wax out in a few minutes.

  4. Katy Perry has no idea what the show is about.

    Reynold wins the courtesy award for the night, for acting as though he cares KP is in the kitchen, when he is concentrating on his dish.

    • Neither is she very knowledgeable about food and cuisines.
      She doesn’t know what is matcha.
      With Reynold dessert, you don’t eat every component all in one mouthful. I thought she liked Reece dessert but gave the most silly reason for choosing Poh’s dish-because she convinced her to eat duck.
      The duck rendang with sticky rice looks good but not with the pandan crepe. She just want to make it looks pretty

  5. Of the new things that MC has tried this season, maybe two have worked. Twists week is not one of them; the twists are more mean than anything. Having Katy Perry as a guest judge is probably the worst decision ever. Reece is “the tits”? Nah, Katy, surely you could have searched your limited vocabulary for something more appropriate and complimentary to say, you uncouth twat.

  6. I thought KP was more of a distraction than anything else. And once again it was the Poh Show. Guessed early on she would win. Not the best episode this season. The only saving grace is we didn’t have to watch the 3 stooges drooling KP. Thank goodness for small mercies.

  7. I thought it was marvellous to watch someone with stage presence on MC. Not a huge KP fan, but she really sold her role.

    • Also I think the Masterclass was filmed before the Immunity Challenge. Ben was there. Next week they will say he has to quit for family reason?

      Most social media love last night episode. I think Ch 10 is really trying to cater to the younger audience. Agree the show has lighten up but this is a cooking show with $250K at stack. We really want to see some good cooking and hear advice from the judges. I just realized there isn’t much advice given to contestants when they are cooking. The judges are just happy and joke around.

  8. So I am going against the grain here but I really enjoyed this episode!
    Sure she was shamelessly mugging for the camera and playing up to the contestants but I still enjoyed it. I get why the contestants lost their mind – Katy Perry is really a big name to be in their kitchen.

    There! I’ve said it. And my very favourite part was her telling Slimon that vegetables should be a condiment. Sucked in, loser. And he had no idea how to react as his whole shtick is about charring cabbage. His dish was teensy tiny and STILL they didn’t eat it all. It must have sucked.

    Poh and Pork Sarah made stuff that looked amazing. Poor Reynold – the wrong night to burn the cake AND make the wrong ice cream. . .
    It seemed the right call to give Poh immunity also – her dish did look inventive and interesting.

    Weirdly while Ben was not on the gantry he mysteriously appeared for the masterclass, which they tried to pretend was straight after, yet clearly was a different day entirely.

  9. This was a horrible episode. Katy Perry playing to the camera and the contestants going gaga over her. Reece OTT fan boying and Poh just being very irritating.
    Twist week was twisted and a very bad idea and, unfortunately, there is still one more twist coming up on Sunday.

  10. I have no idea who international megastar Kate Perry is (yeah, I need to get out more). Though after watching her shake her bum, the adjectives tasteless, tacky and bogan spring to mind. I have never heard the theme song either, as I watch MC on a streaming site, so I always fast forward the first two minutes of “Last time on Masterchef Australia…” followed by a boring intro, song etc.

    I can never understand the way people go idiotic over celebrities. And what is with pregnant celebrities cradling their baby bumps a la Meghan Markle style. I took my hat off to Reynold who was pretty zen about it and mostly just got on with it.

    It was funny to see pork belly and duck this week. When the season with Sarah Tiong was showing over here (months after I saw it – ha, ha) people kept asking me if Australians only ate pork belly and duck fillets as that seemed to be all they cooked that season. 😆

    I had no really strong feelings either way for the episode – there were far worse ones in Twist Week, so at least this was at least entertaining and a bit of a laugh. Though rather loud.

  11. This is dated a few weeks ago. I caught the judges tucking into this dish while I was waiting for JJ.
    Can anyone tell me the name of the dish and what the bright red berries are. They mentioned cauliflower steak as a component.

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