MasterChef Thurs: sushi train

Three contestants are told they must prepare 100 small plates each, consisting of five different dishes. All dishes will be served on the sushi train and will be colour-coded in this blind tasting.

Sounds rather cool. I wish they had done this with more than three contestants, just to see how others handle it.



  1. That’s doable, as long as they don’t tell them all the prep and plating has to be done in two hours. Often the difficult challenges are made harder by ridiculously short time frames.

    I’d have loved to see Reynold do this. It’s so calming watching him work.

    • The way Emeilia said it is how the waiter at a Japanese restaurant pronounced it. Had it for lunch and it was delicious. I’m waiting to see if the dish is the same.

    • I never eat pickle with my karaage. Am I a terrible person?
      I also never describe a dish as “a banger”

      • Juz, just eat how you like to do it. I usually drown my food with chilli.

        Why must they served the dishes in the traditional way. They were asked to cook what they like. I know Amelia forgot the pickle but it may not need the pickle.

  2. No, Jock, 2 1/2 hours does not seem like a long time. Maybe for you when you have 5 underlings doing the slicing, chopping, and prep for you. I think on your own, you’d be pushing it, too.

  3. I’m liking watching the women get their dishes done. But I’m not liking so many of the other contestants laugh and snicker and fall about at the stress the three are under. Simon, especially, wouldn’t be able to cope with this trial in a fit, and he needs to shut his loud haw hawing mouth.

    • That was a great review on Good Food. Eloise Basuki is a fabulous writer.

      Andy needs to be more diverse in his language. Melissa is the best judge out of the three.
      Amina appears to be a lovely person with a good heart. Glad she has immunity.
      Emilia is also good value. Like her no nonsense and direct approach to everything.

  4. Tracy seems to have been given Poh’s script for the day. *Yawn*

    I did laugh at Emelia saying she was glad that “Bloody Jock” wasn’t there in the kitchen with them. There’s a slapdown if there ever was one.

    Andy definitely needs to expand his vocabulary – banging, cracking, epic … It’s getting a bit old.

    Well deserved win for Amina – her dishes sounded great. And what a sweetheart to want the other two to get immunity as well.

    • The girls work so well together and support one another. Amelia even wipe the plates before the dishes go out. Nice to see.

      • I enjoyed that aspect of the episode a LOT. Which shows that without ‘Bloody Jock’ and the judges sticking their noses in there is a lot to enjoy from watching contestants cook.

  5. This was a wonderful episode. The women worked well together and it was great to see how they supported each other. It was all about the preparation and cooking. No judges screaming, pushing them or making them question their choices. No other contestants trying to direct them from the gantry and making useless comments. No faux drama.
    Too bad that the other contestants didn’t get to help with choosing who the winner should be. I like both Amina and Emelia and sort of like Tracy but was glad that Amina won. So nice of her to ask the judges to give the other two immunity. Of course, there was no way that was going to happen.

  6. I remembered Emilia in her first season in MC. Viewers didn’t like her because they said she is smug. Its just her look. You can’t change that. I thought she came across as shy. I want her to do well.

    • She is not a “look at me” kind of person so not the kind of entertainment producers want. But she is calm and capable. I am hoping for a dessert challenge with a decent cooking time so we can see Emilia, Jess, Reece and Reynold blow us away

  7. Isn’t it funny. I was a bit hold-my-breathe when I heard it was Melissa as a judge and now I’m finding her charming.
    Let’s get a couple more judges of her caliber and I will happily watch another season full of nobodies, nonne and pannacottas.

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