1. Every time I see Poh grin I think of BDD saying how fake it is. I don’t really care who gets immunity out of these three. Ever since I read the top six and winner spoilers, it’s all just a countdown till the end.

  2. I am spoiler free so far. I know not to look at sport betting sites, too.
    A reminder to vote in the poll, please.

    • I voted Melissa. The judges are not annoying me nearly as much as the old ones, Andy’s banging/cracking/etc aside.
      This season is enjoyable for me – there are many ups (thanks andy). I get that covid threw them into a tail spin not being able to do service challenges and big events. This week was pretty ordinary but hope that they can get it together to do more interesting ones as they settle into iso.
      Maybe we will have more deliveroo ads I mean, more takeaway shows?

  3. Round one they have to make a toastie. Poh wins, Khanh second then Callum but only 1pt the diff. Khanh’s looked so pretty with the cheese lace. Round 2 is dinner in 20 mins.

  4. Round 2 Khanh makes a most amazing looking Vietnamese pancake and wins but Poh ties with him in the overall score for her pot stickers. Callum is third with crab pasta but he still got high scores.
    Round three is dessert in 30 mins. Khanh’s face drops.

  5. Khanh is making a chocolate honeycomb cake something. Callum a citrus gin and tonic something. Poh is being Poh and doing two desserts: cherry clafoutis and an Asian glutinous rice. Will the rice cook? Just do one thing well!

  6. Poh realises she is an idiot and ditches the rice balls.
    Khanh’s cake isn’t cooked so he has to improvise Cal’s dish looks fab, even if he did granita
    Before dessert judging Khanh and Poh are tied on 53, Cal 49

  7. Aw, me opening the comment box still showed enough of the previous comments for me to see who won.

    Oh well, I didn’t mind much who won this challenge. Khanh is such a happy chappy that I like him. But the look on Callum’s face as he waits for the critiques is endearing and I like him, too. Poh I don’t really care about anymore.

    Jock should not have asked Laura’s opinion on pasta making. His bias is showing and that pisses me off.

  8. This has been such a boring week. It feels like a mindless filler and I found myself fast forwarding and not caring about it at all.

    At the beginning of the season, I was heartened to hear that there would only be ONE Immunity Pin this year. I was never fond of the whole concept anyway and was glad that we could skip it.

    How wrong I was – there may not be an actual pin on offer, but every week we get some wasted, dull episode to see who sits out of that Sunday’s elimination. Yawn.

    And this week we were subjected to what can only be termed “Immunity Week”. Totally needless and pointless.

  9. I was super happy that Callum won. He is a great cook – in his first (Adam Liaw) year he was just lovely as well as ONLY 19 and really talented. His flavour pairings always sound so delicious. And even though he sinned with granita it looked wonderful and right for the dish!

  10. Thought Poh would take it out because she was tied with Khanh and it was a dessert round but after seeing what she made compared to Callum’s dessert I knew he would win and I’m glad he did. Callum put up 3 excellent dishes. I’m sort of hoping that Poh gets eliminated on Sunday.

    Agree with Marie regarding this being a boring week. Guess they had to figure out how to work around the Covid restrictions and modify things since there are no service challenges. Hope they don’t do the 3 heats again next week.

      • yep, they can only spin cooking in the Ma$terchef kitchen so many ways before it gets boring. They’ve already done, relay, auction, quick cook, vegan cook.

      • I’d just settle for a show of each contestant doing a mini cooking show. But Reynold’s can just be us watching him work in silence for an hour

          • We have something over here called “Slow tv” and it is wildly popular – things like a 10 hour railway journey, or chopping wood and building a fire (that was several hours as well) or fleecing a sheep, spinning the wool and knitting a jumper etc. They’d love to watch a silent Reynold quietly working away to create something magical.

      • You’d have to be concerned ( but not very) when The Voice is pulling back numbers, yet Ma$terchef is casting for next year, overcooking the golden goose that once was one more time.

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