1. Aw, Laura, you are so arrogant and sure of yourself. I am so glad you didn’t win.

    Why did Jock say sorry after his critique of her dish?

  2. Boring episode with boring dishes. Couldn’t any of them think of something more interesting to make?
    Poh’s cake did not look appetizing but I guess it tasted delicious.

  3. I missed the lotto bit. Tuned in thinking they would be cooking with durian and three of there were doing potato and onion and Poh made a lemon meringue cake. For once she was smart and just did one thing well, while the others faffed with hibachis

    • Melissa did a turn as a barrel girl, complete with SpokesModel gesticulations. Durian was on offer, but no one took it.
      Mystery box ended up with durian, plums, kale,brown onion, potatoes, lemon, champagne (from FRANCE, lol) and grapes.
      Poh has finally learned that smaller cakes bake more quickly than large ones. She was calm throughout and got the winner edit pretty early. I thought it did look very good – and to be honest, I was impressed. To bake a sponge and make Italian meringue and a lemon curd in 60 min seemed good to me and I wasn’t saying it was too simply.

      Simon first chopped up kale and then threw pieces on the hibachi grill where they promptly fell through the grill and incinerated and then burned the rest – it was literally blazing at some point. I don’t understand why he didn’t char first (if indeed char was so desperately needed) and then chop. But honestly, he managed to serve burned vegetable peelings with grainy sauce. It looked and sounded truly disgusting. Yet they felt the need to encourage him. I spose that’s what I like about masterchef, but please just console Sarah and don’t worry too much about the others!

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