1. This should be the standard mystery box challenge. Use everything and cook a savoury and a dessert

  2. What’s with the random use of beef fat? I guess the crew fire up all the hibachi’s prior to each challenge. Poh making fancy carpet bag steak – lol

    • I’ve never heard of caulini, but can guess what it is. It looks like broccolini that has got old and gone yellow.

      At $22+ a kilo, it better taste good.

  3. Wow, thanks so much for the pic of the labelled ingedients in the Mystery Box, Juz! I thought Poh was great tonight, as was Callum, and what a pity Tessa forgot to plate her parsnip puree. I love chef-created veggie purees. I’m looking forward to one at The Boathouse here in Hobart, at Cornelian Bay, at dinner on Wednesday night on the occasion of a friend’s birthday, cos at the moment it seems we’re safe enuf to do so! The chefs there do yummo Mod Aus food, and the veggie components are terrific.

    • I felt so bad for Tessa as her food always looks so good and it was just a dumb error as it was made, just not on the damned plate!
      Your dinner out sounds gorgeous Rox – chef purees are always so delicious. Probably because they are full of butter and salt that we tend to go lighter on when at home.

  4. Callum’s and Poh’s dishes were impressive but then so was Tessa’s. Too bad she forgot the puree. Never heard of fried soufflés although Poh did describe them as donuts and that is what they looked like, filled donuts.
    Reece is limited…another tart. 🙁
    Was hoping Reynold would be one of the contestants in the immunity challenge. Have a feeling Laura will be the immunity winner and that she will wind up in the finals. Hoping that’s not the case but I think it will be.

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