Big Brother so far

By Daisy
In Big Brotherโ€™s first season ever, I thought, “Who would watch that rubbish? It sounds stupid and boring”. And it probably is to most TV viewers. But after tuning in about halfway through Sara-Marie Fedele’s bum dancing, Woolif and I were quickly wanting to know what was going to happen next.
The stickybeak in us was awakened.

Now, many years later, we are at week 2 of the Big Brother remix. It’s Big Brother on speed, chewing up and spitting out HMs nightly, rather than once a week. It’s a strange adaptation, with no viewer voting, meaning that instead of being funny, interesting or likeable, it will pay to be as bland as porridge without salt or sugar. It’s a good analogy because I think that’s how HMs are having their porridge. 
A quick review of some of the current HMs at time of writing … Angela, who is quite funny with her tongue-in-cheek humour, except when she talks about pooping. Tahlia, Queen Jealous Bee. Daniel, failed footy player with a massive snoring problem. Marissa, who is a dead ringer for the old hag on my Messenger face changing thinga-me-bob. She looks scary, and was brutal when she was nominated. Kieran, who is struggling with a bit of an inferiority complex. Then there are tiny Sarah, hot girls, male model, odd guy in hat, invisible bald guy, stern Casey and others who are not making their mark yet. 
The evictions so far have been satisfying, with Alpha Laura and Allan Allan Allan getting the boot.

Yay. I look forward to this week and your insightful and witty comments. See you for another week in the Big Brother house.
I apologise for not having any new pics but I am open to requests if pics in week two. Cheers ๐ŸŒผ

Juzโ€™s note: Thank you, Daisy. Big Brother screens on Seven from 7pm Sun, 7.30pm Mon and Tues.

A challenge straight out of the Survivor playbook.



  1. What a sweet girl Tahlia is. NOMore like the little angel in The Bad Seed.

    The really scary thing is that she left declaring her virtues. Awful, awful girl.
    A boil in the house has been lanced.

  2. So happy with the outcome of that challenge. And the elimination. What a double standard, Tahlia going off at Ange for nominating her when their roles were reversed last week.

    • I had forgotten that Tahlia nominated Angie last week. Yup. Hypocrite. But Tahlia is blind to her own mean girl qualities.

      I wonder how her absence will affect Dan’s behaviour. She zeroed in on him at the start and he doesn’t seem smart, so he might have been her Putty Man.

    • Yeah. Angela’s a natural and she is pretty tough to stand up to Tahlia without being phased.
      I think Tahlia must have been confident that she would be saved by her “friends”.

      • I would like to know who voted for whom. Whatโ€™s the point of not showing it or putting it up on social media?

        • Well Tahlia threw Dan under the bus but Dan voted Casey, and Casey voted Tahlia, as I thought she would.
          Marissa of course, voted Tahlia. Sweet revenge, although Marissa threw a similar scary dummy-spit last week.

          I want that little termite Keiren gone next.

          • I have finally got around to watching an episode and this was the one we made it to. Didn’t love it. Felt like it was a good call to have Tahlia chucked out – she seemed pretty horrible. I thought she was being strategic voting for Dan, guessing that Casey wouldn’t have many votes so she needed to pile more on him rather than her.
            I liked Angela running the show, but probably needed the context of the rest of the episodes to understand it.

          • Yes, Brussell. It would have helped to see the previous episodes.
            Angela has been a real surprise package. She was initially hopeless at the challenges and acted a bit like a spoiled diva, but it was an act. She likes to play it up to be silly.

  3. What a slimy sneak Keiren is. He has forgotten that there are cameras and that Australia is watching.
    He must be a big Survivor fan.

  4. Some of these housemates thought they were hot…………but a roomful of pigeons put pay to that idea.

    Yes. Keiren’s like a Coyote playing with dynamite. Only the hate for the royals saved him.

    • I am waiting for someone to rat out the rat.

      I am surprised Zoe felt she belonged in the ‘cool group’. Maybe they kept her for the numbers. She seems more suited to the assorted group.

    • I don’t understand the big K’s gameplay approach _ is it something that Big Brother encourages him to do but which we don’t see? If so he is pretty clumsy about it and so far isn’t reading the room right – I mean for him to dibber dobber to the flosser (ie the one who wears dental floss as beachwear) thinking they are the power group was really redundant – wait until you see who wins the challenge! I suppose someone who cannot navigate a roundabout is bound to miss subtleties of reality tv ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. On the Greatest Fear, I have a fear of Nutella and it would be terrifying if BB made me dip ferrero Roche in Nutella and eat it. Aaaah terrifying.

    • World’s Worst Prisons was an eye opener last night.Some hellhole in Madagascar. These housemates are freaked out by pigeons and knees, bubbles. Staples or stealing rat bait to stay alive?

    • Daisy for me it’s lobsters – yummy, buttery lobsters with a green salad and a vinaigrette : oh the horror.

      • Horrifying.
        I’m terrified of flying business class. I can’t even bare the thought of 1st class.

          • I cannot bear the thought of champagne. It freaks me completely. Also, petrified of diamonds. Keep them away from me.

          • Iโ€™m so scared of washed rind cheese, especially when paired with crusty baguettes.
            Actually, BDD, since we live in Adelaide he had better be scared of Kieranโ€™s driving

          • That’s right. Juz. Talia roaming the streets here as well, wearing a floss. She could be head hunted by Crazy Horse.( World renowned Adelaide strip joint)

  6. Another challenge out of the survivor playbook. We were waiting for them to say “okay, now you can’t change hands” but they seemed to be content to let the contestants suffer.

    • I thought theyโ€™d tell them to go to one leg. I wondered why some people stepped down without a reward. Sonia should have come out with a plate of Tim Tams

  7. Angie demonstrates why you need at least a week before you you judge a book in BB.

    She isn’t the weakling, spoiled diva she pretended to be at the start. She is quite a character. Funny.

  8. The minute I saw who was up for nomination I picked the twist. Glad they saved it for her. This should be fun.

  9. Although normally I would be the first one to complain at producers controlling a game by saving someone, and complain the loudest, in this instance I have to give Big Brother a free pass. What would the show be without that glow worm Angie. I hope Zoe goes next, and for real. That was a pointless and nasty bit of revenge, buying green tea.
    I love that Angie can hear their secrets and lies.

  10. Thank you, Big Brother, for saving the only housemate equipped with a personality. Great twist. Suffer housemates.

    Disappointed in the insipid Spiderman and Chad…. for believing he’s “a threat to the house”..Sick of Brad Pitt, too…he’s a sheep.Zzzzzoe. Yawn.

    Dan with no game plan. How come he’s in a meathead alliance then? It’s like being in a flock of pigeons, no?

    • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
      I was beginning to worry about the personality vacuum that was going to result.

      Also, the mum in me was tut-tutting BB’s irresponsibility, calling HMs to come running from the shower with wet feet. Wet feet. Wet tiles. Where’s their health and safety officer. Obviously sleeping while Angie fishes tea bags from the toilet and laps chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

    • oh gosh she was funny about the tea. She is awesome. I am quite into it now that i’ve caught up on most of the previous episodes. Will catch up the rest before Sunday.

  11. We used last night to catch up on some BB.
    Disappointed that Soboong (so?) was so threatening he had to go right away. I liked the young boy (Xavier?) saying he wanted a quirky dude and picked the hot girl Hannah to evict instead of old fit quirky bloke. But blowkes were spooked by his Threat Level.

    Some questions though – why canโ€™t we see all the votes? Why doesnโ€™t Sonia say โ€œitโ€™s time to go…โ€ why arenโ€™t there sonia chats with the latest evictee? I missed this completely – but why is the public not voting- as I would have felt obliged to keep Angela!

    Tahliaโ€™s vote off was perfect in retrospect.
    Dan can also go. Marissa was scary – I would have voted her off for being a complete psycho. Talk about throwing yourself under the bus. Yikes.

    I like the glamorous and slick version of survivor challenges. They are all gleaming surfaces instead of rustic trees, but totally survivor other than that.

    • Soobong couldn’t have thrown himself under the bus any more if he had driven it, taken off the handbrake and somersaulted under the wheels. All those impromptu circ de solei garden performances sealed his diary room fate.

      Dan would be a good one to go next to smash the head of the spider. Don’t tell Geek boy I used that analogy, but the spiders legs and arms would die off. I:d love to see the regroup.

      Brussel, do you have the face overlays on your phone camera? I don’t know what they are called. There is one that is a scary old hag. Marissa looks just like her. I was trying to work out why Marissa looks so freakishly horrible (I hope she never reads this). I thought it was her lips but she leans back and makes scary eyes. I think that both Angie and Marissa are probably isolates in the house but had each other.

      It was nice of Angie, when nominated with Keiran, to stick up for him at her own expense, although that slug didn’t deserve it.

      I look forward to the Revenge of the Ange. RevAngie. Ooo, BB should use that.

  12. I think a Dan eviction next would be good. Smash the head of the spider and watch the legs crawl away. I don’t see Dan as a real Alpha. It’s just that the other males are laying low. And weren’t Funny to Tahlia.

    • I think Dan is a bit Not Bright and going for the obvious people.
      I laughed at your Soobong under the bus description – exactly what he did. Marissa with her evil “im not going to scramble” as she immediately scrambled was so lucky there was a bigger target.

  13. I came home and made a pot of tea as I said to the dogs, “I need a cup of teeeeea” .
    I will never again say that aloud or in my head without a refined Kenyan accent.

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