1. Tonight only three people are cooking for a chance at immunity: Brenno, Callum and Reynold. Tomorrow and Wed the remaining two groups will cook.

  2. Brenno does a spicy fried chicken with orange soz. The chicken looks sooo good. The judges love it but worry it’s not fancy enough.
    Reynold makes a lime dessert with fejoa and mangosteen. It’s pretty but not spectacular looking like his other creations. The judges love the flavour balance.
    Callum also makes a dessert: manadarin and chocolate bavarois.

  3. Callum has done the maths and decided to save his best citrus dish for round two, to give him a greater chance of winning it (round one loser is out, with no chance to cook for immunity). I hope we get to see what it is. His dessert has got a lot of technical elements. It will be a Callum and Reynold going through to round two.

  4. In round two they have to cook a savoury dish in 60 mins. The winner goes through to the immunity challenge later in the week. Callum is doing a mandarin duck with noodles. He doesn’t have much time but I know Callum will at least check his pressure cooker is on.
    Reynold is doing citrus-cured Japanese-style king fish and scallops.

  5. Reynold is not happy with his presentation of his lime-themed fish dish but it’s still 100 times prettier than anyone else could do. Jock likes it but Andy says the flavours aren’t balanced. He spent too much time on that weird scallop silk.

  6. Tomorrow Reece, Khanh, Emelia and Tess cook.
    Which leaves Sarah, Simon, Poh, Laura for the final round.

  7. I didn’t watch but based on the menu descriptions listed here, spicy chicken and orange sounds like my favourite.
    The rest sound too unnecessarily complicated, just because they can.

  8. Well that was a setup in my book. Callum & Reynold were always stronger contenders for the citrus theme.

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