Bold and the Beautiful Aug chat

By Daisy
No real kissing …
They may or may not be beautiful, but they sure are bold because B&B braves the virus to return for more scandals, crimes, partner swapping, treachery and quite a lot of deviancy.
So Steffy gets around any kissing and embracing scenes by telling Liam to go home and sanitise, then crashing her bike (again) and doing all her scenes from the safety of ICU.

Flo and Flubber embrace and kiss madly, truly, deeply. Well not truly because Flubber’s head was replaced with Flo’s real life brother to prevent transmission outside her familiar zone. It’s a weird scary prolonged pash, with Flo hiding the identity of “Flubber” with her hand.Sally is dumped because the baby-thief caught her out lying about dying.

Let’s hope Sally doesn’t really get sick because she will be the girl who cried, “Wolf”. Writing her “help!” message on Sally’s undies was a clever plan from Flo, as was the newly placed full-length mirror in the lounge room.

Brooke’s strategy yesterday, was to wear a few sausage-coloured, slippery blouse, from which all viruses would just slide off. Barbara’s Cartland would have loved that horrible bed jacket.

Ridge already has the virus. You can hear it in his hoarse voice. And speaking of hoarse…or horse…the Stallion will do just fine. He has returned full of vigour, although that has been somewhat dampened with remorse.

As if Rasper doesn’t hate him enough, now Dollar Bill has smashed up his daughter.ย 
Good luck and stay safe Bold and Beautiful and my fellow Aussies wherever you are.



  1. And like things weren’t hectic enough in LA, Steffy’s motorcycle accident has drawn Thomas back home! With an evil goatee to match his evil disposition, apparently California has also suffered panic buying of shavers and razors, ergo Thomas showing up looking like a homeless person (you wonder how much of the Forrester trillions it would take, to look *that* poor. Anyway).

    Wyatt’s back to doing what he does best (a disposable line of beautiful girls in his living room), and so is Katie (storming into Sally’s place to give her a verbal lashing. She did the same thing to Flo back during the baby-swap drama. Katie is nosey, isn’t she? But then what member of this clan of insane, inbred weirdos *doesn’t* have boundary issues?). Meanwhile, Brooke’s waxing lyrical about what a great life she and Ridge should have … I guess that’s why she keeps hooking up with and marrying every other bloke in Los Angeles. Because, y’know, she loves Ridge or something?

    • Katie sure is nosey. Not many characters have a telescope on hand for the purpose. Thanks , I was asleep.

  2. We are on the road to Perth so I haven’t seen today’s, but yeah, a few of them look like they can’t go to the hairdresser’s, namely Liam, Ridge and Brooke. Brooke’s hair was looking drack. And that horrible shirts and awful blue pants.

      • Hahaha
        They are all lying in hospital beds to rule out kissing scenes, although Dr Finnegan may soon need to give a perfectly made up Steffy the kiss of life. It’s amazing how the car/bike crash didn’t smudge her lipstick or mascara.

        • Going by the resolution of Wyatt and Sally’s plot, it feels like Steffy was only in hospital for a day or two. Maybe being a Forrester does have some advantages … if you’re in a car accident (or you fall off a cliff or in a vat full of acid), you just land on a giant pile of your money, and that cushions your fall?

  3. It’s stick it to Sally day, where everyone in the room has slept with Wipes. Forlorn as ever Flo has no problem throwing stones from her glass house. Wipes has integrity. He doesn’t use his signature sex on all of his girls. With Sally, it’s pizza. With Katy, it was the purple undies, away from the office sex.
    With Flo, it’s his You Are Miss Perfect Sex. No wait. They are sitting on opposite ends of the couch. It might have to be, Look How Far This Can Reach sex.

    Steffy hobbles home with a bag of drugs from Dr FineAgain. Liam and Hope give her fond, pathetic looks. She might need those drugs just to cope with her new carers. I am thinking Dr FineAgain might soon be making house calls.

  4. Ridge is still having Shauna kissing fantasies, while Brooke thinks she has the Rasper back in his stable. Brooke sheds a few tears. Ridge’s mind is miles away. He meekly rasps a pack of lies about commitment.

    Stalkerish Dr Fingerinagain makes an unscheduled , unprofessional stop at Steffy’s. The pain meds will have Steffy jumping through hoops soon. She’ll soon have Vinnie on speed dial.

    There were some appalling scenes with Shauna/ Flo/ Sally. Shauna the grifter is scheming something on Einstein Wyatt. Merciful curtain.

    • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
      “Merciful curtain”. Good post Dave.

      The kissing scenes are amusing. Instead of bringing in real-life husbands, boyfriends, they could just use mannequins. Then they could progress to blow-up latex dolls.

  5. So, I think we’ve discovered another benefit to the infinite pit of Forrester money … it encourages handsome, single doctors to make house calls.

    “How are you today, Steffy?”
    “Available, hint hint.”

    While you’re there, doc, maybe check out the narcoleptic child in the next room who does nothing but sleep for about 23 hours every day. Maybe narcolepsy is a Forrester thing and they all just grow out of it?

    Meanwhile, Quinn and Eric are having another argument over whether Ridge and Brooke will get back together. My gosh, these two must have the most boring marriage, if this is what they do every night after work. Although, now that I mention it, anything more exciting than that and poor Eric would need the portable defibrillator that Quinn had installed near the fireplace. As nosy and catty as Quinn has been re: Brooke, you gotta admit, she has a point how the woman is addicted to chaos and drama.

    And the episode ends with Shauna showing up to tell Ridge that, yes, sometime during that embarrassing scroll through green screen footage of Las Vegas, the two ended up in an all-night chapel and got married.

    You know, I was on Shauna’s side for a lot of this … but the fact she waited for weeks to come to LA and tell Ridge, “Hey handsome, we got married when you were passed out drunk” makes her seem awfully predatory. The woman goes through rich, single billionaires like people go through socks.

  6. Comment from my mum today: “Poor Ridge having to kiss a mop”.

    Is marriage to a semi-comatose person legal? Forresters have had annulments for less.

    Will Steffy call Finn or Vinny? What was that “shipment” Thomas said he had to pick up yesterday? Perhaps it was from Columbia.

  7. Just started watching. Woolif made a good point. Ridge was still married to Brooke.

    Eric even said yesterday that Ridge and Brooke never got divorced.

    Anyhow, it would be ridiculous for Ridge to honour a drunken marriage that he couldn’t remember. Ridge needs to stop being blind drunk around Shauna.

    • Yeah, I think this storyline has been less about Ridge’s questionable choices in dates and more that he’s an alcoholic.

  8. It should take Carter 2 seconds to have that laughed out of court. Or Ridge can go visit his old school buddy, the judge.
    But no, stupid Ridge will sweat it, while Quinn sits salivating on her gold lamรฉ chaise longue, and Brooke and Donna freak out because Ridge and Brooke are destined to be together, if Ridge can stay sober enough not to marry anyone else.
    Maybe what he needs first is a drunk divorce. Well, another drunk divorce.

      • Dr Finnegan probably shouldn’t be dropping into a.patient’s house to hit on her, but then Dr Hooks kidnapped a baby, and Sally’s doctor helped commit fraud and prevention of liberty, and Dr Taylor shot Bill. Just the LA medical professionals.

  9. Flo must be kissing her boyfriend or husband or brother. We know that Brooke has a partner so they must have made him grow his hair so that he looks like Ridge from the back. But Ridge has to kiss a blonde wig on a mop head.
    The scene where Ridge was talking to and kissing Brooke was funny because the wig mop didn’t move. At all. Pan to Brooke’s face and she moves. Pan back to mop Brooke; totally motionless.

  10. Today’s episode begins with Sally and Wyatt discussing Flo’s plot to fake her own terminal illness, seduce Wyatt and kidnap Flo.

    Flo: “I would never stoop so low!”

    Of course! Flo doesn’t kidnap adults, she only kidnaps babies! They’re smaller, easier to carry, and less chance of them escaping.

  11. Get ready to move that portrait over the fire-place because Quinn is playing with fire.

    The writing is on the wall; Eric and Donna getting cosy, complaining about Quinn’s dark side. Shauna remarking how Quinn was willing to risk her own marriage in order to help her bestie snag a Forrester.

    Quinn was priming Shauna to go visit Rodeo drive with Ridge’s cash. Why doesn’t Shauna get a job? Does Flo even have a job? Oh yeah, it’s kidnapping babies.

    Hope is more forgiving than God. “You stole my baby and for 10months let her attach to Stephie and let me think she was dead, but let’s move on.

  12. We just installed an 82″ TV screen to replace going to France and Spain this year with watching Europe on You Tube.
    Poor Brooke. Not because Ridge “married” $hauna, but because she now has 82″ wrinkles. But Donna has 82″ breasts.

    It won’t be long before Steffy has Vinnie on ‘speed’ dial.

    • The roach will habe an 82 inch beard and Katie 82 inch kidney and mouth.

      Carter’s annullment papers will measure 82 inches. Bill’s sword medallion ditto.

      *2 inch Lemon Bars

      • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ. And all cast members are standing 82″ apart. Dr Phil’s bald dome is now a whole lot bigger.

  13. Why would anyone take Shauna’s word for it, given that she kept quiet over the baby kidnapping for about 10 months? She’s hardly the best witness.

  14. Brooke and The Rasper patch things up.Carter will have to get those divorce papers annulled.

    Strings and French Horn for destiny. some tender kissing and tears,momentary joy……..soon they’ll find out Steffy is in need of Dr.Phil……and Dr. Feelgood.

    Gold diggers Shauna and Quinn have failed.

    • Isn’t it amazing how marrying a drunken slob (who’s too intoxiated to even realise he’s at a wedding chapel) isn’t a guarantee of a life-long happy marriage?

    • Shauna is loving her marriage to Rasper. So far she is the only one in it, but she’s loving it.
      She’ll have to pleasure herself….but she ” loves being married to Ridge”.

      • She got him paralytically drunk before getting him into the chapel, they spent five minutes actually in each other’s company as spouses, and then the Forrester pilots whisked Ridge back to LA, then, a month later, Shauna shows up with proof that she married Ridge. You know, it doesn’t say good things about Shauna’s life, does it, that *this* is her idea of a happy and successful marriage. But I mean, geez, from Storm to Bill and then Ridge, the woman likes a single billionaire like a bubble bath.

  15. $hauna might go for alimony when they get their annulment.

    If I was Ridge or Brooke, I might doubt the word of the woman who aided her daughter in the kidnapping of a baby by keeping silent.

    You have to be impressed by Shauna’s self-esteem. She thinks she’s a good and decent person. Don’t under-estimate her. If Ridge tells her he wants an annulment, she might tell him they had sex (he forgot) and that she’s pregnant. That would involve stealing another baby.

  16. Brooke prepares to seduce The Rasper but he’s been taken in by the snippet of eavesdrop he heard the other day. His penis decides that he should go visit $hauna, who’s being life coached by man trap Quinn.

    Rasper and $hauna slither up the stairs to make the beast with two backs. Quinn sees it all from you guessed it, behind an ajar door.

    Brooke is waiting, bound to be let down and will probably be back with the stallion soon. . I missed what was in that letter for Ridge, probably an invitation to a single date with $hauna, who now totally believes she is Ridge’s wife. Get Carter…..or is he already up to his neck in $keletor?

    • Great summary of events Dave. And it’s not just doors that are ajar. Since the Corona, everyone has been saying their lines, standing 3 metres apart. Twin beds.

      Everyone looks a tiny bit worse for wear. Quinn’s teeth needed whitening yesterday. She might be a smoker. Brooke has been wearing weird, awful clothes and looks like she has been eating pudding at home instead of a light salad at IL Geordino”s. She should never have worn that off-the-shoulder number. It made her look like Dawn Frazer.

      I hope this $hauna, Ridge, Brooke, Quinn calamity of mistaken fools doesn’t last too long. Although it’s an opportunity for some great acting from all of them, including Donna, whose breasts can heave in support of her sister.

      • Thanks , daisy. Donna came perilously close to a cleavage wardrobe malfunction yesterday. Haven’t seen Justin for a while. Self isolating?

        You know Bill will visit Brooke next.

        • Justin popped his head into Bill’s office on Thursday. He’s another one who hasn’t been to the hairdresser in a while. His usually, slick hairdo was replaced with something headed toward the 4th Marx Brother. Well, not quite that long yet, but his longer hair makes him look more suited to working over at Daisy’s (the soup kitchen that had been replaced with the Bikini Bar) or being a waiter at Il Giordino’s. He’s lost his slick gangster henchman look.

  17. Quinn goes to Bill’s to encourage him to hook up again with Brooke because Ridge is with $hauna “consummating their marriage”. Quinn gossiping about twelve feet from Bill , because of social distancing. Bill tells Quinn to shut up about Katie. They use hand gestures to try and overcome the Covid chasm between them. It is what it it is………awful.

    Nosy Cleavage rings Brooke to see how them big make up with the Rasper wenr .Of course The Rasper is awol. We’re meant to think they’re doing the deed but we find them seated ,practically needing megaphones to talk the lamest script to each other. Rasper reminds $hauna that he was pissed out of his brain in Vegas. Understanding $hauna says that don’t don’t matter. Rasper unloads about the material he eavesdropped.

    Brooke turns up and is aghast to find $hauna reclining on Raspers’s bed. Rasper must have been taking a dump and returns from another room. Of course they can;t have a bitch slapfest as per usual, so, it’s evil eye exchange time.


  18. Oh I will have to do a new recap. I wasn’t sure but now that Hope has turned professional and is making a career out of taking her relatives kids (all in a good cause), I think it called for.
    Also we need to address the fact that wealthy CEO Steffy can’t afford to hire a live in nurse or nanny to help for a few weeks.

  19. Dr. Finnegan is getting ready to cross professional boundaries with Steffy, while giving her a pious lecture about opioid addiction. He writes a script for a new medicine. Steffy’s falling for him quicker than that old broad who was catfished on Dr. Phil today. Dr Finnegan must hand out his phone number like confetti to patients. Dr Rat.

    Saint Hope clings on to Kelly like a barnacle and has a bizarre Covid convo with Brooke and Liam. They’re spaced so far apart, it’s testing their non existent acting skills. Hope’s insanity is on full display, she’s ready to kidnap Kelly, just like she moved in on little “Beth is alive” Douglas. Today Cleavage is minding the kids…..possibly breast feeding threm. We know they’ll grow up wrong.

    Bill and Ridge have a caustic exchange as well, a lot of mud is thrown. Bill hates being reminded about Katie and mocks Rasper’s “drive thru wedding” to a Vegas showgirl. Rasper tries to freeload a drink from Bill’s bar.

    This was a truly pitiful episode………but it’s Friday. Curtain.

    • Yeesh, I haven’t caught a new episode in weeks. I feel like I’m probably not missing out on a lot, though.

      With Steffy, though, I mean, if she’s still in that much pain, weeks after being discharged from hospital? That clearly means she still has a serious injury in her body somewhere, this is something that the medical professionals would take quite seriously, you know?

  20. The highlight of today’s episode was a conversation between the Logan sisters, in the main office in Forrester Creations.

    Brooke: “I hate this distance between us!”

    … she says, while everybody’s awkwardly having an intimate and private conversation while standing 20 feet away from everybody else.

  21. Hahaha Guys. I have a recap brewing but I am enjoying your comments.
    My nickname for the bulging biceped visiting Dr Finnegan is Dr House-Calls. Soon to be showing his bedside manner when he makes his bedroom calls.
    I loved Bills retaliatory jibe at Ridge, paying reference to his drive-through wedding.

    As for Dr Phil, he should do a few EPs on inappropriate Dr-patient relationships.

  22. It’s more relevant to the new thread but for now…….
    Hahaha. Shut up, Liam.

    Liam runs around town with his knickers in a knot over Dr House-Calls, I mean Mr Available, instead of being home, raising his two daughters with his Apricot wife.
    Steffy has a long French kiss with her new boyfriend Mr Available (who is no relative), proving how clever the Bold & Beautiful producers are at filming their cast kissing dummies.

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