MasterChef Sun: Straya day

It’s an Australia-themed pressure test. First up contestants must cook a delicious savoury pie and sauce. The bottom four must then create a dish celebrating what Australia means to them.

Callum will have to provide commentary from the gantry as he has immunity.



  1. The worst cooks going in to round two are Tessa, Sarah, Reynold, Simon.
    Lucky escapes: Khanh and Reece.

    Reynold is making a Cherry Ripe dessert. I
    love cherries and chocolate.

    Simon is doing broccoli, because he’s Simon. Wouldn’t beetroot be more Australian?

    Sarah is pimping up a charcoal chook with Asian flavours. I feel a hibachi coming on

    Tessa is making pork something

  2. Still on the pie challenge here. How many of the contestants have tactfully told Jock and/or Andy to piss off when they hang around making unhelpful and dumb comments?

    Reynold’s “congratulations” after Jock crowed that the pastry chef was rattled, had me cheering for Reynold.

  3. Yay Brenno! His relief and delight was palpable when they cut open that pie. It did look good. As did Emelia”s. Yum
    To keep us interested and entertained Reynold’s pie was deemed worse than Reece’s and Khan’s. Because who wants to see a vegan cook a flesh feed and a Simon cook a vegan meal in the same elimination round FFS.
    Reece should be strung up for cooking wallaby. Wallaby!!!! They are the SMALLER, FLUFFIER and TIMID cuz of roos. Seriously, who comes up with these ideas…

  4. The look on Reece’s face when he wasn’t in round 2 was priceless. 😆

    I loved Sarah’s winning attitude and Reynold was a legend in both rounds – I admired his body language as Jock and Andy came around to try and rattle him. It just screamed “Rack off, losers”. I really wanted to eat his dessert (Cherry Ripes are something that I really miss) and thought Sarah’s charcoal chicken was a great idea (even if she used the damn hibachi). I wondered why Tessa didn’t do a fish dish given the time constraint – 60 minutes was always going to be tough for pork belly.

    Simon’s dish on the other hand sounded as bad as it looked. What the hell was he thinking? In an elimination? That was the best he could come up with? Today was the day to bring out your best dish, rather than this “sick broccoli dish”.

  5. That was one ugly “dish”. I mean, did he really think that’s great? Broccoli should look green, not like snot coming out of your nose. Thankfully no one will slip on his slime from now on.

    The more I watch it, the more I think that they will put up Laura as the winner. I hoped for Jess, because she really grew on me the last few weeks. I hope she will do really well, afterall, only 21!

  6. During pie challenge Melissa tells Reece that he didn’t have to use meat but he continues making a meat based pie. He still considers himself a vegan…hahaha.

  7. I reckon Emelia will be final three again. That pie looked fab. Everyone who picked chicken was smart: no need to wait for long braising. Why didn’t Simon do an awesome broccoli/cauli cheese pie to stand out from the pack? I have no problem with Reece cooking non-vegan food as it shows his versatility. He was very lucky to get away with that pastry but they said the filling and sauce were Delish and he would get difficulty points for the wallaby

    • Of course I’d love to see Brendan win, but realise doing a Bradbury is probably his only chance. Reynold is probably my next choice, but having said that Emelia just gets on with it to a very high standard without the judges fanfare. Like last time IIRC. I’d be happy is she won.
      I hope Laura doesn’t make final three. She comes across so smug and entitled.
      On the weekend I caught a bit of Poh on SBS Food from some years ago. She was so natural and ‘light’. She seems almost downtrodden on MC in comparison

      • I admire the fact that neither Reynold or Emelia play the producer’s manufactured drama games and simply give them a withering look and get on with the cooking.

        Poh was okay this episode. I wonder if the producers have taken notice of the early viewer backlash against the pretend “ditzy headless chicken” mode interspersed with hopeless overachiever mode she was scripted to play in the beginning. She seems to have dialled it back a notch or ten. She lost my respect when I heard it was a paid role.

  8. We had to go away on the weekend (long story, friend’s mother had a stroke so we were doing moral support) and so missed tv for This Golden Moment. I will watch as soon as I can because it clearly was a JOYOUS day. Have I mentioned before that I was NOT a Slimon fan?
    Far out the pics looked awful – even the hilarious “here’s my conceptualisation and how it was meant to be” redemption photo looked beyond disgusting. I know I haven’t seen it, but why did he feel the need to be-head the broccoli? Is that why it was called ‘naked’ as he had removed the good bits?
    It looked so horrible.

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