1. Does that mean they don’t have to use both ingredients under the first two cloches, but only one?

    They should stop the countdown now of top 9, top 8, top 7, blah blah. It isn’t interesting anymore until they get to top 2. I want to see the back of up-herself Laura before then.

    • They can give up one of the first 2 cloches they picked and then picked a third. But they must use the third one.

    • Don’t hold your breath Von. I reckon Laura is with us for the long haul. I think she is good and her dishes look excellent, but I can’t warm to her either!

  2. Agree that without service challenges and they can cook what they like, the show is getting boring.

    • Yep, I second this and it’s part of the reason I have mostly stopped watching. They are trying to put a spin on it, but it’s the same old same old.

    • Yes, it is boring. Why can’t they bring in a guest chef? Wouldn’t that be OK as long as the person maintains social distancing (which none of them are really doing 100% any way)? Maybe they just don’t want to take a chance that a guest chef might get Covid after being on the show.

  3. Rey uncovers Madeira and fennel. He ditches fennel. Andy almost sets himself in excitement. Rey uncovers dates. He hates them.

    Laura gets red miso paste and vanilla beans and sticks.

    Poh gets bergamot which I have never seen in its fruit form – only as an essential oil. It looks like lime. Poh is unimpressed.

  4. Yay – rain today, so I am home to watch this 🙂

    The more I see of Reynold, the more I just love him. Laura could take some lessons from him in being gracious in victory. He was quietly confident, professional and I thought he gave a good reason for not serving the quail, even had it been perfectly cooked. I’m stoked that he got immunity.

    Poh’s savoury dish reminded me a lot of Swedish Kroppkakor (literally “body cakes”), which are a filled potato dumpling. And simply slicing the ruby grapefuit was never going to cut it – it seemed a really lazy thing to do.

    • Was smart of Reynold to leave the quail off the dish. Glad that he got immunity.
      Poh’s “gnocchi” looked like giant dumplings that needed to go into a big bowl of soup. Not much effort put into her dessert.

    • Laura really grates on my nerves. -.- I have a really bad feeling she will be this year’s winner. *looking for a vomit smiley*

      I would love to see Callum or Reynold win, but I feel they won’t give a second All Star win to him and Reynold is just too Reynold-y. Not enough drama. Even though I feel he is definitely the fan favourite.

        • I don’t get the impression that she is getting a villain edit. Sometimes people are just as they are shown. In Laura’s case, that’s an arrogant, unpleasant woman.

          • But if she is the winner surely they would cut all those bits out? It’s not a winner edit

        • It could be that the producers just haven’t got any footage of Laura being nice to show. I think she’s being set up to get flogged in a Finale….again. Nonnas will riot in Adelaide streets.

  5. Grand Finale has been leaked!
    Laura empties a tin of Heinz Bolognese onto a plate.
    Jock thinks its “genius” that Laura didn’t bother microwaving it
    Mel thinks its a bit sad Laura couldn’t use an Australian brand.
    Reece is making his sunday morning pancakes
    Andy says “it has that wow factor”

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