Bachelor in Paradise has a new timeslot

Bachiedise is now on three nights a week, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Keira returns tonight but will probably be booted quick smart. She’s only there to stir the pot. Perhaps Jamie will see her as a new soulmate?

Remember what Keira used to look
like? Back when she was on Richie’s Bachie season.



  1. There’s a new promo out for Locky’s season.

    There’s a shot of him, without a shirt on (be less obvious, channel 10 marketing department) as he gets into a shower and switches the water on. But if you watch it carefully, Locky’s still clearly wearing his pajama bottoms, while he’s standing there in the shower under the water.

    And, honestly, who doesn’t wear their pajamas when they’re having their morning bath?

    Great work, editing team!

    • I seem to remember Locky’s jocks being torn off him during a Survivor challenge, so I don’t think he’d be shy before the camera.

  2. So, I quite liked Ciarran when he was on Angie’s season but he is quickly becoming more hated than Karen from Bunnings for his double standards

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