1. I really hope someone makes Aquafaba meringue because I used to do them all the time when my son had an egg allergy as a toddler.

      • I always used Annalisa brand and never had trouble. But some people seem extra sensitive to chickpea taste so you can use a white bean like cannellini instead – it just takes longer to whip.

  2. Where are the spices – pretty rules out any Indian dishes? And it’s a limited vegetable choice IMO. Plus where are the pulses, nuts, grains???

  3. I don’t mind vegan dishes but why must they mimic or taste like meat?

    Just make delicious vegan food.

    Also when I was growing up vegetarian/vegan food is to use gluten, which is now known as seitan as meat. It was normal. But not good for peole who are allergic to gluten.

  4. I was actually interested in Poh making seitan tonight as I have eaten it but had no idea that was how it was made. Gee, Jess is really coming along. In her season I recall her having ideas but not the execution, and now she has both.

    • Jess has improved a lot. She seems to have a feel for flavour combination. Reynold is more about the presentation, able like Heston.

  5. Jess was hugely impressive tonight. She has matured so much and her skills and imagination are wonderful to watch. I think she should have been number 1 pick for the immunity challenge just for the sheer inventiveness of the dish.

    I see that Brendon made dumplings and Laura made pasta – those two are starting to be clichés. I know they are appearing mostly in order to flog off their businesses, but enough with the freaking dumplings and pasta.

  6. Interesting vegan mystery box. Guess they made it more challenging by not including beans, grains, tofu and nuts.
    Tessa was basically clueless when it came to creating a vegan dish and what she presented was neither creative nor interesting.
    Impressed by Jess.

    • Tess’s lack of industry experience was shown in the challenge. All the others with restaurant jobs would have to cook vegan regularly. But her brain was not not firing. Pasta or dumplings were a good option and Pork Sarah’s flatbread looked amazing

  7. Jess was great. Bloody Slimon with his skin concept? I am 100% with LP – can’t it just be tasty and nice without trying to be meat? I enjoy vegetarian, but do find vegan much tougher to cook. When one of our friends went back to veg after an extended vegan stint I was soo soo soo pleased as it was HARD for me!

  8. I feel Jess is getting a bit of a winner edit. Thinking of what a tool Laura was to Sarah contrasted with how nice Jess was to Amina, I can’t see that Laura would be a winner and can see that Jess is going to have the “great to amazing” story arc. At least these judges aren’t constantly referencing her age – that was my main set against her. And I know, that’s deeply unfair given that it was not HER FAULT. Without that being rammed down my throat every two seconds I see lots to admire about her.

  9. Every time Poh said seitan I would start laughing because she didn’t pronounce it correctly as far I I know. She kept saying “Satan”. She stir fried the devil and made a devilish dish to get herself into the immunity challenge.

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