MasterChef Tues: ingredient reveal

Every five minutes an ingredient that can be used in their cook is revealed to our contestants. They can start cooking at any time but only have access to the ingredients revealed up to that point.

And that’s it for MC until Sunday, sadly. Ten is showing Bondi Rescue on Wed and US Celeb Gogglebox on Thurs.



  1. Brenno is on a rollercoaster – one day fantastic, next day no so good. The inevitable must be faced 😟
    Bloody Reece is getting better each challenge 😟
    Tessa – I just can’t connect with her. Her food doesn’t seem to be spectacularly good or bad.
    Final 4 – my hopes – Brenno, Reyno, Meelsy, Callum. Reality – Reyno, Meelsy, Reece, Laura. Surely a ‘contestant’ on salary can’t get to final 4…

  2. Happy Reece brings so much joy to me as a viewer. That tart looked divine. Can we get a show that is Reece and Melissa eating/cooking/shopping?

  3. Ugh, Laura really annoys me. I truly hope she is not winning this whole thing in the end. -.- But I guess I will be served exactly that.

    Regarding yesterday, wtf Andy. To me the Sablés looked absolutely fine. t shows he has no real clue… The should replace Andy and Jock after this season.

  4. Reece is always so shock that he wins. But I think we have enough tarts from him. We also have enough dumplings from Brendan or pasta from Laura. At least Callum is more versatile.

  5. That rib eye that Tessa had on the hibachi looked like something Fred Flintstone would have eaten. It was enormous! The finished dish looked quite boring and gave me vibes of Ben Borsht with his meat, two veg and jus. And I’m quite over Brendan and his dumplings. He doesn’t seem flexible and you could see he had his mind set on a single dish early on and he went ahead even though he lacked key ingredients. I can’t see him lasting much longer.

    Both Callum and Reece did a great job and it was so uplifting to see how genuinely pleased he was at getting immunity. He is really gaining in confidence and coming out of his shell more and more.

  6. Reece…another tart and more ice cream…so boring even if they might have been really delicious. Thought Callum might get the win.
    More dumplings from Bendan….also boring.
    Couldn’t Tessa have come up with anything other than meat and veg? The beef looked pink and yet Jock said it was overcooked.
    Jock’s comment “escabeche of regret” was rude and unnecessary. Was he trying to be funny? He failed.

  7. I thought the tart looked really good – the pastry looked delicious.
    Would personally have preferred a Callum win as I think he thinks carefully and has a vast array of flavours and good ideas. But agree he won’t win.
    I would be happy for Laura, Emelia, Reynold to go far, if Callum can’t!

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