1. This isn’t about the cooking. Why do some younger people hold a pen as though they’re about to do a “Eee eee eee” Psycho-style stabbing? I think it was Tessa writing out a plan, but I was so absorbed in the hand holding the pen that I didn’t look at the person’s face.

    Anyway, I am not very interested in this episode. Smoke this, smoke that, smoke something else. It’s a normal cook, only with smoke. Yawn.

    • ‘Anyway, I am not very interested in this episode. Smoke this, smoke that, smoke something else. It’s a normal cook, only with smoke. Yawn.’ I agree completely, totally unnecessary ‘ingredient’.

  2. Smoke and mirrors. Reflecting a style which came from the need to preserve way back, I think, but which has since gone over the top. Subtlety is fine by me. Overt is yuk. And sweet smoked? I don’t believe the pretension, BUT, I haven’t tasted it.

  3. If I were putting a dish in front of someone, the last thing I would do is criticize it before it has been tasted. Why plant doubts in the judges’ minds? Present it, maybe say you think it’s pretty good, leave it at that. They are all annoying me tonight, even Reynold with his “I tried to do too much.” Shut up.

  4. Bloody Poh in immunity challenge again. FFS her contract must require a certain number of ‘cooks’ before she can leave.

  5. Reece and Emelia’s desserts looked fabulous. I guess the maker of the gun paid for product placement, otherwise I would be for more interested in a challenge like they have done in the past, where they get to pick one fancy piece thing, like a sous vide, hibachi or liquid nitrogen

    • Of course this challenge was paid for by the smoking gun company. They should just said you need to make a dish that has a smoked element in it but you can’t use the smoking gun

    • Gosh they did look great – the dishes from Reece and Emelia – I would happily eat them. I don’t get this “is that enough” theory. Can’t simple but balanced and delicious easily beat “over tricky I’m so clever but not all that enjoyable to eat”? It does for me!

  6. Reynold downfall is he is trying to do too many elements. It’s almost like he want to show off his dish each time with these fanciful plating. Jock was right to ask him to think about the flavour combination first before thinking of how to present the dish. It has been a few times his flavours did not gel.

    • Emelia and Reece create desserts that make you go “oooh, I want to eat that”.
      Reynold creates desserts that make you go “oooh, what is that?”. He is all about the theatre and mystery whereas they are “bang – this looks good – eat it”.

  7. Reece’s and Emelia’s dishes looked so yummy.
    Laura only used 3 elements and the rhubarb texture was off according to all 3 judges and she gets into the immunity challenge. HUH??
    Also agree with PollyB that Poh must have been guaranteed a certain number of immunity challenges along with her $40,000.
    Smoking has been done many times over and this wasn’t a very challenging immunity challenge, IMHO.

  8. I don’t know why but I often get a feeling jock and Mel don’t like Tessa much. I actually think she is pleasant to watch. I think she was robbed last night.

  9. Imagine what Slimey would have done with this challenge 😆 I’m glad I was spared that.

    I was surprised that three people did a smoked chocolate mousse. I loved the look of both Emelia and Reece’s dishes and would happily have tried them. I also think that Jock was right on the money when he pulled Reynold up for favouring technique over flavour. I think he’s really keen and wants to challenge himself, but sometimes he needs to rein it in. That said, he gets a damn lot done in 60 minutes!

    This was a pretty ho-hum episode and seemed like a filler, much like the whole of last week. I hope it gets a bit more interesting.

    • Other than watching Reynold having a good laugh at his end result of “ what have I done?”. It’s was pretty boring.

  10. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/masterchef-2020-sarah-tiong-slams-triple-m-for-racism/news-story/60f547fca7ecc280aad65537279a6a47

    Ok this is beyond ridiculous! Coming from a Vietnamese Chinese background, I have had different nationalities greeting me with the same and not for once I thought it was a racist. In fact rather the opposite and felt it was a very kind gesture.
    If I take anything out of this, Sarah is the one who have issue and that it’s she does not want to associate herself to Chinese.

    • Totally agree with you. I am just like Sarah. A Malaysian Chinese. We have Chinese roots. I will think people try to be friendly with you and try to speak to you in Chinese. I actually regretted from not learning Chinese when my mum tried to get me to learn Chinese. She can read and write in Chinese. I can only converse poorly in Chinese but cant read or write.

      So a westerner in China should be offended if someone say good morning to him or her?

      • Same here LP. I was born in Vietnam and grew up in Australia. I can’t speak Vietnamese and only managed some mando from Saturday school.
        My mum once said to me, it’s your behaviour that’s creates a reactions from other and just because you get negative reaction don’t raised the race card. Review your own action. Sarah’s is showing racism against her own race.

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