1. They have 75 mins to cook whatever they want “inspired by nature”. Does that mean we get a bunch of those forest floor desserts?

  2. Callum is making a dish inspired by the Adelaide Hills. Such a beautiful part of SA – spectacular in Autumn and freezing at the moment.

    • That brings back such fond memories. I used to love going to the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in autumn – just so lovely. I really liked the look of Callum’s dish and it was one I would have been keen to try. The strawberry and fennel flavour combination is so classic in both sweet and savoury dishes. Reynold’s dish was also intriguing and looked amazing. He’s such an artist with presentation and it sounds as though he backs it up with flavour as well. I am glad that those two made it into the immunity challenge – and without having to wheel out a Nonna 😆

    • Yes. In Adelaide Hills a fortnight ago, bushwalking. I could envy people who live there, around Lofty/ Piccadilly valleys for the views…..but for the cold. Camped out there mid winter, when young and felt nothing. I can’t understand people in shorts at the moment.

  3. Just saw how much Reynold charge for cooking classes by Jess and Reece. $350 to learn how to bake Lemon tart by Reece and some other tart and dessert by Jess! You get to take home your own tart and $50 gift card for Reynold dessert bar.

    • I guess since they can only have eight people in a class they need to make it worth their while. They should do an online option also. I would love to learn to make Reece’s lemon tart

    • No thanks. Ain’t wasting my $ on making a tart or whatever Jess makes. $350?!?? I rather just pay for a tart Reece make. $350 that would be like 23 tarts if each cost $15.

      • No thanks for me too. Even those chocolate classes where you learn how to tempered chocolate don’t even charge that much. $350 to learn how to make a lemon tart. Ridiculous.

          • I can’t begrudge any of them. Anyone in hospitality hasn’t earned much income for months and people like Reynold also support their family through the business

  4. Would have loved to have tried Reynold’s and Callum’s desserts. Callum’s was very heartfelt as well as looking delicious and Reynold’s was another one of his amazing creations.
    Emelia’s dessert was clever but sniffle..boo hoo…nonna girl cries her way to the immunity challenge. However, pasta is her thing and the dish was probably excellent.
    Reece…ice cream bars….just can’t compare to the other 4. I have a feeling that he will be the next one to be eliminated.

  5. totally – Reece should go. We are getting quite a bit of Callum which makes me worried for him. He is such a thoughtful cook and such a pleasure to watch. but surely Reece has peaked?

    I do believe Laura is a talented cook, and I feel bad not being able to warm to her – e,g, I was not touched by her Tuscan nonna story. I just wasn’t. But I also don’t want people to slag her off online either. She hasn’t cooked pasta for ages – that was true – and I find the personal attacks unpleasant.

    • Everyone used to love to hate Chris but now it’s Laura. Once Bachelor in Paradise starts there will be plenty of villains for us to complain about.

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