Big Brother starts Mon

Big Brother starts Monday at 7.30pm on Seven.

It seems ages since Blair, Ben and Sara Marie hit our screens.
This season was filmed in advance in the US style, which is more like Survivor with voting, rather than the usual Australian way if the public voting. Just as well since they could not have had those big Gold Coast party style evictions anyway.

Will you be watching the reboot?



  1. It’s definitely a “no” from me. I feel like BB had it’s time.

    Not to mention, I feel like it’s the wrong time to market a show about people being stuck in their houses, unable to go outside. Or maybe 7 is hoping that will resonate?

    • Hahaha.

      But I’m in. I just hope they don’t over produce it. My neighbours are safe in the knowledge that I am not at all interested in their lives because I have Big Brother to satisfy any nosiness.

      • It is interesting they’ve taken the public voting aspect out of it, and made it like “Survivor” in a locked house.

        • I won’t like that at all. It will mean the “good” ones will get voted out while the horrible goats remain.
          That might make me turn off.

    • Ah, see, now I can follow it and be entertained without actually watching it. So I think I’m good.

  2. The housemates are allowed to talk about who they’re voting for. That’s a change from BB as we know it.

    • Yes – you can actually say “they are a threat”. The challenge was weird – they were so crammed in to a relatively small space. No suspense. They should have gone old school Survivor in the backyard: stand on one leg the longest. That snoring would kill me. Wonder if they are allowed to sleep in the lounge room?

  3. I am going to watch. I have noticed a big crossover in the survivor fan (ME!) audience and the BB new format, so I’m sold!
    Plus I think it should be fairly quick.
    What did you all think of the show? We will hopefully catchup tonight.

    • The show so far was similar to previous ones, as far as my memory serves me.

      Some are going all out with their act and are coming across as annoying eg Alan and the girl from Kenya who is trying to act like a rich, pampered diva. “There’s a guy who is probably on the Spectrum”. There’s a guy who snores really badly. There’s a blond guy who disappeared into the furniture. There’s Keiran who is trying hard to be funny, who just might be funny, a Greek “nice girl”, a fairly pretty blonde girl who won last night’s challenge.
      The scary girl was voted out. She had “just been herself”. “Herself” wasn’t very inviting. Even I was a bit scared of her. She had too much of a kick-boxing personality.

      Oh and there’s the old ex aerobics teacher who is thinking strategically.
      Most annoying ; Alan, “I say Alan”
      Least likeable; Kenyan diva (but that’s an act so I will wait and see).
      Likeable so far, Snorer, pretty blonde girl, Greek girl.

      I thought the physical challenge for nominations was quite good.

  4. Even though I wanted Lauren/Laura? to go, she probably would have made good viewing because she had a no nonsense (no fun), hard nosed, intolerant attitude that would have made for some interesting clashes.

    First clash; Lauren snatching the bread recipe, boasting “I can cook bread. It’s easy”.
    I admit to having some “suffer no fools” in me, balanced with being a fool. 😛

    • I think I agree daisy. It not being filmed ‘live’ (Or just 24 hours prior) isn’t bothering me as much As I thought it would. What I am missing is the funny interactions the HMs have with each other (or random objects in the house). I don’t really care who goes home at the moment as I don’t really know them.

      • I really enjoy the paranoia generated by the housefakes being unable to discuss votes.This is a bit close to Lord Of The Flies for my liking….but, I remain entertained.

        • Dave you referenced the book that hooked me onto literature at the age of 13 – Lord of the Flies is as clear to me now as when I first read it. I love that book.
          Now, Big Brother the show has For me devalued the term – it was such a threatening concept in the book 1984 and now for the majority who aren’t required to read the book at school, the term means a tv show where people wear floss between their buttocks and call it a swim suit.

    • Anyone who refers to the self in the third person is annoying. He did provide interesting narrative, though. Garth did well to spot him

      • I think he gave the new HMs two pretty giant clues by schmoozing up to them (1) and saying, “Vote off Keiren” (2).

        Who voted Angela? It must have been Keiren. She won’t like that when she works it out. But then she might forgive him based on his limited options.

  5. I don’t know how this can work without viewer votes because what makes the most sense is for HMs to vote out the interesting, funniest and nicest ones. It would make sense to be as dull as possible and win no challenges, unless they want to kick start a TV career.
    How long before they all figure that out.

  6. Dan and Talia can go . I’ve had a chest full of him and an arse full of her. All mean spite and no brains….if that’s a king and queen , it’s time for revolution.

  7. Talia is such a bitch. Don’t wanna be old or non white around her. That is a bald faced lie that Hannah made no effort to connect with her.

    Seven have stuffed it up, no public vote means bigotry in the house.

  8. Talia’s lying about just about everything. Time to go. Disgrace to Adelaide. Big Brother usually asks for good reasons to vote out….but he’s a softcock. Two Asian people people voted out in three nights. Get the white trash out , I say.

    • It’s so boring when the beautiful people run the show. I am glad for Kieran’s sake he had a night off. Hopefully we will let to know the other cage folk soon. Soobong was so interesting – casting must have loved him

  9. I really wish longer bathers would make a comeback. And I know Bachiedise will be even more full on. Always waiting for the wardrobe malfunction

    • It’s so bizarre how swimwear has only gotten skimpier, lately, while swimwear for men seems to be devolving back to the full three-piece suit and tie they wore back in the 1890s.

  10. Soobong shot himself in the foot parading himself like an Olympic Spiderman. Of course he was going to get the BB boot.

    Tahlia says Hannah didn’t try to get to know her but she was blocked even before offering Tahlia her swimsuit collection.

    Marissa; well kaboomb! We saw her ‘crazy’. Her wild-eye is scary.

    Daniel might want to quickly detach from Tahlia as she hasn’t finished wreaking jealous bitch-havoc.

    All you have to do to win BB this year is nothing. Do nothing.

    • BTW, anyone who bounces a ball continuously while I am sleeping is going to get my vote. Also, we saw she is packing her own bitch.

  11. Tahlia is not going to tolerate Sarah being friends with Hannah.

    I wouldn’t mind if Angela stopped talking about poo.

  12. Good part of this version for me is a vote every night – instant gratification and without having to watch the boring filler shows. Also, I am okay with the public not voting, this is really like us watching these people while they duke it out. It’s not going to be fair at all (I mean 5 seconds in and that insecure brat Talia is talking about OGs – sheesh. And if you don’t want to be called a stripper don’t wear floss)

    • I have to agree. This new version where they terrify each other before choosing one to devour is unethical but interesting to watch.
      The prospect of a vote out is pretty devastating to some.

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