Farmer Wants a Wife Wk 2

Generally, the farmers seem a decent bunch of blokes. Perhaps one or two of the girls are in it for the fame but it’s certainly not MAFS-level casting.

I enjoy watching a show where the only duck lips ot on actual ducks.
FWAW screens on Seven Sun, Mon and Tues.



    • Hang in there, BDD. You need to be alive for when Plate of Origin starts. Who else can monitor Manu’s mentions of arse cream?

      • I pulled the right reign and watched Bachelor In Paradise tonight. Security had to be called in. I felt punches were about to be thrown.

        • Yeah, I watched the first two episodes of that, this year, and then no more. I just couldn’t stomach it.

  1. There’s an encore tomorrow but it clashes with Dr.Phil. Thanks for the comments. Let’s face it, some of these farmers are more wooden than the few Eucalypts left on their Ponderosas. The wife will sit and ponder why she got married.

    • I watched a bit last night. The tears and tantrums looked real, the love looked fake.
      The farmers have been stooged by a bunch of girls who are more interested in love in the limelight than baling hay and putting their arms into cows’ bum ends.

  2. I’ve watched, but I’m a little late to the commenting.

    The first two episodes felt just right, in terms of the previous seasons. Last night – aaah! What on earth was the flying everyone to Innisfail to have a cute spag bol dinner? It was so fake and unnecessary. Worse still, Nat tells us that “she” is going to do this every week.

    Re the people: First, the farmers. On first impression they all seem nice, but I have noted some red flags. Liz is right to be sceptical about whether Nick wants kids. He only says yes in order to have someone to inherit his vineyard, no mention of desire to actually be a dad. I wish he would be honest so that Liz can move on. Neil, I like, but the girls need to be careful to find out why his last marriage broke down. I sense that he may not have dealt with that. Alex seems great, but a bit too quick to move the relationships on. They have already flagged trouble with the two he has already kissed. Sam, I was worried at the start that he may be too attached to his big family, but as a person he seems the pick of the bunch, gentle, considerate and not rushing things or making empty promises. Alex is a worry. He is a bit too ocker for me, but he is better when being serious. But I think the girls are going to end up playing him.

    The girls: Many are invisible at the moment, but that is usual because they are just making up the numbers and will leave soon. Not their fault, just no real connection. I laughed at the girl who thought that the other girl who believes in sex within marriage should be excluded. How weird.

    Madison should not be there. Not necessarily because she chose to leave, but because she is not over her previous relationship and is also showing a dangerous mix of vulnerability and manipulation. I liked Alex’s dark haired girl who didn’t walk out and seemed to be a peacemaker (Karlana?), but she later ruined it by dobbing.I’m not a fan of the Dolly Parton enthusiast, she is playing too hard.

    One of Neil’s girls. Justine I think, talks too much and is quite gossipy. I could see him wincing at her during the dinner. I like Megan’s honesty about wanting to find depth in Neil – who knows if she will find it. Henrietta (Alex) seems to be very good for the camera, and I expect to see a lot of her.

    There was another funny moment when it was suggested that one girl move to Neil’s group, and she replied that she wasn’t blonde! Obviously it is as clear to them as the viewers that Neil only chose blonde women. Considering that they are all bottle blondes, would they have to sign a pre-nup saying they will bleach their hair for the rest of their lives? (The girls with natural (or close to) hair are so much more attractive, I can’t understand the preference for the wiry bleached look).

    I wonder if the producers are considering/hoping for a cross-farm romance to develop ie that a “spark” will happen at the dinners between a farmer and a girl from a different group?

  3. I have only caught a snatch, but it was last night and it looked like the shared dinner was FWAW copying the ugly dinner parties if MAFS.

  4. I get that Alex is cute but he lives in a very isolated area. Whoever dates him will find it tricky to maintain a career as well.

  5. I am not sure I like this “optional” sending home sessions. On one hand, it is a good thing to give them all a bit more time. It is more equal for the quieter girls, giving them a chance against the show ponies. They really need to buckle down now and start requiring the farmers to make decisions. At the moment, it is too easy for the farmers to stay “nice” by keeping everyone.

    But so far, only one girl has left when she didn’t want to (and only one by choice). I can see the producers have added drama, as the girls are seeing a non-choice as a sign that the farmer is not serious about them (eg Henrietta/Alex and Stacey/Harry.

    While checking the names for the sentence above, Google revealed that my speculation seems to be correct. The group events have been designed to encourage cross-farmer pollination, and it looks like one girl has obliged. Funny that the story couldn’t resist calling it a “wife-swap”, as if this wasn’t just a first dates show.

  6. It is the next week of Farmer, and after last night’s episode there could be a big drop in the ratings, I think. The “country ball” delivered the clearest signal that the producers want MAFS in the Bush, and not the FWAW we know and love. Add to that most of the episode saw the girls in various stages of inebriation and many engaged in the most repellant gossip and backbiting. The group get-togethers are a big mistake and it is hard to see how they can redeem the show this season.

    Despite that, I will probably keep watching, because there is always the hope that the genuine, realistic girls who have, of course, seen no airtime yet, will win through in the end.

    There were two majors faux-dramas last night. The first was Farmer Neil being played by Justine’s tantrums as if they were both in Year 8, and smart Karissa trying to wake him up (and probably failing). The irony is that Neil has so many red flags on him, he should be used by the navy in their signals unit. All the girls should be now seeing that he is not over his first love, nor his ex-wife (counselling probably would have kept them together) and has not grieved properly.

    The big drama hyped on the ads was really a storm in a teacup. However, the reactions created most of the show. It is clear that Maddie dobbed Karlana in, when Karlana expressed vague appreciation for the crew members. The plot then moved on to the other two girls, who saw a prime opportunity to reduce their numbers (and increase their chances) by implying that Karlana was desperate to see a particular crew member. Harry took the bait, with OTT self-righteousness.

    The show worked very hard to paint Karlana as a villain, and the other girls, particularly Ashleigh, as reluctant bystanders but if you listen closely to what Karlana says, and what the others say, the viewer can hear that Karlana was set up by the other girls.I feel very sorry for her, but she is better off, as Harry was not nice about the whole thing anyway, not her type, and she would not cope with that farm.

    It is annoying, though, that the other girls were basically rewarded for their little plot. Maddie once again showed that she is pulling strings in the background, and Ashleigh turned her gossip into a virtue of “honesty”. I did feel however that the dark-haired girl did not really want to be part of it. Good for her, but she also didn’t speak up for Karlana and tell the truth.

    It is time to say, as I believe I did in all the previous seasons, that if a farmer is having trouble choosing more than one favourite at this stage, then none of them are the “one”. In all the other seasons, you could see fairly soon the obvious preference between the couple who eventually married. Not this time (yet). For the sake of the show they will keep going, and finally choose someone for the finale, but if they didn’t connect immediately and solidly with one girl only, then I am afraid they have not found their “wife”.

    There is still hope for a few, but Harry and Neil are goners, Alex is probably also a miss because he seems to want to play the field. I still hold hope for Sam and Nick, but we need to see some real spark soon, or it may be a full strike-out for this season.

  7. It was with great anticipation that I awaited the return of Farmer Wants a Wife 2020, and now, quite frankly I wished it never returned. What have they done?!!

    As I settle in to watch Married at First Sight….um wait, no
    As I settle in to watch The Bachelor….um wait, sorry wrong again
    As I settle in to watch the local High School Graduation….no, not that either
    It is with disbelief how a nicely produced show in the past could be so manipulated into something it should never be. The other channels have that trash, I just wanted to see it the way it was.

    Wow Channel 7, bravo for making this current version of FWAW 2020, a stupendous disaster. You’ve created quite the monster.

    • There was a radio interview with one of the previous season’s contestants, one who became a wife, talking about the realities of marrying into a farm life. But she commented at the start almost word-for-word what everyone else is saying – she was looking forward to the new series, but doesn’t like the way it has been taken.

  8. Does anyone else think Harry looks like a young, bearded Bert Newton? Sam reminds me of Jo Camilleri (Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons fame)

    • Yes! I thought he just had one of those faces that seems familiar to everyone, but it is Jo Camilleri.

      Still like him best of all the farmers. Looks like he is too nice or sensible to get airtime. Hope it is not him that goes home.

  9. Week 4 – we have a lower key get-together dinner, which obviously did not have enough drama as we did not see as much of it. More shown of the farms, thank goodness.

    Of course, the big hook for last night was the “farmer leaving”. Spoiler for those who haven’t yet watched…

    Poor Sam was the leaver, and losing his Nonno in the middle of the show was a real tragedy. What was unexpected, though, was that he effectively did not have any women left. Last week we saw him reject Ash, and then be rejected by Emily. Last night, Sophie (his favourite) also let him know that she wasn’t feeling it. I felt so sorry for him. I wonder if Sarah from Alex’s group would have been a better match for Sam. I also wonder if he paid the price for not sending girls home.

    Last night felt a little more like the old show, as some front-runners seemed to emerge. The farmers had to select another one-on-one date, but a couple of them told their favs that they were just going to select someone else to be fair. There were a few promises made not to kiss.

    I think Henrietta has lost her chance. Not so sorry about that as I don’t think she was right for Alex, and that he was just dazzled by her stunning good looks. Jess is a far better match. Henrietta seemed repelled by the farm life anyway. Poor Sarah seems doomed to sit in the background, unnoticed. Alex took her “bombshell admission” last week (about not sleeping around) with great tact and sensitivity, implying it wasn’t a problem for him, but you could tell that even if he was attracted to her, he would not respect that boundary. The honourable thing would have been to send her home last week. As said previously, she should have chosen Sam.

    Neil seems to have fallen for the tactics of Justine, and it appears he has already decided she will be the end choice. Very little seen of Karissa now.

    Nick is still in no-man’s-land with Emma, Liz and Naomi all vying for attention. Naomi has grown on me, and I predict her as the final choice, but Liz is fighting hard, even though I think her goals do not match Nick’s.

    Harry is down to just Maddison and Stacey. The whole show last night implied he was moving towards Maddie, only to switcheroo at the end back to the more logical Stacey.

    My predictions:
    Sam, because the media have said he has followed up with someone, I think maybe Ashleigh.

    Weddings? Ummm, maybe Alex/Jess or Nick/Naomi, but really there is no obvious choice, and I would hate to see a finale proposal because it is too soon for any of them.

    • Great summary, Fijane. I have only just caught up. Poor Farmer Sam. Sophie was right to tell him, though. Perhaps he would do better with a girl from a more similar background.
      I agree, Nick will pick Naomi because she is the only one who hasn’t fallen at his feet automatically. The whole blonde doppelgänger-ness of all Neil’s women is a worry. I can already see Jess as a farmer’s wife so I hope he does pick her – if he is in fact ready to settle down.

  10. I am so sad for this season. I used to love this show.
    This season is just MAFS in this country and with the girls made to work for their super.

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