1. There is something seriously wrong with the ads for tonight’s show.
    All the chefs are saying that they have cooked particularly badly. Way to get me to watch. Really?

  2. Duchess potatoes with shitakes and cauli doesn’t sound too difficult. Obviously there will be a tricky part. I’ll watch to see what the dish involves, even though the everyone-in-sad-face edit has pissed me off.

  3. Looking very much like ta ta, Poh. Fingers crossed. They’re even playing the “sad” music as she finishes up. I truly don’t understand what happened to her burnt butter. Why was it in the blast chiller? Not sure what those lumps were.

    • I would put mash at 1. And potato gems deserve to be a little higher – they are superior to potato cakes/scallops

      • Love mash – but nothing can beat potato gems with hollandaise as a dipping sauce (extra lemon please!).

  4. Well, thank the kitchen gods for that! Or did her contract say out before top 5? The way she frigged around in that second cook was pathetic. Redemption cook *eyeroll*. Yeh right.

    • You echo my thoughts on this one PollyB! I thought the whole thing seemed staged and figured that it was part of the contract – stay in and create a talking point as “Aunty Poh” until they got to the final five, then bow out. These are techniques she knows well, she is used to working on tv and was a mentor last year, so she knows the ropes. All this dithering and faffing about was not convincing. I’m not sorry to see her go – and thought she ought to have gone instead of Sarah Tiong. But I guess the clause in her contract saved her that time.

  5. Apparently this is the saddest day on Australian television (since Molly died which is a little bit hilarious).
    I am not sad.
    I do think the editors/producers are going to turn their attention to Laura and that does make me sad. It’s not her fault that Jock is a d**k.
    We, the audience, are going to blame the victim.

  6. We missed the show last night (had six 17 year olds doing their own masterchef competition in our house and by the time we cleaned up ! was too exhausted to consider watching). Decided I could find out in advance of watching who went! What’s our feeling – was it a good decision? I was worried when I read that Juz said it was a Callum-type challenge and then he didn’t do well. Was it close?

    • Callum fails miserably in Rd 1 which is a pressure test. But he did will in Rd 2. A beautiful bowl of noodles.
      Poh as usual is always running out of time. It was a right decision but she is still a better cook than Reece.

      Must be fun watching 17 years old teenagers cooking. Did they cook some banging dish that made you cry??

      • thanks LP. I agree – Poh is definitely better than Reece. I am worried for Callum that he can’t last much longer, so I am always relieved he survives!
        It was “fun” watching 17 year olds cook. Less fun cleaning and restoring kitchen to normal – my husband and I were exhausted by the end of the night.
        But to be honest, I encourage them as every holidays my son thinks of something different for his group to do – they have done a 48 hour no technology challenge, an orienteering adventure, a camping expedition – he thinks outside of the square, so I like to help out. Even at cost to my kitchen! I’ll show you the photos. The best dessert was ugly (there was a misadventure with the lemon meringue – failure to grasp the concept of removable tart base – but it tasted really good. They had a mystery box of lemons and coconut, which had to be incorporated into the dish, so we had coconut prawns w coconut rice from one team and coconut curry from the other. They both did lemon meringue for dessert!

        • It sounds lovely.
          I know. Hard work. But what a delightful series of concepts.
          You must be proud.

  7. Saddest moment on Australian TV? Not even close. Jess leaving was pretty sad, IMO. Interesting that Brendan and Poh are now gone. Both were “leaked” as making it to top five. Last Daily Mail story had Poh #2nd. I’m glad they were wrong, I’d rather be surprised. Wondering if all the Laura is wonderful stories popping up are trying to balance final result. Can’t have someone who is unpopular winning! lol
    I am enjoying this season, compared to the last couple with the old judges. It’s not “fantastic” or “the best eva” however with covid and lockdowns etc. I’m happy to have had something to watch. 100 times better than MKR

  8. Where is it that all these tears are being shed over Poh’s elimination? Not in my house. I kind of wanted to shake Poh for all the pfaffing around she did in round 2. Since that wasn’t an option, I rolled my eyes and snorted.

    News stories are treating her exit as though it’s a major disaster. Molly’s death was much sadder, and that wasn’t even real.

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