MasterChef Tues: Two pantries

In this elimination challenge, contestants must choose to use either ingredients from an ordinary pantry or an extraordinary pantry. Which favourite contestant will go?

I’m guessing pantry two has a shelf for duck oesophagus.

No MC tomorrow as Bachelor in Paradise begins.



  1. I just want the luxe pantry’s cheese.
    All of them go for the luxe pantry first.
    Neither Callum nor Loz can use an old school corkscrew.
    Love Emelia on the gantry: “Good staring, Reynold – keep doing that.”

    • Yes, I’d jump straight into that cheese selection too. They can’t use a corkscrew? Great, another thing that makes me feel old :).

  2. We are coming to the pointy end and they just have to cook one dish and cook anything you like. No challenge at all

  3. Damn it. I checked in to, and accidentally found out who was eliminated. I didn’t even think, just clicked on the article thinking it was about last night’s episode.

    Would be nice if media realised we’re not all in the same time zone.

  4. Anyone else notice that Laura always looks at Jock when she is through spruiking her dish, and when she gets a favourable critique? Suck-up.

    Her fake shock, hands over her mouth when Callum was eliminated pissed me off. Then she had to steal his thunder after he gave his exit speech by interjecting her opinion. What you think doesn’t matter, Laura, just shut your damned mouth. Many contestants are gracious winners; Laura is not one of them.

    I’m sorry Callum has left. He was good value this season, both in his cooking and his personality.

    • I thought the same thing SHUT THE F#CK UP LAURA. It’s not about you. I’m going to miss Callum 😢

        • Not a deer in the headlights was Laura but more so desperately looking for the spotlight.

          Elbow touches yeah right but Laura and Callum both , hands all over food….and no sanitizer to be seen or seen to be done. Ma$tergrub, same as it ever was.

          I haven’t watched for some time, that encore was pureed shite.

  5. Gosh, Callum is such a lovely young man. I’m going to miss his wry humour and his warmth in the kitchen. I sort of knew with his recent edit that he was heading home before the finals, but hoped that I was wrong. As soon as Reynold told Emelia that he would have removed the fish from the sous vide “ten minutes ago” that he was definitely a goner 🙁

    But I think he’s won a huge fan base and I hope that translates into increased business for him when he returns home. He’s a class act with a great food knowledge. Vale, Callum!

    Again I loved Reynold’s dish and the finesse with which he plated it. I also admire his dogged determination to learn how to cook that fish – his never give up attitude is admirable. As with Callum, I think his Masterchef stint will be good for his business.

    What is it with all these “redemption dishes”? Poh was going on about it all season and now everyone is in on the act. Is this a producer led thing? I wish they’d stop doing it. And I think these “cook anything you want” things they’ve been doing these last weeks are deadly dull and boring.

    I suspect that they are going for a “Girl Power” finale and pitting best friend against best friend for the added drama. I think they’ve been buttering us up for that with the sudden interest and focus on women’s place in commercial kitchens.

    • I actually thought Callum’s dish was amazing in the first round. He could tell as soon as he took out his fish in the second that it was overcooked. And hence knew he was gone and was so upset. Bugger. He did GREAT.

  6. Sad to see Callum go but predicted he would be next to be eliminated. 🙁
    Surprised that he overcooked the fish. If Reynold knew it was in the sous vide too long, one would think Callum would have known that, too.
    It was basically cook anything you want and not that interesting or challenging.
    They’ve done a lot of “cook anything you want” challenges this season.
    I would really like to see Reynold win but think it will either be Laura or Emelia.

  7. Callum thinks this is the ” toughest cooking competition anywhere in the world”

    He’s ready to do comedy.

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