MasterChef Sun: classic dishes

In this episode’s elimination, contestants are challenged to cook a classic dish. Could this be Reynold’s final cook in the kitchen?

I really want someone to do a croquembouche because it’s such a MasterChef thing. Maybe Emelia will go for it?



  1. In whose kitchen is croquembouche a classic? MasterChef’s I guess. Classic to me is a dish everyone knows how to make – meatloaf, spag bol, roast chicken. 🙂 But then I’m often a Philistine about food, especially when it is cold and raining and I want comfort food.

  2. I finding Emelia is very cocky. I can see why she and Laura are friends, these two ladies lacks humbleness.

  3. I am surprised Callum did not pick savoury. Tess is the only one who does, picking fish n chips. Emelia and Reynold both go Bombe Alaska and Rey says he is using a classic pairing of orange and vanilla. Since when? Poh and Reece go creme caramel, Cal choc soufflé.

    • Bottom three and into round two are Poh, Reynold and Tessa. They have to make something creative the judges have never seen. Seems to play to the strengths of Rey and Poh

  4. How many ads are they going to cram in. Poh’s dish looks yummy, probably a bit much of the shrimp concoction for my liking. Tessa’s looks yummy – Indian tacos. Reynold made some space themed black looking dish. He’s not happy with it, his ganache wouldn’t whip.

  5. Not a surprising outcome, given the relentless “will Reynold go?” ad campaign. Ch 10 do like to misdirect us. Tessa’s salsa looked yummy, I might need to buy some pineapple, it made my mouth water! Poh managed to win the day, with the decision coming down to lack of originality and overpowering (of the fish) accompaniments by Tessa. On any other day, Reynold probably would have went home.

  6. Ifeel this was a challenge that was always going to have Reynold and Poh shine as they are both very creative and can do this type of stuff.
    Tessa always made food that I would like to eat and tonight was no exception. I think she is a very good cook indeed and I am sorry to see her go. Reece can’t last much longer, surely? Although he has learned the lesson that Poh has not ie “smaller things cook quicker than bigger things” so I give him props for that.

  7. I am kinda bored by Masterchef because I more and more get the feeling Laura will win and she turned out to be absolutely unlikable this season. I don’t really see her branching out, taking a risk. It is always the same. I’d rather have Poh to win over her. 🙁 At least Poh tries stuff.

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