Survivor Winners at War finale

Well, here we are. After the next three

hours is Survivor 40 there is no more Survivor for at least this year. Noooo!

Today we’ll see who comes back from the Edge. Will all those fire token advantages pay off for those who have been out of the game long enough to accumulate them?

Now, I know the world is divided into Team Tony and Anyone But Tony (just as it was with the Golden God) but no matter what we have a fascinating few hours of TV ahead.

Yes, Edge of Extinction sucks but it is what it is. The fascinating thing will be whether the Edger can manoeuvre themselves into an on-beach alliance. Or will Michelle, Tony, Sarah and Ben finally unite to repel the enemy (given they likely have the jury vote locked up).

Go is screening Survivor “live”, from about 10am AEST time. It will screen again tonight in the usual time slot.

Do not read the comments if you are worried about spoilers as some people will watch it this morning.



  1. Was planning to watch live but of course got an out of hours work call … anyhoo
    … watching that Edge challenge was intense! Jeff was so excited.
    Beautiful words from Tyson.

  2. Just at the second vote out. I’m Team Tony but bloody hell Lacina is doing a good job so far.
    What, no chat between Lacina and Tony before we head to the next challenge??

  3. What? No Zoom reunion with everyone? I hope they do something down the track. And I hope Sophie is OK. Poor Mich – she should not feel at all disheartened. She did a great job but was up against two better players

    • I felt bad for Michelle. I’m with Tony- if you weren’t voting for him, why not vote for her?
      I thought her closing speech was better than Natalie’s.

        • I feel bad for her as her speech was very good and the votes for Natalie were about rewarding Edge and/or loyalty. Maybe she did have ‘flashy’ game, but she did have stuff to show and her listing the advantages/disadvantages was eye popping!

    • Michelle did do well at the final tribal, except for basically admitting that every move and every save she had was because someone had sent her an advantage. Coming straight after Tony’s clear statement that he got no help whatsoever, it made her look like a freeloader.

      She has been the ultimate goat in two seasons, but will never admit it. Having said that, I thought she might get a few votes out of such a big jury. Nick still seemed so bitter, I thought he would go for her.

  4. I’ve just started watching replay of todays ep. I forgot about Yul! Fickle me no longer cares about the edge, go Yul for the win!

  5. For what it was i really enjoyed it. Was yelling at the TV so happy when Natalie got back in. And was really happy for final 3 and over the moon Tony won. He deserved it.😄

  6. After a lacklustre season (except for the edge exerpts) the last three episodes were great. I did think, though, that they could have shown up to the end of the first TC as a single episode, then gone on from final four next week. Three hours, three challenges and three TC’s was pretty full on. Usually when Jeff’s segments in LA come on, you can take a break and go to the loo.

    I was not Team Tony, nor Anyone but Tony at all. Since the start, I have been Anyone but Michelle, but at the start of this I was leaning towards Sarah as winner. I think she would have deserved it as well. The edit was showing her a bit cocky, though, so I suspected she was in trouble.

    Tony I half-liked, half-didn’t, but certainly warmed to him in the later part. He seemed to calm down and start thinking more logically. Why on earth did no one expect him to be spying at the well? Maybe there is more to that story, but surely you would never have real discussions at the well if you were playing with Tony?

    I thought we were going to make it through one season at least without political grandstanding, but unfortunately Sarah spoiled it. And then Jeff trying to be all gooey by using her last name. If he had any sense he would stop using surnames for anyone, and pay everyone the courtesy of using their given name.

    When it got to final three, I suspected Tony would get it, but the jury seemed quite pro-Natalie. I think that the Edge, in that form, must be dead now, because if anyone had a chance to win from there, it was Natalie, as she played it to perfection. I just can’t see any jury believing that an “Edger” deserved the win. I was scared that Michelle might get votes, but then I realised that this was a more sophisticated and smart jury, who would reward game play and not just burn off a real winner because they didn’t like them.

    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable hearing Tony talk about setting his family up financially, with a very modern spacious home in the background? Maybe it is just the current climate (especially in the US), but it seemed quite inappropriate to me.

    Well, that is it for Survivor for the time being. I suppose a lot of people may be re-watching old seasons. I would like to go back and see the seasons with some of these people: Rob and Amber, Tony, Yul, Parvati, Kim, but there just doesn’t seem to be time now.

    Bring on the Lego Masters Finale!!

    • I think the political grandstanding was just Sarah strategy, actually. She was worried she didn’t have enough difference between her and Tony so she tried to get some of the strong women on the jury onboard early.
      I can’t help agree with her – it is always harder for a woman, but in this season I totally think Tony made all the best moves was the dominant player and barely made a mistake. He took out Sarah’s buddy Sophie, he was totally right and Sarah was totally wrong about Natalie having an idol but the person ultimately losing out on that were Sarah and Ben, so it worked out okay!
      So sexism aside – it is there in survivor as well as the real world – in my view the right person won.
      Edge was only good for me to keep some legends around so they could have a full lap of honour goodbye, but as a mechanism I hated it. The mere fact that Natalie the first boot became the runner up says why it isn’t good. I like her too and think hats off for playing the game she had at her disposal, but I still would have not been too happy if she had won when Tony was scheming and strategising throughout the whole game to the very end.

      • Wow, that hadn’t occurred to me, that Sarah might be trying to sway the jury. That seems more likely, as I wouldn’t think she was one to complain like that.

        I’m not convinced that the sexism goes all one way. It seems to me that the women get away with stuff too. I don’t have a problem, because a game like this makes it clear that men and women have different strengths and you can never eliminate those differences.

  7. I had no problem hearing Tony talk about what he wanted to do with the money he won in a game of chance and skill. To begrudge him that even in this climate doesn’t bode well – people are still entitled to do what they want with their own money. After all, it’s not funded by taxpayers – plus in the US he has to pay tax on his winnings so he’s already contributed enough.

    I was hoping for Natalie to win. I don’t agree with Rob that she should have risked everything including her immunity and her place in the game to try and get Tony out of the game – that is just stupid.

    It was a really good season and I agree the Edge is a waste of space – but then again without it we wouldn’t have been able to see Natalie achieved all that she did and alone. Tony had an alliance of four that only disbanded across the finish line.

    • Same. He’s a cop who has done some construction and has a few investment properties. Good on him. I’d rather a cop win than, say, a Texas oil millionaire like Russell Hantz. Fijane, if you have never seen Tony in his first season, Cagayan, do try to track it down. It’s fascinating and entertaining and, at the start, it’s not even his tribe providing the best train wreck TV. And, of course, Lacina is in that season, too.
      I still have never seen Boston Rob’s first season, Marquesas, season 3, so hopefully I can catch that one day.

    • And once again, “Snap”. I wanted Natalie or Tyson to win. And Tony can by anything he wants.

    • I agree that the winner can do whatever they want with the money. Considering that no one else seems to feel uncomfortable, it must just be that weird feeling at the moment when you see someone doing something that feels wrong in this era. I hear people saying all the time that they can’t cope with seeing people together, and it is a strange gut-feeling you get, and probably unjustified seeing as there is no way to know the facts about what they are doing. I don’t think I would have noticed Tony’s comments if I hadn’t already noted the expensive house in the background. Prejudice is an easy thing to feel, I think.

      The best part of the season was seeing what Natalie did on the Edge. But if a person can’t win from there, regardless of twists/advantages, then the players themselves will see it as pointless.

      • I agree that I am not worried by Tony already having a nice spacious house and getting another $2million. Good luck to him! His comment about in these times wanting to secure his family’s future actually seemed very relevant to me, so it didn’t strike a jarring note with me.

        Also, on a slightly related note – I really like renovation shows and constantly watch even US and Canadian ones and am often amazed at how cheap real estate is compared to here! So we might be applying our prejudices with Australian prices to theirs.

        For example, Tony lives in Allentown New Jersey – here is a house with a massive kitchen $660k US. $1m here might not deliver you a dream house in Aus, but in the US you seem to get a LOT for your money!

        • Wow that is a lot of house. And a LOT of ugly furniture and window treatments. Did anyone else start singing Billy Joel when they read “Allentown”?

          • I know – I laughed a lot about the curtains too but one thing I have noticed is that Americans seem to really like OTT opulence. Plus dark benches and cabinets. .

            The Billy Joel reference is the ONLY reason I remembered that Tony lives in Allentown!

        • Interesting to note, with regard to the price weirdness, is that $2M USD today converts to $3.1M Australian. If US property is worth about half of ours, then no wonder the survivors were excited about the prize money!

          If you watch UK housing shows, you sort of get the opposite. Even translating pounds to Aus (roughly double), it seems that their land is very cheap, but a very little cottage on that land is expensive.

      • I reckon only Tyson or Boston Rob could have won from the Edge, and that would also have to have involved them putting themselves in final four firemaking. It sounds like there were some social issues with Natalie so I wonder what happened there

        • The firemaking is interesting. Chris Underwood realised he had to do something spectacular to take out Devens and make his mark and go hard for the win. It doesn’t seem fair that Natalie having won the challenge is now shamed for NOT using her win and not making fire. But I agree – I think Parvati might have had a shot at winning if she had made it back.

        • I loved the videos. What a feel good end to the series! Probably could have had less rob and amber but what a compelling story that it deserve the full treatment. I loved Ethan saying he crushed the game of life and Yul saying he was going to be better and Sophie being so at peace – oh, I loved it all!

          Wendell came off way better than he did previously – joking around with Tyson and Jeremy looked fun. Maybe I was resenting him a bit for not chucking a vote toward Michelle, but then that goes against my ‘vote for the person you want to’ ethos. I have no problems with Jeremy voting for Natalie or even Tyson, so I am just a hypocrite!

          • I was happy that Adam seemed to be part of the old school friendship group, as by all accounts he is the kindest guy and probably the biggest super fan ever to win. And he deserves nice things to happen in his life after a rough trot

          • I think Wendell came off not well in the season because the edit seemed to be trying to create a goodie and baddie situation in the romantic relationship. It fell flat, but they tried. Hard for Wendell to be labelled from the start.

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