1. Is this the one where teams of two have to duplicate a dish, without being able to see what the other one was doing? They could only talk to each other either side of the wall. It was everyone trying to yell louder than everyone else was yelling.

  2. Ah, the screaming wall. Anyone with a quiet voice is screwed – and people on the edges have an advantage

  3. Tessa would seem to have an advantage, having competed before.
    Pairs are randomly chosen and get an ingredient to “hero”.
    Brendan and Sarah get celeriac
    Khanh and Laura peas
    Emelia and Callum fennel (just based on their cooking style this is a strong pairing)
    Reece and Poh corn
    Tessa and Reynold sweet potato

    I seem to recall from last time some smart teams yelled things like “as big as the cream lid”so their playing would look the same.
    Perhaps Reece should bang a saucepan every time he needs Poh’s attention

    • So it is that one. I only remember seeing it once, and that some little, soft-spoken person turned out to have the biggest, loudest voice for that challenge.

      I wouldn’t want to be Poh’s partner. I think she’d be wandering around being ditzy and changing things.

      • Your Poh prediction was right on the money. Poor Reece.

        I didn’t like this challenge last year and liked it even less now. It’s stupid and not at all about communication. It’s just a gimmick and favours the loud bossy, shouty types like Laura. Totally pointless.

        Reynold and Tessa sure dodged a bullet and it also highlighted just how more advanced Reynold is when it comes to understanding flavours and plating skills. I hope Poh goes home tomorrow, but I guess I won’t be that lucky – production needs their $40,000 worth, so she’ll be back like a bad smell. I have a creeping feeling that it might be Sarah, as she gets very flustered in pressure tests.

        • The challenge is definitely stupid and pointless. In a real kitchen, of course, chefs can look, listen and taste. The challenge gives me a headache with all of the screaming.
          I also hope that Poh will be eliminated next. Wasn’t Hayden paid $40,000, too. He’s gone so maybe there IS hope that Poh will be gone next.

  4. Khanh and Laura do well – Khanh’s just has more herbs. They communicated well as the judges like the flavours

  5. Sarah and Brendan: celeriac. The stir fries look the same but they have used different quantities of ingredients so the flavours are different

  6. It’s on now. I am disliking Laura more every episode. Head chef and sous chef? Come on. Is that so she can boss Khanh around, and blame him if they aren’t in top three?

    • Callum and Emelia are not stupid. They weighed everything and used a silicone mound to ensure consistency!

  7. Reynold and Tessa: sweet potato

    The judges say the flavour profile is harmonious but Reynold’s is more restrained

  8. Laura and Khanh win and it’s her first team challenge win. As expected Callum and Emelia are safe thanks to granita power.
    Reynold and Tessa are safe.
    Going into the pressure test tomorrow: Reece and Poh, Brendan and Sarah.

    If only Brendan and Sarah had weighed their veggies to get the same quantities.

    TOMORROW NIGHT: The bottom four have to create a guest chef’s jungle curry and roti, without a recipe. Hmmm, this could be bad for Reece

    • Re tomorrow night. I recall a few years back that a hot favourite (I think it was Marion Grasby) was eliminated after what ought to have been a walk in the park pressure test. I think it was a satay sauce cook-off and given her background, I thought it was a set-up to ensure that she was safe. But she lost, so you never know with these things. Ironically I believe post Masterchef she started a business selling Asian style sauces and marinades.

      • Yes. It was Marion. She lost in the satay sauce challenge. But she is doing so well with her premade sauces. I have never try them since I can make my own but others said they are very good. She is very popular on the YouTube channel.

        • I buy them sometimes when they are on sale – quite expensive – and they are totally delicious. I always liked her a lot and I have made a number of her recipes and they all were good. I’m a fan! She is the reason I have my own kaffir lime tree as the flavour definitely helps. In the old days I’d buy them and freeze, but fresh is fantastic.

          • I bought kaffir lime leaves yesterday and went to toss the ones that had been in the fridge for months. They were dried out, I scrunched one and the scent was still beautiful. I won’t be tossing them.

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