Big Brother wk 4

Zoe is gone – will more of the alpha group be next?

Is “lasagna sauce” cheese sauce in a jar? They could just make their own. If I was trapped in a house with those people I would be cooking as much as possible to pass the time. Instead they just seem to exercise and do their makeup.

Over to Daisy for a recap, with thanks.

Daisy’s recap: A House Divided

It’s now week 4 and we have seen the departures of Garth and Zoe in the latest evictions.
The Top Dogs still seem capable of illiciting fear in the Pound Puppies, who are much more of a mixed batch. The Top Dogs, or Alphas if you prefer, are far from having the numbers, and will need to go fishing over the pound. 
Who goes next will mostly depend on who wins the challenge. Brussell Sprout, I wish you had seen Big Brother back when it was on every week night and went for weeks.

In comparison this new fast BB is like being invited for a roast dinner on a cold winter night and inatead getting one sushi. It’s healthier but you really want that meat, spuds and gravy.  But not turkey.

So, who will go next? If it’s Dan, I reckon BB will give him the studio. Have fun watching this week.



  1. Mmmm. Angela is beginning to grate. (Thankyou Jeezuz) Too bad Shane is gone. I just learned his name.

    Angie called others dum-dum for believing Dan and Matt in the box challenge, then what happens they are seducing her with the offer of a new alliance?
    I hope little Sarah wins now. Definitely not Matt, sunbaker Casey or Dan.

    • I’d like to see chats. We don’t know them. It’s too abbreviated for footage of chats, fights and tantrums.

      • Yes Daisy! I wish I had paid more attention to the longer version too. We did watch a few episodes back in the sara-marie (sp?) days, but mainly because I went to uni with Gretel Killeen so was interested to see her.

        Liking little Sarah too – I actually liked whatishisname who just left too. Good on him for having a crack and trying to unseat the dominant males & their hangers on.

        To me, Marissa is not a terribly attractive human being – she does NOT cope well with being nominated and is definitely scary.

        Still on team Angela here, but with some hesitation. She is for me the most interesting character but she should step carefully!

        • Yes. I haven’t completely dropped Angela, but she’s getting like an uncle who nominates himself to grab the microphone at a wedding, gets a few claps then won’t stop.

          She might redeem herself.

          • I hope Jesus will redeem her so she can sort those cowering meatheads out. The other characters aren’t interesting. It’s a Big Brothel for fame whores.

            Mat looks like the Collingwood coach. Another reason to dislike.

  2. I feel as if the game finished tonight. I wouldn’t want to be fat, black or old in that place.

    The nom talk has killed it stone dead.

    Mari$$a and off her chain Ca$ey can go next. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel for the meat alliance now. Dog eat dog. Mat and Dan are dull boyz.

  3. So Angela is gone – again! Will we now get to hear the rest of the housemates, besides Dan and Matt, speak? Big Bronis lucky he does not have to fill five nights a week with this lot working out and sunning themselves. Can’t we at least watch people cooking? Also, we had a Normal-size balloon filled with that confetti that floated to our ceiling, then popped. Six months later we were still finding confetti in our kitchen. Who cleaned it up?

  4. When you see Casey, she is mostly tanning, and sometimes foraging. I think she was constipated from dehydration; laying in the sun all day.

    Too bad it wasn’t an audience vote yet because Angie would still be there. Now we might have to put up with a final 3 made up of vacuous alphas.

    • Don’t forget Xavier. He’s a pile of boyz club shite as well. Not nice at all.

      The threats and intimidation used by the thuggish boyz club amounts to harrassment. These are low life human beings picking off the better examples. It’s not entertaining.

      • Oh yeah. He lay low in the Testosterone group, reeling in Sarah. I have gone off her for claiming she had played a good game when in fact she was just a pawn.
        The Boys club are real w***ers. I can’t bare that kind of testosterone fuelled clique.Casey has realized too late that Angie was right about them.

        So glad you see their thuggery.

  5. I am not sure what I think about this season. I much prefer the other seasons where I hear them talking about anything but nominations. Then the viewer votes the losers off!
    And yes a mind challenge would be good. I am not thrilled that someone will win money at the end. I’ve been entertained sometimes but not enough. Hopefully next year will be better. I just watched Angela get evicted. In the old days I’d be shocked at an eviction but this year I never care who goes. Maybe Sarah for the win.

    • She lost me Bella, when I saw what a puppet she was to the boy’s club.

      At least I got my wish. Who knew that I was being prophetic when I wished them locked in and kept there.

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