1. Calf’s liver parfait. Brains baked Alaska. Pork belly pannacotta. They, and the chicken rice pudding, don’t sound appealing to me.

    Although it’s not a dessert, one of them could tweak a turkey mole to make it more dessert-y.

    • Except I don’t think they ever get turkey as an option, do they? My Coles carries only turkey mince, and not the better one at that.

      The chef said his dessert had the chicken breast boiled several times. There wouldn’t be much flavour left in it. It must be more of a novelty ingredient than one that contributes to the taste.

  2. Okay is it just me or that is a pointless and annoying challenge? Honestly, WHY BOTHER?
    They all sounded disgusting and I wouldn’t order any.
    And why are the heats of the immunity selection all different? And why are we having the emphasis this week on Brave/Weird/Unusual. honestly, masterchef is too try hard sometimes.

    end of rant. Hope everyone is perky!

    • I think because of the lockdown, can’t have challenges cooking for guests, the producers just quickly come up with these weird challenges.

  3. That was disgusting and all of the desserts looked similar. Except for different proteins and a few other different ingredients they had similar components.
    Reece’s comment that he’s a vegan but he doesn’t mind tasting or cooking meat products was laughable to me. A real vegan would not be tasting or cooking meat or poultry or even using eggs. Don’t know how a vegan would even make it through the challenges. That person would have to have another contestant taste the food and then make recommendations.
    Wasn’t the challenge to use a protein in a dessert? Tofu is a protein.

    • I’m not sure how anyone who calls themselves a vegan would cook anything other than plants. Even some vegoes won’t cook flesh for others, or use griddles etc that have flesh cooked on them. He’s a tosser.

    • yes indeed Smythe and PollyB – Reece’s vegan credentials are paper thin. Contrast Amina who wouldn’t even taste non-Halal beef.

      I couldn’t quite connect “protein” becoming “let’s only add MEAT”. In a lot of countries protein is derived mainly from non meat sources, stuff like chickpeas.

  4. I only tuned in in time for the judging but feel no need to watch the bits I missed. I am excited though by the preview for the rest of the season that shows what looks like the return of the cube taste test challenge. That was a real highlight years ago

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