1. Poor Brendan – puddle curry – I went to cooking school in Thailand, I remember making a dish with 7 green chillies. Can’t conceive 30-40 Sarah struggling.

  2. Alright. I want Brendan to be in the final and take the cash home! I love this young boy. He’s too cute 😂

  3. At least this time round they have all the many, many ingredients in front of them – they just have to work out where they go

  4. It’s just started here, so I am carefully avoiding comments. I like that chef and think he was very helpful before the contestants startred cooking. No coconut milk, fat is important…There were too many leafs on top to see what is in the actual curry, aside from the fishy thingies.

    Brendan may be sweating after a few tastes, but not all chilies are hot, so the description of 30-40 wouldn’t worry me unduly. I often use 5 little hot red ones in a one-serving meal.

    Jock is giving his usual unnecessary, put-the-wind-up-someone comments. I know the judges aren’t supposed to help, but he doesn’t have to be so negative. Not everyone can shrug off his bullshit the way some have done before.

  5. OMG noooo, not Sarah. Damn, I thought Poh was failing purposefully – making the top 10 was her contract.
    Sarah’s food always looked so yummy.

  6. Sarah didn’t work in food industry, stayed in accounting – as far as I know. So she either doesn’t have the money to run her own business or doesn’t want to risk it. Perhaps saw Ma$terchef as a vehicle to fund her food journey. no win, no journey

    • I read somewhere Sarah was about to open her own restaurant. That was before the Covid 19. I thought she was a lawyer. She has been doing a few pop ups in Sydney.

      What when wrong with Sarah curry tonight was when she burnt the paste and didn’t have enough paste for her the new batch. That was why it was watery.
      In Sydney it is not easy to run a Malaysian restaurant. We have many good ones around.

      • Yep, there are loads of Malaysian restaurants in Sydney, I miss them so much! Every time I go down there, I eat way too much!

    • How good was her recipe for spring onion pancakes? I love the fact that she had pork on hand to sprinkle on it!

  7. Poh still there. 🙁
    Are they going to bring the eliminated contestants back this season?
    The guest chef was helpful and supportive. Jock has a way of making contestants lose their confidence.

    • Can’t see them bring back eliminated contestants. From next week according to TV guide, we only get 3 episodes per week.
      Sun – Pressure Test, elimination
      Mon – Mystery Box
      Tue – Immunity challenge

  8. Oh no! I had an awful feeling yesterday that it would be Sarah as she gets quite frazzled in pressure tests and as well as a watery curry, her roti looked dreadful. 🙁

    I will miss her enthusiasm and her pep talks to herself. I’ve enjoyed watching her cook and I hope her food dream comes to fruition.

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