MasterChef Wed: mystery box

Contestants have 75 minutes to cook a dish using one or more of the eight ingredients in the mystery box. The contestants are pushed to the limit when a twist is delivered to their benches



  1. The mystery box contains: Worcestshire sauce, turnips, peanuts, wild rice, scampi, eschallots, mango and half a duck. Twist to be advised.
    I would be scared that 10 mins in they will take away whatever ingredients you picked and you have to cook with what’s left.
    Who will be the first to fire up the hibachi?

  2. The twist is the addition of mini mystery boxes containing something they must include in their dish: figs. And there is another tiny box as well.

  3. Speaking hibachis: does MC have a special BBQ stoker out in the garden, watching over coals so they are ready in case a contestant wants to use a hibachi? It takes around an hour to get the coals ready for cooking.

  4. I think the twists detract from the show, rather than make it more interesting. Nice try, MC, but no.

    They should have to use more than one ingredient from a mystery box, maybe at least half of them.

  5. Top dishes are Poh (thank goodness she was calm today), Reece, Simon, Reynold and Sarah T. Yay – Reece made the edit!
    I think Sarah T is my new fave contestant. Sorry, Brendan! You are not getting enough air time

  6. How many times did they say “Don’t forget there’s a twist coming”? It became really tiresome after ten repeats. We get it – no need to keep going on about it.

    Everyone was pretty creative and relaxed for the most part, so it was easy to watch and enjoy. Even Poh was calm tonight – did they put Valium in her morning tea?

    Reynold is such a class act. Loved what he did. And Sarah Tiong was awesome again.

    Did they edit out Ben’s tasting? Is there going to be a Sunday night twist when the boys in blue arrive, I wonder…

    And we can’t begin to guess what tomorrow night’s $100,000 twist is going to be 😆 Do the producers not know how to create suspense and expectation? Why are they blurting out the spoilers in the promos for the next show?

  7. Sarah T is my favourite.
    Every time I watch her I fall I little bit more In love ❤️.
    Don’t get me wrong – I love Reynold. I just love Sarah more.

  8. Well, well, well, how the fickle reveal themselves! Yes I’m looking at you Bobi and Juz. I’ll be seeing you both on finale day 😉
    Sarah is my 3rd favourite though. Her food looks and sound delicious.

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