1. Andy is well out of his depth with his judging. If I hear one more time, “I’m not much of a cake eater “. It’s ad nauseum. I also can’t stand his Aussie slang.
    And some of these chefs like Reynold and Emilia are far better cooks than Andy.

    Those home grown apples looked delicious. Poh can serve up undercooked cake and the judges still rave about what she dishes up.
    It’s nice to see Amina and Tracy up for immunity.

    • And Andy following the script to say to Tracy I can’t see you cooking this a few weeks ago. LOL. Tracy wasn’t given the right ingredients to cook or she was ignored by the judges. The theme from the judges or more from the producers to keep reminding us viewers that the contestants are improving.

      • I was surprised that Andy said that. Tracy can cook a multitude of things quite well but has rarely been recognized by the judges. In fact she can probably cook better than Andy.

  2. I haven’t been bother to sit down for a full episode this season. Struggling with new judges, annoying contestants eg Laura Poh Jess and red hair lady. Even my 8 yo insist on a double elimination so Poh and Laura leaves. Lol
    Only tuned in to see Callum Amelia Brendan and Reynold.

  3. I luv luv luv the new judges especially Melissa Leong. But please tell me when will F#cking Laura go home. More excited about her going than trying to figure out when Ben goes.

    • I really like Melissa too. 🙂 But not keen on Andy and the other guy. They should have gotten Adam instead of Andy. Andy is kinda… vacant behind the eyes. :$

  4. MC has just started here. For god’s sake, have none of these contestants ever grown anything in their back yard or pots? They are all getting orgasmic over vegetables and fruit “grown with love”. Puke. Farmers should get such respect. I should mail them some of my freaking parsley so they could swoon over it.

  5. Tracey finally makes the edit and we see a fair bit of Brendan. Why did Hayden cut his good-looking cake into circles? Do the whole cake or at least a wedge. Emilia gets some airtime but Reece is still more of a supporting actor

    • I wondered that too Juz, but in a way it’s a clever strategy as if the centre isn’t cooked all the way through you can make sure you see what’s happening and get a circle that is 100% cooked. Looking at you Poh.

  6. Brendan does a fantastic dish and makes his own version of soy sauce, which they love. Then Andy picks at him over presentation. Fuck off, Andy, you don’t have the credentials.

    All the judges are annoying me tonight.

    • On Twitter Khanh is poking fun at Mel’s giant hat. And admitting he grabbed blue cheese just to snack on it

    • Yeh, Andy can def fuck off. Especially for nitpicking Brendan’s dish. He is proving to be increasingly superfluous each episode.

  7. Top three are Amina, Tracey and Emilia.
    I like Amina’s happy dance but I love Emilia’s refusal to do a happy dance.
    Tomorrow they have to cook a variety of small dishes to be served on a sushi train-style conveyor belt (but not actually sushi)

  8. Andy’s comment about Tracy trying new things came across as patronising (no doubt unwittingly).
    Here’s a recipe for duck sausage created by her, posted on the MC website in 2014. Good on her for making top three today.

  9. Someone needs to send Andy a Thesaurus so he stops using the word “cracking” a hundred times an episode. I think he’s trying to be a bit too blokey as well, which is falling flat.

    I giggled when Hayden noticed that there was no protein. So what did he think the cheese and miso were? They’re both a viable protein source. Plus there were eggs in the staple box. And anyway, he ended up making a cake.

    Even self proclaimed vegetarian expert Slimy went and bought “a protein” – a non-vegetarian one at that. Hilarious that he said he was in vegetarian heaven when he saw the mystery box, only to add prawns to it. I don’t even believe his veggo philosophy is for real – he’s just coat tailing a hipster trend to appear cool.

    Poh drama again – *YAWN* As for the Hayden/ Poh “head to head” apple/miso cakes. Well, that wasn’t a producer set up, was it?

    The most amusing line was when Emelia said: “I’m cooking my legs and my breast in some really foamy brown butter.” Ohhhh … kinky, but possibly quite painful. Though as Chrissy Amphlett told us, there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain 😆

  10. As a vegetarian I find very little to like about Simon’s attempts at vegetarian cooking. He pushes vegetarian foods and was excited about all of the produce but then purchases prawns. He did that with another dish, too, although I don’t remember which seafood he added to that.

    Andy is irritating. I wonder how many of the contestants roll their eyeballs after his criticism of their dishes. Doesn’t like cake but has liked all of the cakes he has tasted so far. LOL Was the judging position offered to anyone else? Was Andy the only one who accepted the offer?

    I liked Poh until this season. She is being paid, though, to create faux drama with her up to the last minute cooking and baking. Too scripted.

    They should have been required to only use the produce provided by the locals and not been allowed to go to Cole’s to choose one more ingredient. Would have been more of a challenge.

  11. I lived near that area as a kid. Can’t believe there is a place making blue cheese at Blackburn. It looks divine

  12. Also my LEAST favourite part was when a garbage truck roared by and they were all “we are really in the suburbs now”. PISS off delicate inner city dwellers. News flash, you have garbage too. There.

    I hate this ridiculous pigeonholing about the burbs. Far out, don’t these people actually come from there? And aren’t the Coles shoppers that is paying for all this from the burbs? How stupid to alienate your viewers with this talk.

    These ordinary people who became so-called fabulous cooks weren’t actually born in the maternity wing of a Michelin restaurant you know.

    And for the record, pretty sure lobster has never graced the chiller of MY suburban Coles.

    Yes, I know it’s a RANT! I’m cleansed now. I am off to relive my childhood memories by eating quail and apple miso cake.

    • Isn’t the so call burbs are about 20-30k from Melbourne?
      Not really burbs.
      They better enjoy this week. Very soon no more travelling and outdoor challenges

  13. A fruit gift hamper just came in my ad feed here.
    It looks delicious. I wonder if it’s too late to drop hints for Mother’s Day?

    • I’m getting men’s blazers (have tried to shop for husband’s birthday) and solar power systems. Not as good as fruit baskets.

      • I keep getting firepit ads. There should be a button “enough! I bought one so just stop it!”.

        • Luckily none of you got the best way to remove ear wax ad. It’s kind of gross. I don’t know why that one hit my phone, my ears are clean.

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