1. Interesting four fighting it out. French fine dining style. Laura, Reynold, Khanh & Emelia Emelia is cooking the tiny petit four that we’ve probably seen the ad for a hundred times. Jock reminding Reynold that last time he left, he was also cooking fish. Way to go Jock, putting them off, Gary style.

    • First round sees contestants randomly paired and given a country. They have to make two street food dishes. Loz and Meels get India. Brenno and Tessa Mexican. Poh and Callum Lebanese. Khanh and Reynold Chinese

      • Bottom four and Loz and Meels, Reynold and Khanh.
        My fave part of the challenge is Reece flitting round in the background in his little shorts.
        In round two they have to pick one of 11 countries the guest chef has featured at his restaurant. They need to make a fine dining dish.
        With her background in patisserie Emelia wisely chooses France. Khanh (who was praised in round one for his dumplings) sticks with his heritage and picks Vietnam. Laura picks France to do a version of coq au vin.

        • Reynold also picks French and is not doing dessert. Whhhyyyy? He is making a fish dish. Which is what he went out on last time.

  2. The petit four looked great to me. Emelia cant be going home.
    I dont think Mel will shed a tesr for Reynold, Emelia or Laura. Khanh may be in trouble

  3. Well that was an easy pick for the judges.
    I can”t believe Laura and Meelsy are friends outside – they appear to be chalk & cheese.

    • That was a revelation to me also! I thought Poh and Callum were going to be in the bottom, not Meelsy and Loz.

  4. Emelia nailed it. Reynold did really well. Loz and Khanh are the bottom and Loz’s flavours win out.
    Awww, Khanh – you were a joy to watch. And you are such fun on Twitter!

  5. I’m sorry to see Khanh leave, He gave a thoughtful and generous exit speech.

    Laura should have gone instead, with her rustic-looking dish.

    • I knew he was gone as soon as Jock found a mouthful of bones in his food. That’s a big no-no and pretty much sealed his fate. Neither he nor Laura served anything close to fine dining. At least Khanh was honest about it, unlike Laura who said she’d worked in fine dining restaurants. Obviously she didn’t learn much 🙂

      Emelia’s petit fours were dainty and exquisite. Reynold also served a very elegant, refined dish and showed Jock that he is not a one trick pony. It’s starting to get interesting.

  6. This would have been planned as a service challenge, I reckon, at a Melbourne location with the public invited. Emelia is probably lucky she did not have to try to make 50 serves of pani puri

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