1. Poh is annoying. Same fluff. This is not an elimination. If your dont do well you are not going home. Stop the drama

  2. The golden box contains: golden syrup, golden beetroot, golden Swiss chard, gold mustard, golden delicious apples, raisins, gold leaf, golden trout. A dessert dish with apples, raisins and the syrup seems obvious. Or fish with chard.

    • Why were some of the products not Australian, such as the Golden Syrup, or referred to as golden raisins (sultanas here) and the golden trout is only farmed here. I didn’t see the beginning so maybe it was also an international box, in which case they could have used the golden kiwifruit.

      • It was filmed a while ago and I don’t think gold kiwi fruit would have been in season – it’s one of the few fruits Mr 8 eats and I have only spotted it in the shops recently. They should have chucked a Golden Rough in there just to confound people

  3. Andy criticized Reynold’s sablés for being sandy. It’s supposed to have a sandy texture. LOL Still don’t understand why he was selected as a judge.
    “Sablés, also known as a French Butter Cookie or Breton Biscuit, are a classic French cookie originating in Normandy France. The name ‘Sablés’ is French for “sand”, which refers to the sandy texture of this delicate and crumbly cookie.”
    Reynold’s sablés was exactly what it was supposed to be. Interesting that the critiques from Jock and Melissa were edited out.
    Didn’t get Emelia’s tarte tatin. Never seen it made that way. I think she should have stuck with the classic method of making one.

        • YES! Me too – she has such an interesting take – she is both generous and kind and sustainable. I feel like a bit of a stalker in her life sometimes, lol. But her recipes are the bomb – never fail. Because of her blog I now buy vanilla beans in bulk and make vanilla extract with vodka, I only buy callebaut chocolate callets and cocoa and I am no longer afraid of bread.

      • Maybe because the sable was cold. Also what does Andy know. He doesnt eat sweets so he has no right to critique

    • I second that. No wonder Reynold looked a bit confused by the critique. At least he had the good grace not to call Andy a complete knob like I did 🙂

      I suspect the producers chose Andy with the same demographic in mind as they did when they chucked forty grand Hayden’s way. But I don’t think it worked and I hope they replace him next season. His ignorance is encyclopaedic, as he demonstrated yet again in this episode.

  4. Have I missed something, or is there something extra special about being top eight? The entrance scene seemed a lot of fuss for nothing in particular.

    It’s a pity about the season being shortened because of COVID. They should have filmed it here – we’ve had no shutdown 😆 I won’t miss the shouty team challenges, but the three episode format seems a tad underwhelming.

    Oh no, Emelia! She lost a bit of my respect when she said she wanted to continue putting up “banging after banging dish”. Andy has definitely lowered the tone and infected the contestants.

    Is it just me, or did Brendan’s dish look a lot like what Reynold made last night?

    • So I am not the only one who thought they were all following a script to talk big about being Top 8. Maybe the producers dont know how long they could continue to film and may have to go into finale irregardless of the number of contestants left.

  5. The selection of Andy as a judge was interesting. There was not much enthusiasm for him as a winner (backstory not twitterati worthy) and in the shows he has hosted he comes across as a bit flat.
    (We saw him in the local shopping centre once doing a cooking demo and the only audience he had was two teenage girls). We think that he landed on the producers shortlist as a judge as they wanted a MC alumni who had done some hard yards post MC. Probably was not their first choice (my guess Adam Liaw was). We think as Marie alluded, he was picked to bring the ‘tradie’ element to MC.

    MC the show and Coles -shop where the Masterchef shops – have increasingly divergent consumers. MC contestants and core audience are inner city dwellers.(it rates higher in the cities than regional Australia) patrons of artisan delis and farmer markets whereas Coles wants to be where the tradie shops (like the current Woolies campaign). It is hard for Coles to sell that through MC when that is not they type of contestant the show desires. Andy starts to tick more boxes…MC alumni, working class, TV experience, worked professionally in the kitchen…Tick, tick, tick. Appallingly vocabulary…um…we get a script writer for that.

    As much as people hated the previous judges, we think Matt brought gravitas to the show and Gary brought years of experience putting apprentices through the paces. The show at the moment hasn’t got that balance. Just three people who are working their agents hard for better TV opportunities in a post MC world.

    • My heart breaks for those two teenage girls who had nothing better to do. Quelle surprise that Andy couldn’t attract flies to a $hitfight.

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